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  • Quote from Bretboy84: “how about cowboy faction? ” <a href=4frv14.jpg

  • Quote from Giladis: “One focuses on butchering and the other on slaughtering ” why-not-both-meme.jpg

  • Well, if you have a plan for illustrating many books, there are many fans in the forum who would love that! I'm confident that you can ask once for them all, explaining what you wish to do. No reason to make it more cumbersome than needed, as long as you stick with the plan, a multiple clearance should work fine. Just make sure to include @lawgnome in the conversation, he can clarify what you can and cannot do.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I don't really get the draw of the generic "African" theme. ...too me that's like saying "european". Which culture in Africa are you drawing the inspiration from? are you picking bitz and pieces from a few cultures and stitching them together? ” You are right to ask, since all the Taphrian Homebrew AB were designed after one or two specific African cultures, rather than a blended African continent culture. This one was inspired initially from the Ashanti Empire, establish…

  • @Chevalier Rouergue2 Salut Chevalier ! J'ai le plaisir de t'informer que la direction te donne leur permission d'inclure tes dessins dans les livres, sans en modifier les textes, et de les distribuer comme tu le fais. Merci ! Dear Knight, I have the pleasure to inform you that top management grants you their permission to add your art to the books, without modification of the texts, and to distribute them as you do. Thank you!

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “Quote from Chronocide: “I mean, if only humans can be vampires, then any race that hates vampires could reasonably blame the humans for enabling the vampires. ” I already emitted the idea of that Asambossam, african Vampire, whit their particular physical, could be a good interpretation of Vampire Orcs. ” There is a Homebrew for African Vampires, The Vôdun Vampires of the Mangrove, where the Asanbosam are explicitly mentioned to be a b…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “... if only humans can be vampires, then any race that hates vampires could reasonably blame the humans for enabling the vampires. ” if only humans are prey to the Vampires, why would other races hate them?

  • That's an interesting idea that the Republican Elves endeavor to have all citizens read and write, with a practical scripture, when the aristocratic Elves leave the plebeians uneducated about the horribly complex traditional scripture which takes decades of dedication to master.

  • Actually the early US had this problem. Contrary to the UK where servants had no empty land to escape to, in America, manpower was hard to keep because if unhappy, they would just move further to an empty place (natives did not matter). Hence, slavery was perceived as a necessity to force the workforce to stay.

  • Quote from Giladis: “5 Continents have been previewed so far through various publications: Vetia, Augea, Taphria, Silexia and Virentia As for countries/cultures currently not represented by any army book I believe we showed either through text or artwork: Vetia - Volskaya, Arcalea, Destria Augea - Tsuandan, Sagarikadesha Taphria - Qassar, Vanhu, Khogi Silexia - Virentia - Ucayali There are others yet to be released in time and when appropriate ” Add Monopatea (~Cyprus/Crete) in Vetia.

  • No matter other factors, factions 17 and 18 will need to have models available from several companies, so that players may create their army. This will limit what we can consider. So Asian Dwarves or Elves, I would not bet on that.

  • Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “I think the most plausible Dread Elven attitude towards slaves would be largely the attitude that (most) real-world humans have towards captured animals. ” Remember, we talk about captured slaves. For a captured animal, either you keep it under constant control, chains and whip, or you start by breaking its spirit and culling any hope it may have to gets its freedom back, or you make its life in captivity preferable to freedom (through drugs, for example). That'…

  • Quote from JimMorr: “@Calisson 1. do you really believe that a company would increase chances of success of their kickstarter by donating art for an auxiliary book? (our community is mostly competitive and T9A is not a brand that draws customers from outside our community) 2. how do you imagine a company cooperating with the Project on supplement and preparing KS Launch at the same time? (project never promises any delivery terms. Weeks become months, months become years when the key resources a…

  • Painting award wanting your vote! @piteglio please indicate when the vote ends, so that I may update the News.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Please now consider you are a supporting company that has decided to create dedicated range of models for Barrow Legion. Worked on it for months, spent thousands of EUR on sculpts and masters. And suddenly your whole model range is reduced from "Official Army Book" to "product not balancedfor tournament play". Even suggesting that such things might happen undermines severely trust in Project as base of operations for supporting companies... The same applies to gamers who cre…

  • In short, Dread Elves should be dreaded externally, not internally.

  • Quote from Shukran: “It s.a fantasy game. I am more interested in gnomes, halflings and weird fantasy cultures than arabic, islamic, atzec, maori,"insert a random RL culture u can find on web". ” If your goal is to build an army of a non-human fantasy race and play it, you can do already and no need to ask anyone, not even a tournament orga. For example, you may play a valid EoS list using an entire army of Gnome models, some of them riding foxes. See The Gnomish Confederacy

  • Quote from Shukran: “so what s the difference between official, supplement and homebrew? Something gw did and t9a copied took inspiration from is official while original content is just homebrew? Funny because these 16 "balanced" armies are all legacy. Homebrew or "imbalanced" supplements are original someway content ” No, original content is far from being limited to Homebrew. It is not a secret that T9A was initiated for the very purpose of taking care of legacy model collections formerly used…

  • Comic Strip for T9A?

    Calisson - - General Discussion


    Quote from infamousme: “if someone else is writing it I will ink it. ” How about digging in the Background Stories section for would-be authors? For example: Quote from Nemeroth: “Here begins the tale of the shattered emerald, fluff piece for my dreadies. ... ”

  • Quote from Chronocide: “I'd like a RPG Game Master faction. ” Kind of inspired by the Dungeon Master videogame? Because the opponent is a whole army at once, instead of a single unit of less than 10 adventurers (all of them characters).