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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • That girl looks so cool!

  • Quote from DanT: “Marshals! Talk to me about reiters. In your imaginations/visions of the army, how do these guys fit in? What do they do? What is interesting about them? What battlefield roles do you want from them? P.s. ACSes: do you know if there is any public knowledge in terms of t9a background for reiters? Even very basic stuff? ( @Nerocrossius @Adaephon_Delat @greentide ) ” No there isnt anything yet

  • This is difficult as mantics style is pretty unique for the humans. Maybe some historical ranges might fit. Here is a great thread for historical Eis miniatures : Models for the EoS - Beginning an EoS Army - Perry miniatures and historical ranges way. Besides some minis of the A Song of ice and fire tabletop might fit too. Especially the lannisters, as they have a lion in their coat of arms. Maybe our living miniature-library @Little Joe has more ideas?

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “Thanks guys The next knight we will show will be the questing knight Quote from snottello: “@Norbaminiatures Noticed you removed the "no shipment until the quarantine is over" -sign. Does this mean orders are available for shipping from your store now? Good luck with the kickstarter! ” Exactly, today we ship all quarantine orders. There are no more waits. We are completely back to normal. ” What does this mean for your successful "wagon" Kickstarter?

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • What I like about the cheap GW Inquisitor is that it's an excellent chaff unit with movement order and will be received as a threat by most opponents. But Yeah, maybe it fits better with the IG (GW). Especially with mantle of ullor and Foresight engine Thanks!

  • Great writing, as always! I Was lately wondering how to integrate a big unit of HI into my lists. But they performed very bad in all the games I used such an unit in the past. So I am struggeling I was thinking about adding one or two naked GW Inquisitors to that unit and was wondering, how this would influence your numbers. I fear not that much but the psychological effect of the Inquisitor might make them worth taking regardless how the numbers are. Cheers and thanks for your great work for ou…

  • Haha, tell that to my wife. She banned all of them into our basement...

  • Awesome man! Your living place must be a) super huge or b) full with painted miniatures

  • Omg, are they really riding giant dogs???

  • Great output! And I see some very familiar miniatures

  • Great idea, i'll definetely follow this one here. Your write-ups are always very informative and well underlined with numbers and experiences. And I think you have already influenced the game more than you know. Keep it coming

  • GW conspiracy thread...

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    I think GW has a spy in here and they are stealing our best ideas. For example when the giant Supplement was released, GW announced a new giant army for aos a few days later. This can't be a coincidence... (Hidden Content)

  • That one from crosslances (especially) and the others are pretty cool but the sunna from AoW is so close to the one in the official books, that is has to be that one

  • Thanks @Nerocrossius. This is very helpful

  • I only own some minis sadly (they are part of my EoS army). Looking forward to seeing the painted HQ minis!

  • Quote from goodbyekiss: “I have been bombarded with nostalgia while working on my EoS / KoE army repaint. I hope you all will forgive me in just basking in it for a little while. I was first introduced to miniature gaming by my older brother in 1990. We spent hundreds of hours playing HeroQuest. I still play it with my two girls.…a8cb5ce8f97f2bb694bcfe652 I was then introduced to miniature wargaming by that same brother in 1992 through Battle Masters. Again, we spe…

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from Mercenary Armies: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “@piteglio @Mercenary Armies let me know if you do get a campaign going. I'd definitely be in! planning on starting up painting my EoS next month in an escalation painting league with a few of the other UK guys so it would fit perfectly with my schedule ” The boys are back in town! ” woohoo! this is great news, guys. i'll start a round of PMs in the weekend! @Adaephon_Delat, you in? : ) ” Sure, count me in.

  • For me The Ninth Age is much more than a wargame. It is a platform for dudes (and a few nice ladies) around the the world who fell in love with fantasy themed miniatures once and gives them a place to live their hobby. There a people that love creating Terrain, painting miniatures, scratch build miniatures, write homebrew books, create and/or view battlereports, write and/or read stories. And for all these things this Website is a fantastic source with loooooads of content, mainly made up by the…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “@piteglio I knew there was a reason none of my ideas made it into any books ” Well I very much liked the stories around krastorax and his dudes Quote from piteglio: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “@piteglio I knew there was a reason none of my ideas made it into any books ” nonsense. we all know that anything coming out of your keyboard is gold! : ) ” It are his hands, not his keyboard..