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  • You know what would make for a fun and exciting chaff battles in our favor? Stronger yeomen

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from echoCTRL: “No ” Sad noises BTW have a new unit idea Idea But we could shoot the operator too? ” Lol there’s been 3 more requests for Hedge knights in the last few pages! Either I. That thread or the “next LAB is” thread, or “unit/model ideas for KoE”... theyre all blending in together to me

  • Muster the Houses (KoE)

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    Yeah beautiful mix of colors

  • Yeah, released by Yeomen would be good. By themselves it doesn’t quite make sense, still like it better than giant fairies though ha

  • lol also good

  • dude there’s 16 armies that provide players with new toys! It’s a playground for geeks

  • I think for a fantasy world a magical site but something small of course. Magical sword in the stone I think makes sense, maybe an odd magical naturally formed fountain

  • I think @SirMC2015 made a great point... we need to focus our ideas on the results of the army guidelines.. brainstorming is fun but we can't get too attached to any idea or run with it until those guidelines are released. Hopefully sooner then later. But just know that if we all jump on an idea and love it, if it goes against the guidelines that are laid out for this book, we cannot just say "but we like it therefore change the guidelines to conform to it"

  • Warhound charge marker... interesting hmm, i kinda like that

  • Actually yeah I’d like to do the sword in the stone! I’ll also do a Virgin Mary statue to double for a historical game terrain piece for crusaders and other typical western lands. I’m wondering what would fit for more practical objective markers. Like, not something that would just look cool but would would actually look like something someone would fight over on the field. For example in a sci-fi game, a computer console where the objective could be to input certain a or something. For medieval…

  • @jaith1 I agree but I just want to clarify that as one of the more passionate low fantasy players, what I see as high fantasy is more about what appears on the table (and to a slightly lesser extent the background). a magical empowered human riding a magically empowered horse that both look normal and are rare. Perfect a mundane human riding a mundane tiger ... mmm no thank you sir, but maybe for another army like WDG (Background) Magically empowered humans being a dime a dozen and hippogriffs b…

  • That would be pretty sweet, would definitely take pride in my RnF knights

  • And lets be real here, when people say "better than" or "almost as good as", i'm pretty sure that would not be Vampire/WDG 10, and the next tier down a 5. I think we're all ok with KoE top fighters equal to fighty elves but all top fighters of each faction across the whole game should run between the range of 7-10 (EoS to VC/WDG respectively) and the non fighty characters should fill the 3-6

  • Here's a finished example…4fb1bf23e3f1d17f6f0522a39…4fb1bf23e3f1d17f6f0522a39…4fb1bf23e3f1d17f6f0522a39

  • Lol that’s definitely the best interpretation of a staff member’s post I’ve seen yet

  • That looks like S8 impact hits to me lol

  • Yeah and honestly i had no specific rules in mind, but the generating of ideas like that is what i'm hoping that analogy inspires

  • @Giladis i'm not implying that they should always win or win consistently. I'm only using that as an example answer for "how can a KoE human compete with those characters while still remaining humans?" That example was in response to someone saying "KoE is about heroes, and heroes beat stronger foes, not the other way around, otherwise its not heroic". Essentially... "KoE shouldn't be a Goliath, they should be a David" And my response was... If KoE and its units and characters in terms of rules …

  • Should Robin Hood be a character archetype for us? That's a tough one... I see KoE as a whole faction as a single character, the Heroic Knight. And the peasants and yeomen as his personal retinue . The knight is the main character of the story, and the rest are his support. But... to nod to another well known archetype of the same period, we toss in Brigands his retinue as an honorable mention to Robin Hood. I think a "Robin Hood" character, in at least what the rules would represent, not so muc…

  • @Giladis @CariadocThorne In regards to KoE characters. I think at least the majority of the overall T9A community sees KoE characters as the archetypal "folk heroes". The monster slayer, the honorable 1v1 combat guy, etc etc (but not all in one single model of course) Now, one example that came up before for a different topic but relates directly to this is, how would we design two well known characters, "David and Goliath"? 1. David would need the stats of a humble, regular human. Goliath would…