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  • Home made Ark of Ages

    Xarkhotep - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    That is amazing. Well done.

  • Quote from Folomo: “If the Sphinx were to keep the exact same rules, it needs a background that explain why weak arrows and feeble spears are the best tool to deal with this mighty beast. ” I agree with this. Really this is a hold over from WHFB. When the TK 8th edition book was written it was intended for 7th edition where anything less than str 6 couldn't wound something with toughness of 8 thereby eliminating this particular idiosyncrasy. As for background reasons, the sphinx are stone, lots …

  • Quote from Folomo: “Mechanically Res 8 works really well, but it makes little sense in the game. The best tools to kill a giant stone sphinx are small arrows, spears and poison, while catapults, bolt throwers and strong guys with massive hammers are the less capable at dealing damage to it. I had this epiphany during a game when my HbE opponent charged his lion guard, specialist against monsters with massive axes, and they just got crushed by my sphinx. It seems surreal that these guys with axes…

  • I'd really hate to see the Sphenge lose a resistance. Res 8 is incredibly useful since many monsters/characters can get to Str 7, but very few are Str 8. Their relatively low armor helps make up for this since they are vulnerable to 6s and poison.

  • The colossus is pretty good where its at. It fills a really nice middle ground, its not as good at monster hunting as the Dread Sphinx and not as good at infantry killing as the Battle Sphinx, but can do either job pretty well if it has too. Maybe mine is just blessed, but it is usually the MVP of my games. I've had it for 20 years though, so maybe it's experience.

  • is there a how too guide for those. I'm moving for a job while my wife stays behind to finish school. We would like to be able to keep playing while I'm away.

  • If it gave a benefit besides bounds spells I would take it. Something like the old Hierotitan. It just takes too much away without any benefit. We already have a pretty powerful magic phase, but still, seems like the destiny scales don't really make up for the losses in other things.

  • This is easy. VC are blood sucking monsters that drain people of their very essence, simply by existing next to them. Their back ground is easy to solve: they are politicians!

  • The problem with any army falling to a certain extreme playstyles is that balance inherently makes the game miserable for both sides. DE are an amazing example of this. There is something monstrously unfair about a unit hitting on 2+ and then getting to rerollble ones to hit. The only thing that makes these units possible for other res 3 armies to be able to fight them is dropping huge amounts of shooting on the unit. This in turn means that most DE players have a miserable game because they get…

  • Things like paper plates or scraps of paper with things like "forest" written on it.

  • Had an interesting discussion with a few friends over the last month or so. A hypothetical dilemma was brought up and I was curious how the wider community felt. If you had to choose between two extremes which would you choose. Would you rather have beautifully modeled terrain, and be forced to play with/against unpainted armies forever, or would you rather have masterfully painted armies but be forced to play with paper terrain on a bare wooden table? Our split was fairly down the middle. Perso…

  • Permanent spells

    Xarkhotep - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Thank you.

  • Permanent spells

    Xarkhotep - - Rules Questions & Answers


    When you cast a permenant spell on a unit, can you then cast the spell again on the same unit? If that is the case then does the effect increase again? So do two casts of corruption of tin mean that there is a -2 to armor?

  • TMS Sphinge

    Xarkhotep - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    I am thinking about adding another sphinx to my army. Does anyone have a picture of the TMS battle sphinx painted? The difference between their Dread Sphinx painted and unpainted is huge. I was hoping to see if the same holds true for the Battle Sphinx.

  • Is there a downloadable FAQ document? I have several questions and it would be a handy reference. I can't find one anywhere.

  • I don't know if there is a T9A ruleset for siege, but here is an older warhammer set of rules I found. I'm not sure if this the official warhammer compendium, but they look like the ones I used (was 6th edition I think) or someone's house rules. But it shouldn't be to hard to convert them to T9A.

  • Fire Arrows? Really?

    Xarkhotep - - Background & Stories


    Lindybeige stuff is pretty interesting. Mostly because he applies reason to his arguments. The major flaw with using artwork to base how thing were done in antiquity is the same problem with using movies today: reality<dramatic effect. To the main point: Realism in a fantasy game shouldn't be sacrified to the point thing don't make any sense, but if we want to be honest the entire game would need to be changed if we wanted realism. Cavalry should hit and run, or if they can't disengage, take mas…

  • Nippon for T9A

    Xarkhotep - - New army books


    I have a quick question about this list. My friend wants to start playing and has his heart set on a fantasy samurai miniatures line. He was thinking about using the DE as a base, since they are cc oriented and fairly lightly armored, but then I came by this list. We aren't tournament players, but he is hesitant about this being just a house rule list. Is there any momentum behind this book being adopted in the core game?

  • Maybe I'm in the minority, and to be honest I'm not a tournament player, but I really like the way raising works (without the +2 in the current book). It creates a less necromantic feel in the army and can actually be more powerful than the VC undead, as you can get more spells off instead of trying to spam heals. I do think the undead rule is a bit much. There are a lot of downsides and fear isn't universal anymore. Either undead should cause fear, or undead should be able to stand and shoot ma…

  • A few living units could work. Particularly if you replaced/upgraded the skeleton cavalry and scouts. Or made 'living' an upgrade. Spearman with living could get +1 offense, def, a standard dis, lose resurrection, and still be subject to Undying Will. Perhaps create a "living" pool so a minority of the army had living troops. They could march, fight better independent of the royals, but still benefit. Adjust points to compensate for the benefits and you would have a units that changed the UD dra…