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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Very interesting idea. Do you see this as a type of thing for people to learn to game and mechanics, or as just a bit of fun for people who already know the rules?

  • Map pack updated with a few typos. New changes marked in blue.…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6'

  • Quote from falanor: “If I follow the same rationale both of them should be possible... in fjugin's example the charged unit should widen the gap until the charging unit no longer overlaps with the enemy unit.... and I believe this is what we want all to avoid. ” What we did in the latest errata was to force the charging unit to align first. Then the charged unit aligns. Thus in my example the charged unit cannot start with making room for the charger. As far as I am aware, the fact that the char…

  • Here is an example of a charge that the new rules makes impossible. Which imo is a good thing. This is a case where I think charge should be impossible

  • Quote from DanT: “I guess without a team member clarifying the guidelines this is kinda pointless though... ” What exactly needs clarification? If hold guardians, tusker cav and dragons counts as tough? They sure do.

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “How is the unit even able to move over the impassible in the first place? ” It's flying

  • Conga lines that are raised in order to extend the back of unit towards an objective (or any other crucial range, like chaff) is a pretty silly trick indeed. Maybe something can be done about it when we rewrite the VC book if people find this to be a big problem.

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “The blue chaff prevents Orange from charging Blue, but Blue can still full-on charge orange by clipping its lower left corner through. ” Wait what..? You can very very easily do this with pretty much any chaff and any unit. Prevent enemy from charging you but still be able to charge him. There is no need to use special VS movement rules to make this "trick" work. That said, keep trying to abuse and break or abuse the rule. It helps designers preventing these before the book g…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Does it make sense from background perspective? Is there a reason that VS have this rule and not the others? Imho yes, because other armies are not as nimble as vermin. It is easier to imagine some rats crawling over and under each other than for example zombies. Does it encourage intended VS playstyle? Will it have influence on the army lists players write in a positive way? Will it make the VS army behave on the battlefield more like we want to see them? I think yes, becau…

  • Zip package updated with new errata and latest version of ID…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6

  • New errata available on the downloads page. Version 8 As always, recent changes are marked in blue.…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6

  • Rengöra gamla miniatyrer

    fjugin - - Sweden


    Vilket material? Plats, tenn, resin? För tenn är aceton bra. ÄVen annan typ av nagellacksborttagning funkar. Men det totalförsör plast! För plats är någon form av alkhol okej (t.ex. T-röd). Låt ligga i under många timmar och skrubba under vatten (t.ex. med tandborste). Även hört såpa ska funka men har inte testat själv. Har ingen erfarenhet av att stippa resin figurer

  • ​New version of Advanced Magic, including spell cards

  • New version of Advanced Magic, A Most Excellent Grimoire of the Greater Mysteries is released today. It features only minor rules changes, but instead bigger layout changes. The most important thing is the addition of magic cards.…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6 If you have feedback on this supplement, we have a dedicated thread for this here: Discussion and …

  • We need background before can really start with rewriting books even.

  • Quote from VampsinMD: “I just can't help but wonder if some of the supplements released could have been another FAB beta release ” It couldn't Most supplement use resources we have an abundance of (e.g. designers) and use as little resources we have too little of (e.g. layout, background, art) as they can. For example, this supplement has very limited background in it. Just a few sentences of text for each spell. No real stories or new backgroud really. And there is no new art. Just reused old p…

  • Quote from oreogolem: “Read it found it interesting thematically. I was wondering if it had been play tested and what the general scheme of behavior it created. It feels like taking into account the supplement mostly just decreases Magic Spells cast per game (dice being used on The Weaver [mostly decreasing on your board edge, but sneaking a mage across the midline sounds hilarious] and the mild drawback for casting 2+ spells.) I was going to type there was "no seeming advantage" to increasing t…

  • We present to you a new book to use in your The Ninth Age endeavors. “Advanced Magics” is a Supplement to the “Arcane Compendium” intended to add depth and variety to the magical aspect of The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles. The Supplement is designed to work as a wholealongside the Rulebook, Arcane Compendium, and most aspects of your Army Book. It deals with the aspects of the Veil and how it affects magic and the items enchanted by it. Included, are new items and new spells for all factions, as wel…

  • Updated map pack…-map-pack-for-your-games/

  • New errata is up…61d5983c3b777161563e40eb6 New changes marked in blue as always.