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  • Quote from dan: “I fear Res2 is guaranteed if the enemy essentially needs to do double the wounds against big blocks in order to achieve the same outcome as they would today. Interestingly against anything S5+ the to-wound roll is obviously unchanged and yet they need to kill 2x the rats, meaning we’re now stronger against those elite units. Our big units will potentially become a reliable threat against MSU elite units and monsters, since they will likely need to do 8+ wounds and take nothing i…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from arwaker: “They don't care for their life, therefore CR is halved? ” Maybe it isn't "caring", but "noticing"? I mean, they probably count 1, 2, some, swarm. As long as there is still enough rats around to feel swarm-y, how would a rat even notice the difference between 5 or 10 gone? ” This. When you look at animals that gather in large groups like swarms or shoals, you'll see that even in the face of predators taking some of them, they keep on doing their thing, th…

  • Spell advice: Take a wizard adept with Pyromancy. Select Flaming Swords and then Altered Sight from Cosmology. This will give you two very good spells that can buff your shooting but more importantly, the Sylvan Elves' shooting. If you go with this approach, get Book of Arcane Mastery as a +2 modifier is great if you want a Flaming Swords aura.

  • Quote from Casp: “Yes there was on French Facebook for exemple ask @Ghiznuk ” But can the french really be trusted?

  • Or to avoid being mauled to death because your character is super awesome but your opponent has Locket of Sunna, so you'll actually take less damage by just chilling.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “ However, as an ACS member I can tell you one thing I know for certain, we won’t be able to make everyone happy. Some players want angels, some have said they’d quit if angels were added. Some players want more monsters, questing-beasts, fae-creatures, others the opposite. Some want more trained, regimented soldiers and infantry, others think it would be unacceptable. ” Are there polls for these kinds of things? I'd be interested to see what people think. I for one would loa…

  • Oh, since the Giants Hotfix was recently released, here's my feedback: No more unwieldy and AP4 does sound pretty good. It's definitely scary for knights and anything else that relies on armour. Not sure if it's better or as good as the previous S5 AP3 iteration but having this as a more specialised option to our war machines is appreciated

  • These might be good for DE? resize-bundledepthone.jpg

  • Quote from youngseward: “Do I not need to be some kind of design whiz to do my own stl files?? This is a game changer Hombre! To google I go! ” Only if you wanna make your own things from scratch! Mixing and matching is simple. Here's one example I made, base stls from Thingiverse and then titan-forge terrain on top. All the small cylinders you see in the background is for making holes for magnets. AuLYCYN.png

  • Yeah it's a bit hard to find what you're looking for sometimes. My best suggestion is to make your own. Get some square base stls and then just put the stuff you like on top of it. Piece of cake!

  • Alright so anyone who's seen my avatar for the past couple of years have probably figured out that I'm a fan of the relatively unknown SNES classic Pocky and Rocky. It was one of the games I played most frequently as a kid, together with my brother and it means a lot to me. Well, that game's getting a sequel/remake and it looks absolutely insane. Not sure how many people care but I need to post my excitement somewhere. This just went straight to the top of my anticipation list for games. youtube…

  • Need support on Wordpress

    Hombre de Mundo - - WWW Topics


    Feel free to send a PM, nw

  • I've been looking to get an UD Teracotta army as soon as I get some leftover money for a printer. I like your list, it's pretty much a "hi let's fight" list, right?

  • Though the term "slave" probably isn't of proper military use when talking about combat units, I doubt the vermin care about such things. They're slaves and just because they're in a battle doesn't grant them a fancy title.

  • Some very nice-looking modular rats from Cult Miniatures. resize-armypack.jpg You can still nab all of them for 10-15$ in the next three days if you join their patreon before August ends.

  • I like it. I wonder if it's a thing that's always on, so to speak, or an ability you can choose to activate when needed.

  • Quote from skipschnit: “Here’s some good points that we had during creation. The Mobile Volley Gun was too much to be on a monster chassis with the following perks... And a few downsides as well: The giant - is treated as insignificant by all parent units - may perform support charges when a parent unit within 8" charges an enemy unit - may perform counter charges when a parent unit within 8" is charged - counts as having the same number of full ranks as parent units within 8" for the purpose of…

  • Well, that's an insane nerf bat that immediately removes any excitement for the Giant Repeater option Str 4, AP2. That's the power level of our regular guns. What dinky artillery piece did they give the poor giant? Compare it to the VS Rotary Guns, they have about the same damage output and quick to fire for standard infantry, whereas the volley gun is still unwieldy for the giant. Being 20 points cheaper does not make up for the huge loss of damage output, especially now that it eats into the A…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Grinding makes Elves whine again ” Elves are dirt.