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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Multi part models require one part to have harnessed to signify which model.can .and Stomp attacks, and Harnessed interacts with many other ability targeting rules within the game that we needed to give Harnessed out.

  • One of the questions the Playtesters are asked is, "On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the complexity of this army when compared to Army X?" This question is asked 3 times; once for each other LAB done. Increasing complexity has been a major concern of this LAB Team. We are all very united in our concern for keeping the book less complex while still deep and fun. The already shown Mist Leviathian is the most complex entry within the book and we are constantly striving to simplify the rules…

  • Quote from Giladis: “@echoCTRL Knights of Ryma are supposed to be the preminent cavalry unit among elves. How exactly that is shown and how it corelates with other elite cavalry units in the game I cannot say at the moment but having 3Att per model should not be outside the realm of possibility ” Which will be a change dependent on background, not on what happens with Grail Knights. In my post I specifically mention what the goal post is for a full unit of Grail Knights. That goal, of 7.5-10 wou…

  • Quote from McBaine: “First Impressions: - I like that the Quests are now directly linked to the Secondary Objectives instead of adding an additional one. - The Prayer is good, but all but one Counter still seems a bit harsh. Giving the enemy the opportunity to negate all of the Blessing (no matter how high) if he manages to kill a certain type of character is still encouraging me to think about just not taking that type of character. I would prefer a reduction by 2 or even 3 instead of all but 1…

  • Grails should be stronger than Knights of Ryma, and if Knights of the Grail have 2 HP and 3 Atk this would not qualify Knights of Ryma to gain 2 Attacks let alone 3. The two knights are not on the same level or intenced to be. Compair Knights of the Grail to Chosen Knights and Brotherhood of the Dragon Vampire Knights instead. So a full sized unit of Knights of the Grail should output about 7.5-10 qoulity Wounds before Saves. How we get there will depend on a lot of varialbles: Max Model count, …

  • I am looking for a good Team Change MEME

  • Hope you guys will make your way over to my homebrew. Tear it apart! and tweet means things about me too. Just help make KOE better. The Faith: Kingdoms of Equitaine

  • Anyway, Giladis is now admonishing me about what Cults are. I should have just stayed quiet.

  • Alright, so the best way to say it might be, they are members of a CULT but that is like being a Church goer today. Where as Temple Militants are fanatical adherents. If they were self appointed they wouldn't be law abiding. So more like government officials is my understanding. The Academy has to do with training the Army.

  • NEWLY UPDATED!!!! PLEASE PLAYTEST. New update introduces a new system of Quests. New Army Orginization. Less emphasis on Spell Casting for achieving the Blessing. LINK

  • Are you a Cultist if you go to Church? How about if you worked for a government with a sponsored Deity. Just about everyone in DE culture is devoted to a diety and a true believer. This is a setting where dieties take active intervention in the world, and governments have patron dieties. So examine what a Cult is from that perspective. Cults circa 800 BC, not cults 2020 AD. There is another spoiled piece of background that might help.

  • What makes you think that Judicators are members of a Cult?

  • Quote from matrim: “Since DE are slavers etc the rule could be that enemies breaking from combat are subject to minimised roll. Essentially they catch and slaughter them more reliably. ” I can promise this is not that. You can quote me later on this. Wonderful idea though. If using background design, this rule idea you have made is linked to capturing things. Judicators are Executioners, they don't chase. Law is inevitable. But, what units in the army would be linked to capturing things??

  • Ruthless Efficieny was: +1 to-wound in the First Round of Close Combat.

  • It has been hinted at.

  • Strength 5, AP 4, +1 to wound is always better than Strength 6 AP 3

  • We hope for all of you to be excited and spend time speculating over what this Rule could be. What kind of rule would replace the Army Wide Special Rule that is the DE Racial Trait?

  • Like any good Dread Elf, we have intentions for the Fear and Anxiety your not knowing creates. It is part of our grander plans.

  • It is probably going to be those little know genetically adventurous avians from the archipelagos. But it could just as easily be an army themed around 1001 Arabian Nights. It could be so etching from Taphria They don't have 3 sets of Dwarves yet. Could be Aquatic Elves. It will probably be Oceanborn