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  • ***just checking Meirce, Reaper, Resin Warfare et al**** I definitely think Adv 6 is a must, however with Light Troops and Swiftstride, Adv 5 isn’t the end of the world. Adv 5/M 12 might even be workable, 12” to try and set up counter charges with the light troops manoeuvrability. Res 5 is a pleasant surprise, you could even stick them in front of light shooting to keep your Judicators safe. This is the sort of bold design I’m enjoying the LABs coming up with, they also make sense from a BG pers…

  • Quote from Bretboy84: “If army is too low fantasy, then in long run army's shine fades. ” Yet people have been fans of this army for years and still don’t need AoS style superheroes riding winged tigers with lightening bolts for tails to make this faction interesting.

  • Thunder Herd is to signify the sound of their big massive heavy trampling in the distance, just like rolling thunder.

  • Quote from Zwei: “Quote from durion: “I love reading these spoilers, but I find the negative tone of too many in the forum very difficult to engage with - so please be assured there are many others like me who love what you're doing but stay quiet. ” Do not worry. Since it seems like every single "complaint" even without insulting anyone is like touching a red flag, i will refrain from doing so in the future. As wished, i voiced the opinion of our gaming group and now i will shut up. ” Dude you …

  • Quote from Khadath: “Seriously ?! Are we coming to this? Some become insulting towards the teams! "It sucks" "your job is stupid" ... Wow ... I am outraged to read this! It should also be remembered that these are volunteers who do a professional job, or even better than professionals who have only the goal of selling figurines ?! Sometimes you make me laugh by your overreacting to spoilers. Sometimes your negative reactions saddens me ... "it's too strong" it's not strong enough "(not to say ba…

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “There’s a vocal faction that wants to turn the game into “fancy checkers”, that’s all. When LAB’s don’t do this, they complain about it. ” Just spat coffee! Ha! You’re dead right it’s like “dude why are you here?”

  • Quote from Inn0c: “I dont see it as a problem that they have many special rules. All of these are from the rulebook and most players will know them by heart. Also this is a side effect of the removal of rules within rules that we got in 2.0, which is generally regarded as a good thing. I would see it as a problem if they had many that are special to this LAB. ” I totally agree, they’re all AWSR or BRB rules which pretty much everyone knows so I can’t see the problem. They all make sense too.

  • Quote from LaughinGod: “Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “I think people would still want the footprint of the army to look like traditional DE ” I think this is a little bit presumptuous to claim to know what "people" want. What is "traditional DE" even supposed to mean? On the other hand we have strong feedback here in the forum on people wanting "new things". Take a look at KoE and VS forums after their LAB was anounced. ” To be honest, people here ( when I say here I mean whe…

  • @Il Maestro did you paint that shield because its divine!

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from Il Maestro: “Maybe the problem is the focus on the perceived power level rather than the design intent? Ultimately all power for design intent can be changed by adjusting points - and if you disagree, take any single unit in the game to both extremes of points value (1 point or 1,000 points) and see if it becomes OP or UP in it's designed roll. ” I strongly disagree and have several posts explaining why. There are min and max points for units where they can fli…

  • Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “Quote from msu117: “4 Thunder Herd ” I hope these aren't large cavalry or large beasts. I don't think it fits in DE. ” They’ve had a long standing beast-tamer/master theme, why wouldn’t it fit?

  • @Konrad von Richtmark yeah I agree with Ghiz, your description is quite chilling.

  • Well it’s a LAB re-work not a v2:0 Slim book update. Based on refined BG that will be released when it’s ready. Dunno how many times that needs to be explained. I see the point that Artistry of Death is still unknown, well the LAB team didn’t share it this time and that’s their decision to make. Is it not a bit exciting to speculate and throw out ideas? I can absolutely assure everyone that the DE LAB team are constantly at work on all this, everyday. The constraints they are under are also very…

  • Quote from Ludaman: “Some want more trained, regimented soldiers and infantry, others think it would be unacceptable. I'd start a KOE army if it had men-at-arms. Its always jarred that untrained serfs are equipped like the professional infantry of the time. Anway, TLDR - I’m excited! Me too there's great things that could be done with KOE! ”

  • Quote from Bretboy84: “Quote from Peacemaker: “KoE has been announced as next book after Vermin Swarm. ” i dont keep hopes up. I read it anyway when it is released. ” Could you hold off posting until then too?

  • Quote from Klaudel: “I wonder what is supposed role of the new design? Are they simply anti-cavalry unit? Or any other? Knowing this would help guessing. ” Well, they're AP4 so I'll be putting with opposite knights, also any arm 4 infantry kiss their armour save goodbye.

  • Quote from Kopistar: “They are cheaper than SM. SM have 2 Attacks, +1 to hit and Agi 6 so too right they’re more expensive. +1 to wound is too much. Why? It’s just the equivalent of S6 like they have now and they’re not popular or problematic, it’s only relevant when you hit res 8 and above compared to the current version. Hitting on 3/4 rerollable Only in the first round and they don’t circumvent parry like SM plus they’re only 1 Att AND wounding any infantry on 2+, ap4. Nope. No way. like they…

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “Without knowing artistry of death it’s hard to get a feel for what this unit is. In a vacuum it looks like a much appreciated dwarf blender ball. The real spoiler here is knowing ruthless efficiency won’t be on every elven model. #freeruthlessefficiency ” Lol! campaign for 2020!

  • No more Dread Judges, sweet I won't hand my tabs in then. Nice AP 4, that's a more specialised can opener, much love for that, makes the loss of Lethal Strike a bit more palatable. I never found MW2 (standard infantry) particularly relevant so I'm glad its gone too, makes it more streamlined and easier to price I imagine.

  • Yeah 45 minutes left of Monday GMT. X