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  • I think there could be like a jack of all trades unit. Wouldnt bother me. But if they get more focused on 1 enemy that would be fine too.

  • well i could agree with that, i use it as super expenssive chaff that usually kills most of the unit its chaffing. That way i dont need to catch the unit just get infront of it. With magic buffs and stuff it usually causes damage almost equally to the price of the my unit same time as its chaffing them 1-2 turns. especially in comination with focused spells to do damage to characters. Later when the characters unit charges the flie usually the character hits hard and gets a bunch of toxic hits e…

  • I actually think flies are ok, i kinda like the design. Maybe still a bit pricy but i play a unit of 5, try to throw re-roll wound on them or smite on enemy and win 90% of my games I mean maybe a unit that has better stats could be cooler than the toxic hits thing but we kinda got other units for that right?

  • @evisorwhy do you concider it op tho? Not saying your wrong, just wanna know.

  • Get evo and thama and snipe that beeach before he can do it

  • How about imps shoot spear of infinity 1 per unit with bonus S per rank in the imp unit. Should probably be 2+ aim or something since its only 1 shot.

  • Quote from kelvenmore: “Quote from MikaelO: “]Your resin/printer smells? Not sure mine smell anything. Isopropanyl is quite strong tho. ” Is this a play on words, hard to tell with text? I'll assuming it's not. No smell at all with the upgraded filter. I'm in the room all the time with the printer running 24/7 I have no issues. I do not think the resin smell is bad but then I don't have it opend for long. I poor it in the vat when I need it and seal it up when I'm done. Some people really hate t…

  • Quote from kelvenmore: “Quote from Klexe: “I belive his whole body takes these fumes as nutrition and without it he wouldn't survive ” I"ve grown two feet taller and use a lawn mower to shave by beard! Quote from mograine: “How do you deal with fumes from printing / handling resin / post-processing? ” For the printer model I have the filter was very poor but some of the newer models have better filters. Also there is some biodegraable resin that do not have the toxic smell. But as Klexe establis…

  • Couldnt they be some sort of buff unit, any target hit by them gets a curse or maybe something super special for there shooting like hits on the unit has a super tiny chance of destroying items. Or chaff, if you do 5 wounds with shooting you can spawn 10 horrors with 6 of the targetted unit. Idk just anything fun and with its own purpose.

  • @Kapten Kluns You are probably right.

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from skipschnit: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “By the way, how broodmother works on maw, when maw goes into overhealing? ” @EisenheinrichHow can we word it better, or is there a way? The intent on the design is that the Maw would recover any hp lost in this round of combat. It falls into the grey area of what is “recover” and what is “raised” hp. The Maw can increase its hp during a phase via Devour which is done by Initiative (agility) step. Broodmother is done at t…

  • @Happy Aspid You can take it out with lots of evo and thama spells. If in cc i think hounds do the best job killing it. Out of general bubble its only dis 7 i think so with re roll to wound s unit of 5-10 can do a bunch of wounds on it for sure.

  • In my opinion the internal balance isnt perfect, core is a bit booring and strong meele lists is kinda hard to play. But for me the book is still really strong and fun . I have 4 factions and find Deamons the most interesting and strong.

  • 2.1 OnG Chat

    MikaelO - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from Blonde Beer: “Thats proparly a result of being played more. Still looks weird I agree. Inform your ACS about it for the next update (dont want to go behind their back as a Goblin should ,) ). ” Noted

  • You can try to join now again if it still doesn't work ill figure out how to add you and invite instead as soon as im on my pc.

  • Ill add you m8 no problem. Im not one of those "super secret on fb People" . I made the group just before you tried to join and The First member joined just now 5 min ago.

  • Hmm ,maybe if you use this link instead ? I cant invite your Veil of ages page i think. I did found your personal account tho when i search on veil of ages but i must add you to invite.

  • I made a facebook group for those of you that design models for ninth age in 3d software and/or print them with 3d printers. Just for sharing pictures and learning from eachother and so on. Its "Ninth Age 3d printing and 3d design" , just made it so there is nothing and no one in it but i hope that will change soon

  • beast herds battle report

    MikaelO - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from clorens: “activate subtitles, I think they come in English too ” Oh ok! i will try that later

  • beast herds battle report

    MikaelO - - Beast Herds (BH)


    its a shame you do it in spanish, would have liked to watch but dont understand anything