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  • Quote from SirMC2015: “@Babnik Kalenina- I rely on the armies maneuverability which is part of the issue with KoE. It creates a nightmare for your opponent, and a bigger headache trying to price it. ” Did you have lot of battle where it was really maneuvrability who make you win ? I start KoE since one year, now, after winning in defence with EoS was too easy for me i was hoping win by playing move and maneuvrability Hoping to be able to push and make flank charge. I realize it was not possible …

  • QUESTION: Do a character casting Thaumaturgy spell Trial of faith, with VS special item Second awakening could reroll his dice ? Trail of waith say: "...The Caster rolls D3+1 and the target rolls D3. If the Caster’s roll is higher, the target suffers a number of hits equal to the difference between their respective rolls..." So here we can say that to determine number of hit, dice are used by making the difference . Into Second awakening i can read: "...casts a spell of type Damage for which dic…

  • Fully agree with you @Ludaman Except as EOS player I should say about character role .. you forget synergy

  • Quote from Giladis: “While thematically fitting the nature of fantasy knights and not impossible to eventually design I still think it will be a nightmare to get right for the reasons I mentioned. ” Well KOE already got this kind of design with audacity and quest...not look such a nightmare for turnament ?

  • 50.000 is better I wait to finish to paint all my model and build a nice table. And I plan to make a cool 2v2 EoS+SE vs VS+O&G at 50k each :p ( just hope to finish painting before dying ^^) does anybody know about a home brew for large battle. I have some idea about it. I think it should be played with kind of order to remove phase. Otherwise I am scary waiting end of opponent turn at 100k will be boring

  • who plays on TabletopSimulator?

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    I prefer ilmmersion, but well maybe a middle option ? Boundary, but in a simple black with transparency 25% to get something really light.

  • Personnaly I would like KOE cavalry to be stronger than other army cavalry but I don’t like human with overpowered characteristic.. it destroy flavor of the game in my opinion. i prefer special rules like lance formation. It’s unique and pretty cool. What I think is an issue with KOE, is that a good opponent can close the game as KOE can’t take the risk to be charged. So game with KOE could become really static sometimes. you need to play with chaff. Not pretty fun. i would love for some unit an…

  • Well after all "Equitain", look pretty similar to "Aquitain", and Old bretonnian are based on french culture (and english, but from time where "english" noble was cousin and brother from "french" noble ^^...) So French community pool seems a good base to get an overview of the situation. And without surprise. its was mitiged .. If i remember well. With most people quite reasonnable, that want some fantasy into KoE but not too much

  • Yes there was on French Facebook for exemple , ask @Ghiznuk For result

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “They also raise questions and debates (one of them being: should they contain unit points or not?) ” yeeeah let reopen this debate i want my FAB without point. Or i will never feel allright to print it But now layout team have done all the work to maintain them updated (anywaygoodjob guys) .... i am afraid il will never get those vanilla free point LAB

  • If you need help @Grahf tell me.

  • I think what would be great but would not simplify the book would be to have some Orcs profil define by age. For the exemple let’s say: Young : S3 t3 frenzy, battle focus Adult : s4 t3 Old: s4 t4 fearless And a biome/tribe system indépendant That offer weapon option and/or special rules. ideally biome could impact in same way goblin

  • @Theorox Well of course, to have the minimum of model invalidation, the best is to not remove anything. Now if remove entry become necessary for a reason, just say that headbasher seems to me like the less damaged choice. Even if i would fully understand you frustration - There have never been official model, so headbasher existing are only convertion or interpretation. - Headbasher is always refer to an other kind of orcs feral or common. So well they could still be considered as them. Really m…

  • Well except headbasher. I think there is aLmost a consensus about remove them. It’s an easy move that do not invalidate model. We still have enough unit to balance the book.

  • Quote from Giladis: “The public posts were the starting point for our work rather than the penultimate step. ” This is maybe a real issue in t9a process. Community don’t know which post are read by bg team or not, and people who would like to influence and participate to t9a background feel a bit frustrated. ACS create some topic about rules and the process of feedback from the community work. Maybe background should have something similar, maybe not on feedback, but more about brainstorming on …

  • Hum you are right, it maybe lack of strong decision. But well T9A as to take care of legacy model and army, and by consequence make some compromise. I think its important. And well i like the idea to feral beeing young, i think its a cool idea, as long it doesnt prevent some orcs to keep feral as way of life, due to tribes culture. Seems good to me.

  • Quote from arwaker: “I don't get behind the point why there should be any invalidation. You can still play your full feral army. It is simply a young tribe, perfectly fits the logic. ” Well depend of the futur LAB, but if feral was only young and nothing else, i would imagine them as the first cheap entry. Then my actual thematic army, would be transform into a kind of full of noob ^^... Would not be really cool, even if maybe playable. But Giladis answer remove my concern. Quote from arwaker: “…

  • As owner of an O&G army with only feral orcs, character feral, and some forest goblin and spider. i would feel a bit sad to see the concept of multiple kind of orcs tribes fully remove to be replaced by a simple evolution logical: Feral orcs --> orcs --> black orcs I liked the fact to be able to build multiple kind of orcs army, with lot of flavour. BG team defend the fact that orcs are everywhere for the purpose to let lot of freedom to player. Would be dumb to create a hierarchy into orcs …

  • How could they be similar in durability with def 3 compare to 5 No parry, No wound max on 4+ Armor 0 compare to armor 3 ? seems like a lot of difference.

  • Do somebody try immortal spam ? I just read the new book today ^^, and i discover immortal rules. Ouch this is pretty incredible. I play EoS and often with a death star of Imperial guard with great weapon. for 23pts per model. they do an incredible work. But here for only 26pts you got an unit bodyguard and great weapon, but far more better than IG. Move faster, wounded max on 4+, leadership 9, parry, aegis against fire. If i was playing ID and got model i would definitly try something like 2 or…