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  • What SE currently lacks

    Serwyn - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    poison does not fit SE that well imho. That banner would be muche better for SA or goblins. Lethal strike or +1 to wound better fits SE Also sure WH may do non-negligeable damages on a cowboy, but they get wiped in return so you're loosing the fight anyway, and you can't prentively do significative damages at range to permits WH to have a good chance of finishing the monster before retaliation. And more generally, except our own monsters, no unit in the book can take a phase of damage from a cow…

  • The question remains always the same. Does "Auto Hit" make sense from a rule perspective? Is "Wounds that didn't need a to-hit roll" Well defined? There may very well be way to many edge cases, and it wouldn't cover attacks that hits with a fixed, unmodifiable score.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “It's a pattern in the respect that it's 3pts in a line on a chart that only has 3 entries. ” Joachim Son-Forget approves

  • To me toxic attacks are aerosol-based since they ignore armor. Like the toxic spores aspect of nature

  • It only has 4 hp. Taking it down by shooting shouldn't be too hard. Also I suppose a moving warmachine will be priced fairly high. It should have unwieldy however in my opinion. There is no way it is easier to move and shoot with that than with an arquebuse.

  • Core/Special are pure game design and balance concepts and have zero narrative value. If the units repartition is only/mostly defined by background, then they serve no game design purpose either and it makes absolutely no sense to keep these categories.

  • It would if you have background-driven rules. I can't really say how or to which point background has precedence over design though.

  • Quote from Eastern Gate: “I recently heard about the Warhammer armies project and decided to check out the wood elves 9th edition book for funsies. I just glanced over it but to me it seemed like they kept all the entries from 8th while also adding all the new units from age of sigmar but with warhammer rules. At first it was cool to see new units but it got old very quickly. My initial opinion of the book is that it feels very bloated with too many choices that doesn't have a clear role and a c…

  • Quote from CariadocThorne: “@Jarec That could be a good idea. You mentioned rocks, what about standing stones? They could be bought as a normal unit, with no movement or attacks, scout, R10 and a lot of HP, and they could choose one upgrade from a list of stuff like +1MR to friendly units within X", or friendly wizards can measure range and LoS for spells from the stone, or something like that. ” Actually that would be a really cool and unique mechanic, and with very little complexity because mo…

  • Quote from Falco: “Quote from Serwyn: “Useless naked BSB is not a thing. If anything it is the opposite. Both the Hail Shot and the Hunter's Honour on it are great and you can't take both. ” Well I’m forced to play my BsB naked on sentinels because is where I need it. Hail shot is 9 impacts of ST4, not the best for again 70 points.BsB with hunters honour on dancers, rangers or lancers is good BUT he is linked totally to that unit and normally goes on center. So if I take it I lose my BsB on sent…

  • Useless naked BSB is not a thing. If anything it is the opposite. Both the Hail Shot and the Hunter's Honour on it are great and you can't take both.

  • A different, small spells systems using veil tokens or something would be really interesting, however I fear that it would implies a mostly complete change of the magic phase of SE. This would probably mean a lot of complexity unique to the book, and I'm not sure it is worth it for a book that has only a medium focus on magic.

  • Personally I've never played Treefather Ancient, so the number of paths is essentialy 3.5. However, Maidens are fairly interesting in my opinion. For 100 points, you have a mobile Adept with some good spells. It would just need to be able to take a single artifact and it would be perfect! In the Lab I would like to see some more options for druids, even if it meant removing trees as spellcasters (or only apprentice with the hereditary spell). Some wild, fighty shaman, a healing specialized Druid…

  • On paper treesinging is nice, but the fact that it can't move forests that touches a unit or move a forest under a unit make it really cumbersome to use. You can't make a forest follow your units. Essentialy you can move a bit a forest that is not very well placed on the battlefield and that's all. I would love to use treesinging every turn, but 90% of the time there is nothing to do with it. Quote from Giladis: “From a background and design perspective SE wizards are average at it but get their…

  • Quote from Bogi: “Yeah pretty much skip on the whole item section in the SE book. You might as well edit the pdf so that you accidently do not think about using any of those items. However you can use the kestrels and Eagle character's quiet effectively. Light troops and single models are what win games, no need to put them in the same unit but you can do so if you please, with this comes limitations because of the base size but it's doable. I would keep them as separate threats. Small dryad uni…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Kestrels lose both Vanguard and Feigned Flight.. Lifeseed Feathers is also a terrible bow, that only works for a character in Sentinels and even then it stinks ” Yeah I don't get why it hasn't been priced down. It's bad and no-one is playing it.

  • Looks nice, gj! I like the blue scheme, and the details are very easy to read. Maybe the gradient could be a tiny bit smoother though.

  • Unfortunately, missmatching basis sucks...

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “First, WRT "really close" - 16% is a notable gap; it's about the difference between succeeding on a 3+ and succeeding on a 2+. (.833 - .667 =.167) ” I haven't check your calculations, but this is wrong. going from 3+ to 2+ is actually a 25% increase ( (5/6) / (4/6) = 5/4 = 125%). +16% is equivalent to "for each HIT roll a dice. On a 6 you get two hits instead", i.e. you do 116% of the initial damages.

  • My idea is to give swift reforms to dryads anciant (instead of via aspects). Would give a bit more incentive to take one for something else than a redirector.