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  • @flammy` Could it be possible to add an option for the categories to appear in the output text, something like this: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from vince3310: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Could you please draw a situation where this would happen? ” Something like that. My fanatics start to the right of my cave goblins unit. Then it goes to the right within 1'' of my iron orcs. The distance is not enough to end its mouvement at 1'' from Iron orcs. But the backtrack didn't bring my fanatic to a valid position... ” Didn't see an answer to this question.

  • MapPack2020 Feedbackthread

    Hebus - - General Discussion


    Map 6 miss one distance for the water

  • Take a look at : battlefield factory Full mdf but you can have base and movement tray with Magnetic/ferrous

  • Quote from Rulebook: “13.G.b.3 Attribute Spells Attribute Spells are labelled “A”. All Wizards that know at least one spell from a Path of Magic automatically know the Attribute Spell from that Path if there is any. Path Attribute Spells are special spells that cannot be cast independently. Instead, the Caster may cast the Attribute Spell automatically each time it successfully casts a non-Attribute Spell from the corresponding Path. This means that an Attribute Spell can be cast more than once …

  • Quote from Miki Panc: “Is it possible to have a 1+ armor save or is there a cap on it? ” Yes it is possible to have a 1+ save (armour = 6), and yes there is a cap: armour = 6 (or 1+) Quote from Rulebook: “6.D Priority of Modifiers Armour cannot be modified to exceed a maximum of 6 ” Note that a 1+ save does not mean you auto succeed it, a roll of 1 is always a failure. So 1+ save and 2+ save are the same when there is no armour penetration involved.

  • Quote from Patrunkenphat7: “Asking here because I am sure the answer could be “did you try the search function?” - but yes I did, and I can’t quite find what I’m looking for... Are there any good resources or discussions on faction balance or a competitive tier list? I pick up bits and pieces across the forum, but nothing based on results and aggregated tournament data. And I know that the rules team made a great effort to balance 9th Age, but I’m sure there has to be some tier standouts based o…

  • For me this is a good thing if a game like T9A or WHB 8th is released by Games Workshop. They are good at selling miniature and games, these will bring a lot of people to the joy of pushing square bases minis and not only skirmish base game. Some of those people will be looking for some more balance rules, as by construction GW made unbalance game to promote his sells. They will probably try some home brew rules, like some of us did with ETC comps. But they will surely discover T9A project and s…

  • Bonjour, Oui, il existe plusieurs club sur Toulouse. je t'invite à venir sur le discord Occitanie qui regroupe les joueurs de la région : And yes, most of us can play in english Welcome to Toulouse! Hebus

  • Probably found answer: Quote from Rulebook: “ Special Attacks are considered to be Melee Attacks that are not Close Combat Attacks ” Quote from Rulebook: “ Models in the second rank and not in base contact with any enemy models can perform Close Combat Attacks across models in the first rank directly in front of them. These Close Combat Attacks are called Supporting Attacks. A model part that performs Supporting Attacks always has a maximum Attack Value of X, where X is defined by the Height of …

  • How support attack works for wretched ones? does support attacks capped at 3? E.g. a unit of 6 wretched ones (2 ranks of 3) is engaged in the front. Does it makes 6D6+6 hits OR 3D6+3+3*(D6+1 max 3)?

  • Yes, you answer it perfectly, thank you!

  • @DanT When you speak about your lists you often say: Quote from DanT: “This unit is bad against things that an other unit beats ” What are the "things" you take into consideration while saying this? In a straighter question: Could you give us what are the main typical units/archetype/condition you consider needing an answer to while building your lists? And if you have time an example with 1 list of your choice on, how you would handle each of them? I saw you speak in this thread about categoris…

  • Quote from TheSpid: “Quote from Hebus: “@Zamo Who is your partner playing double thyroscutus? I would really love talk with him as I personally really enjoy playing with 2 thyroscutus (and with good success till today). ” I'd love to read some batreps of these lists! ” Look at my thread I will post more batreps if I found time.

  • @Zamo Who is your partner playing double thyroscutus? I would really love talk with him as I personally really enjoy playing with 2 thyroscutus (and with good success till today).

  • When a unit makes a pivot (before a random mouvement) can it changes is formation?

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me with such details! As always you surprise me as I was going in a very different direction! I love your philosophy that in Elves army everything should contribute to the game from turn 1. And I love your concept of constant harassment from range, lot of zoning and a strong "center" that can push to fight 1 on 1 (always better with support ;)) or for objective! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and ideas. As always, I learn/discover …

  • Thanks for sharing, do you have a link to all the list?

  • Hello @DanT, I have really loved your SA list, I am looking for an over army to try out. Could you give us a look at what an DE list would look like in your hands? Thanks

  • Quote from terratag: “In VC the mount and Armour options are listed at no cost /thanks for all the good work! ” If you are in ios environment this is a known issue. As previously said keep up-voting the bug report, as this is a core Battlescribe related issue.