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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from collectinggreen: “Just trying to understand the crazy world that Kickstarter is ” One thing I do know is that KS is pretty poorly designed and has a kind of "viral" nature these days, so once one specific KS takes off a LOT, then it attracts even more attention by virtue of it's success. It's kinda horrible tbh as it creates yet another boom+bust market, where lots of KS languish and struggle to get attention whereas another gets lucky and "Hits it big" so to speak. It's also why you …

  • Quote from BorkBork: “Love the lady gobbo. What brand is she? ” It's Rebel Minis (I always try and list what the minis are on my flickr so click through if you ever want to know what they are btw ) She's listed here too ofc: Miniatures - Goblin Witch Doctor (Anything I've bought you know I've already updated the T9A libraries for it ) Quote from piteglio: “yellow is a great choice for the last dude. so wicked! ” Hehe thanks! That's been my Cave Goblin colour scheme since about 1992! And if you l…

  • More Goblin Witchdoctors.. 50372725717_95560d3841_c.jpgside by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr 50372725607_b154fd6c00_c.jpgfront - low angle by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr 50371862228_c03856f16b_c.jpgfront by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr Also this guy was from a Kickstarter (I've asked if there will be a commecial release, but no answer yet!) 50335560116_07147c5da4_c.jpgGoblin Wiz (front) by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr

  • Super off topic - but just something that screenshot reminded me - it may well be just a "me" thing, but I would prefer a much simpler 'green' landscape map underneath the units & terrain pieces, as I find all the extreme light & dark areas quite visually confusing as my brain always picks them out as additional terrain pieces! I have the same problem with IRL game mats with very "colourful" designs too actually, but the problem for me is exacerbated on a 2D graphic (or even overhead photos in t…

  • Quote from Idum: “They're much easier to write as well especially for those not taking notes (like me). Always thinking "that's fine I'll remember", but then... So with QS it is possible to remember and write from there, just using the pics to put everything back in good order ” So true! That's exactly how I did my batreps too, just from photos and memory... and some I wrote a week later and I could still remember some rather ridiculous details...!

  • Chariot March Rate

    Remy77077 - - For Beginners


    I don't know the reasons behind it either really, other than "cos WFB did that" and so it's a 'legacy rules' thing really. And ofc balancing for T9A has been around the rule being that way now. I guess the original reason was supposed to be something to do with representing the difficulty of manoeuvring chariots compared to infantry across maybe slightly undulating terrain or something of the sort, or to try to balance their 'free turns' movement due to being individual models - but you'd probab…

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Those are really nice ” Thank you Quote from collectinggreen: “Nicely done is the one with the beige cloak Freebooters Fate? ” Cheers! Nope, if you click through to flickr I listed where they are from on there The khaki cloak in the middle is from Rebel Miniatures Which I am pretty sure I found through your blog

  • I've been searching around for any scale or material on those "Epic Encounters" sets, but still nothing Just other people asking but with no answer.... frustrating! I've asked on a failbook comment anyway though, just in case they reply to me (although they haven't to others, as I say)

  • GREAT batrep! I loved it, very well written and easy to follow and nice photos which fitted it well too. I do love that in QS batreps it is so much easier to follow, and you can also follow the general strategy as well as get into specific actions without it getting bogged down. This cracked me up "It is said that to this day, the 7 crossbowmen are still running. Very slowly though" I see piteglio has already corrected you (and you understood why) about the very very common rules mistake people …

  • More Shady Gits 50359041153_cc3033de1b_c.jpg Shady Stingers Squad! by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr

  • There isn't any recommended height as such that I know of. It really depends on what other models you are playing with and how you want it to look. If you want to compare vs other models, you can see many in the O&G Miniature library:…472-orcs-and-goblins-o-g/ some are listed with heights where the manufacturers do too. But going by the images relative to the base size can usually give you a good idea too. Same thing with the painting gallery for OnG models, for ex…

  • Sounds like you're on a very similar path to me My army was started when I was about 16 and I only just "finished" it last year, over 25 years later If you do want to start really small, you'll have all the parts for the OnG Quick Starter pre-made list too by the sounds of it! There's a couple of examples on the images here, including my guys!

  • Thank you for all the updates and interesting info! Quote from Idum: “ I'll try to document and take pics for the next QS game ” And yess that would be even more fantastic!

  • Updated Azure to digital... Gamescape is complicated, I will need to figure out exactly whay they offer in due course and update appropriately. Also added most of the Knightmare ones too. I especially love that Shaman, if only I didn't have so many great Orc Shaman models already! I put in the Chaos Orc Champ even though it's debatable if more suitable for WDG or something more than OnG! Same for Chaos Goblins - they look so mutated I didn't add them yet. I'm also wondering where to add these Go…

  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures

    Remy77077 - - Supporting Companies


    Quote from Little Joe: “Store is open ” Still none of their OnG models though I wonder if I should delete their library entries if they are never coming back?

  • The rules fix for Tǒng Shuài works for the current QS rules btw, but won't be exactly right for the future "Spearhead" (or whatever it ends up being called! ) rules... but it will only need a small tweak in future I expect (it's not that different, just will need the right wording).

  • Plus more regarding UB Dice! I wanted to send this to a bunch of podcasts I listen to as well, but I'm usually listening to them on my phone whilst painting, so it's super disassociated with when I am at a computer to comment... But @Mattyp I think? relevant to your interests And whoever The Fantasy Wargaming podcast folks are on the forums... (sadly folks on podcasts tend to only give their real names, so I have no idea who they are!)

  • Related reading!'s_…ientific_Analysis_of_Dice Sadly I have been unable (to date) to find a good online cheap supplier of "good" dice, so I'm still generally relegated to using old GW or Chessex ones.

  • Very cool! It maybe a touch more powerful than some of the other pre-made lists, but with some of the changes coming for the QS soon, there may need to be a few tweaks to some of the pre-made lists eventually anyway. I really like having two useful spells for the exact reason you state too (something I am hoping to change on some of the other premades too!). So, good analysis there too Note Tǒng Shuài technically has to be deployed alone currently (doesn't match base size to any unit, so cannot …

  • Ok! Looking forward to your physical store then (as well as those kickstarter models )