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  • Quote from setrius: “ If the Rhino would have Adv 6 this wouldn't happen... Poor Rhino ” Uhhh...Spartan throwing weapons are like aim 1+ with str10ap10 and multiple wounds (d6+2 clipped wings) if I recall in the rulebook

  • Quote from matrim: “ Why not put a rider ontop and give 2 attacks tothe rider. This would also make more sense from light troops perspective. (have you watched a show horse while riden vs while being handled by a someone at the end of a lead) ” How you model them is up to you? So note that they actually have a smaller foot print than large cav so you can thank us later

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “ Quote from N3okorrales: “Quote from Girien: “1st the size? 40x60??? 2nd slow... 3rd 100p/m 5+AS and slow.... wtf... seriously?... I hope this are not the raptor knights.... ” 9 wounds with Res5 with impact hits, S6 and terror on charge, swiftstride plus stomp for 300 points? what else do you want? ” 5 wounds, Rs 5, 4 attacks, S7, AP4, MWD3. 4+ arm, distracting. For 390. (guess which monster this is) I'd take 9 wounds over 5 wounds any day ” Pains me to say but I agree

  • Quote from Arjan Degenaar: “still waiting for artistry of death reveil. I stopped holding my breath though. ” Fair’s a pretty good one

  • Quote from Zwei: “Does this unit (especially a core one) really NEED FiER, LR, BF, Fearless and Frenzy to work or to be flavourful? I simply cant think so. ” I mean, Blades have the same amount of special rules.....and this is news to me that this is an issue

  • Riddle of the Lamassu This model is a Wizard Adept...blah blah blah The model doesnt perform casting attempt as normal, use the following rules instead: 1. The Active player declares how many magic dice to use and rolls them. 2. The Reactive player then decides whether to make a Dispelling Attempt or not. If the Reactive player decides to follow the normal steps of Dispelling Attempt. 3. If the Dispelling Attempt is failed (apply Fizzle) or the Reactive player decides not to make a Dispelling At…

  • Quote from Khadath: “Quote from MountainBuns: “DE spoilers are a nice highlight to this year! Give us something good tomorrow! ” Answer in 8 hours, after @GSbasic's breakfast XD ” It’s actually more a particular Scottish fellow giving us the thumbs up...

  • Quote from ferda: “Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from ferda: “Is there a way we might get the book in 2020? Ty for any answer. ” Well when you phrase it like that ofcourse there’s a way ” So there is not a set deadline ” I’m confident the LAB team want the book before the end of 2020, I mean what a way to remedy this terrible year but again there’s a lot of moving parts. We are playtesting currently so I suppose we could drop the book today, but it’d be a half baked product that’s been under teste…

  • Quote from ferda: “Is there a way we might get the book in 2020? Ty for any answer. ” Well when you phrase it like that ofcourse there’s a way

  • Quote from Grimbold Blackhammer: “" the family." ” Oh great another Batman...just what we need right now....

  • Quote from Ilderoth: “But how does one get from being an executioner to being a soldier in the army? Those are two separate roles, requiring separate skills etc., and being an executioner does not automatically make one a soldier. Is there anything the LAB team can share about this at the moment? ” That's a fluff question...better summon Gil! To me it's just a those guys wield GWs

  • Very interesting perspectives coming from the new H spell! Side note** if you cast it on a mage bunker, even if the mage leaves the unit, the effect still continues on the mage - it’s under the spell duration “one turn” bit in the rulebook Nevertheless at @arwaker you comments are still quite attuned!

  • Quote from Il Maestro: “It would just seem that having the only master without the +1 to casting is not as good at casting spells as everyone else ” Well well, thanks to someone'll be getting the +1 to casting back

  • Quote from Il Maestro: “Sorry, everyone keeps talking about how it hits the guidelines, but here is my issue. We are actually now specifically the worst at doing exactly what we're supposed to be good at, which is casting spells. How does this fit the brief? ” B.5 Magic DE focus on a strong offensive casting - both ranged damage as well as CC support. DE spells have high in-game impact and they have above average capabilities to get the spells they want through enemy magic defense. If this is wh…

  • Quote from duxbuse: “Quote from youngseward: “Plus jabbers and giants dont give me the “Scourge-Free Zone” I would really like to see on the tabletop. ” At least in the aus scene I think this is worth its weight in gold. Plenty of tree men, demons, vermin demons, that need to stay back ” And times for max to curse the dice gods as all three of them break their throwing arm turn 1

  • Well I’ll get your “abject failure” canoe ready then....

  • So playing for a 10-10 this time???

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “ 3. I have so many infantry just sitting. I want to use them. I want to love them on the field. But the current book is not friendly to them. I am optimistic of the future because of the many infantry units in these lists. ” What sort and how many you got, let’s see if we can fit that all in!!!

  • Let me simply @msu117, if dread knights went to 3+ Armour what stat change could we make to compensate it? IE: +1 Attack on the rider? 2HP per model? More movement?

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Quote from Peacemaker: “50x50 manticore will make many of us happy. ” what if there was more? ” ...people don't like change. ” What about more “options”