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  • You can count me (Bjorn) and Eric out for this event, if possible we would push the tickets for next years TEC. I will send notifications for the rest of the swedes to respond.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    its a catch 22 thing, I would have preferred a stronger hand in the guidelines how entries was described and portrayed but due to a lack of contributing artist the project could not really enforce this both due to lack of man hours to oversee it and plan it but also to sort of not put artist off contributing. The last part is for question as I am not sure if a firmer guideline how the aesthetic should be is a hindrance or a help to get artist onboard.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I agree with @Kisscool here, Otherwise we will soon have everything linked as DL models. Anything can look suitable with a head swap, weapon change or conversion, but that is not really what the model library should be about in my oppionion, there you should be able to find models to use as they are. There are manufactures that do Daemon models, those should be linked in the miniature library. Other races and people’s conversions of them should be examples put on the gallery section. A new playe…

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    AlFiKa - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from Folkienn: “@Kapten Kluns you've been really helpful since it is not unlikely that my own vision shrouds the initial LAB development team's concept and/or the community's perception for the Daemon Legions. The more feedback I get, the more accurate and/or extensive the Library could/will become. ” The DL Book was designed to be one of the most flexible book in regards to models but also a great army to do your own work on, with that said the coherence of a players force is what is esse…

  • Personally I use old metal GW flamers but had I not got hold of those both Mantic, Wyrd and Malifaux has good options, I like Wyrd the most: TOS_Unit_Box_StalkingPortals_Back_1024x1024.jpg

  • if you want a meatshield there has been better options in none dwarf units.

  • Yes you can be affected by different manifestations but not multiple of the same.

  • my advice is to not rush it (no matter how much poeple outside the teams want to see the product), it is much harder to change things (especially if you already discussing the matter) once out in the open then pre beta release.

  • Depends on how you do it, DL Burning Wheel has as easier time to get into initial position and to engage where it wants to, but WDG is better at later positions and while having less wounds has characters that can create a better defensive profile overall to allow it to dance around for a couple turns. but back to your question, yes, exceptions to being stomped when having size for it is valued quite high both in unique and complexity budget and pricing to bout, we thought it was enough to get i…

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “ is there a way to get designer notes as to why this unit (and others) ended up like they did? I posted a couple times who the actual “committee” is, that designs and approves Units and it’s been ignored every time. Who’s names are on the DL book? ” I plan to do something like that, but not just now, but hopefully it can be done in time for the community attempt to figure out the units in this thread: How to Daemon Legions Then we can compare notes and see what have chang…

  • Me and Eric is happy to roll tickets to October and try then. Well handled I must say!

  • Quote from Minor Leader B: “Am I just blind or is there no explanation in the book what "Dominant" does? Also why is "dominant" under some manifestations differently represented than under others (see grey broodmother vs red bracketed digestive vomit)? ” Domninant is a Rulebook special rule: Quote from RT: “22.B Properties of Special Items 22.B.a Dominant A model may only have a single Dominant Special Item. ” For grey vs red text you have that described in the DL book and red indicates that it …

  • We will see what happens with travel restriction and such going forward, or if the companies we have booked travel with even will take us over to UK, as many companies now seems to be in trouble and cutting routes and personal (in that perspective 3 weeks to tournament seems a long way forward and much can escalate).

  • Personally I think there is a generic problem in the miniature production around 28mm and other scales and it is that almost all models has the same height. There is a natural variation within societies and that should be reflected much more within models and units. That said the proportions has to be maintained within them. But we also has a heigh problem when comparing human and elves, normally with miniatures there is not much of a height difference but there should be a quite big difference,…

  • It does, but I also think it is to wide, both over chest but also the head is to round and not pointy enough for being characterised as and elf. A quick try to make it more elf-like :…94285db73c58ac1a088f54da5 Looking at it like this I think it is the whole composition that is to wide not just the chest and head part as the arms look to beefy for an elf when I shrink just the middle part.

  • Quote from memshet: “Error in demons: if I choose 4 flying units and even if I don't reach 35% aves it gives me an error ” Quote from DeBelial: “Can you give me specific example? ” Example: 5000pts list 1 010 - Vanadra's Scourge, General, Wizard Adept, Chitinous Scales, Centipede Legs, Living Shield, Dextrous Tentacles, Whipcrack Tail, Incendiary Ichor, Greater Dominion, Wizard Adept, Evocation 170 - 5x Furies, 5x Red Haze 170 - 5x Furies, 5x Red Haze 295 - 4x Veil Serpents Total: 1645/5000 = 32…

  • The process is pretty much simultaneously, BGT has a short snippet of what the entry is about and then artist get to work, during that time the background is flashed out and incoperated into a bigger story. Pretty much at the same time artist start to paint, the Rules development starts as well and the coordination has in the processes I have been involved with seen to be much more between BG and Rules then BG and Art, sure some request for fillers is made but artist has a very free hand to inte…

  • saving one healt point extra on a Greater daemon can be the difference between a dead model or giving away half points. So it make a bigger deal then what you first think at a glance.

  • my new favorite unit is 4 brazen beast with flaming protection. Good damage dealing and forcing opponents to shift shooting to it especially if facing pyro mage, free up space for the bigger toys to play.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “How would you strip them for 4500 list? ” At 4500 I would probebly make Vanadra an apprentice instead and upgrade my Veil Serpents to Wizard Conclave to compensate. Maybe removing the Tendrils from Omen as well but that is mostly to fill out points rather then something essential to build the list around even if it is very handy to save 4+ veil tokens from turn one. But with making Vanadra an apprentice I would probebly switch over Omen to Divination instead to compansate.