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  • Muster the Houses (KoE)

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    That just looks amazing.

  • The box is already up for pre order on Wayland but only from Friday from Mantic themselves ... Also Army and Mega Army It's a shame they did not put that sexy goblin slasher in the new starter box instead of the trolls. I will also need to get more goblins from Shieldwolf Miniatures. I backed that on KS, so ... Quote from collectinggreen: “Just trying to understand the crazy world that Kickstarter is ” It used to be different. At first it was the amazing new world of being able to make things ha…

  • Models for the Åsklanders

    Little Joe - - Asklanders


    Always post when you feel like it. Quote from Waldi: “Sorry for post under post but I have some questions. I wish to start collecting Asklanders army and I have first ideas: - models from Victrix - I like them much, is "vikings box" enough to make huskarls or is better to get "husskarls" also? Both box seems very similar. It is visable difference between vikings and huskarls from Victrix? @jirga? - I am looking some models for asklanders - seems like bondi…ngs/prod…

  • Quote from Izzilduuur: “Where do all those big teeth come from? ” Whale rib cages from days past. Quote from Fireforge Games: “Upcoming Orcs 120121404_3714722388547058_4003927034859068142_o.jpg 119737195_3699413763411254_4341527100633015783_o.jpg 119589688_3692434670775830_4008911643211669934_o.jpg 119038262_3673840982635199_5371575763346116238_o.jpg ”

  • Arrahed's Miscellanea

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Make her more jewelry.

  • Making a flat version is not that hard. You can render a top down image in blender of the textured model as a PNG with a clear background. An upgrade for X patreons.

  • Quote from piteglio: “... for the 3D state, do you prefer a decorative hill with beautiful rich geometry, or a usable hill with boring flat geometry? ” I would prefer it to look like a gaming table, for the simple reason that people can get inspired and think "I can make that". From a digital point of view, for example trees, it makes little sense from the current availability point of view, but you could easily make traditional wargaming trees the same way. Admittedly 3D printing makes a lot "I…

  • I did some URL-fu on the image of the announcement to get a better image of the new goblins: KoW-Goblin-infantry-colour-shot_square_WEB.jpg

  • Arrahed's Miscellanea

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Had a chuckle at the paw on a base. The procedural bases look great, excellent work.

  • Haha, costs may vary ...

  • Don't care for the trolls but I can see myself buying a box with some other Mantic Goblin goodness. I might even find a purpose for the Vermin.

  • @Eldan will be disappointed with these hairless rats.

  • Those look great, similar work needed as old metal ones it seems. Do let us know how they build and paint!

  • Quote from Orfi: “Im printing a Infernal Dwarfs army at the moment mostly from the titan forge patreon anyone got other good sources and files ? ” Raven Twin Miniatures Lost Kingdom Miniatures (store) Peculiar Companions for Vassals (a lot for free)

  • Quote from Marcos24: “@Little Joe Any chance you can put my Giant model in the digital section of the model library? i'm not sure if you're the one in charge of stuff like that, or please refer me to whoever can! ” Done

  • Quote from ChayDS: “I'm still a noob on the finding models front. Can you search tags or anything within Patreon? From what I've seen, the only way to find these sort of things is to follow the creator in the first place. ” Patreon is notoriously hard to search on keywords. We are all noobs there. You are correct that you need to follow a lot of creators to keep track at all, hundreds by now. But that also means you came to the perfect spot. More chance to have someone like minded already seen s…

  • Quote from Garaz Zaki: “Or as a toggle? Eg when you press #1 or 2? ” We want both. Does that double the file size?

  • Quote from ChayDS: “Anyone know of any 3D printable dragons? It'll be for a wizard mount but a model with a Chosen Lord mounted is also fine. Preferably something not to clunky looking and nothing "corrupted". Something along the style of a GoT dragon! Quite specific, I know, but worth an ask! ” You will want to look for Wyverns rather than dragons because that's the proper technical term (in a way, big open war on terminology). I did not find any GOT style mounted ones. Herospawn Spot resize-un…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Kit is presently on sale via the lego store for $10.39 for 3x miniatures, which works out to just under $3.50 per model, which isn't a terrible price for Warrior models. They would likely fit on 25mm bases. ” I am shocked at that price. And that is perfectly fine too, this thread is for all of us to share miniature options. Regardless of shocking potential. Sometimes there are questions only the community can solve with our combined knowledge. Like everyone I have persona…

  • Steamforged Games has a frost giant: 4rLpa4cNTCWhPu4pnxFJ_SFGEE-003-Spill_1024x1024.png EDIT: 172mm tall