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  • Vermin swarms can-be vermin swarms. Do not need insects, yyes-yes. Trash dwellers, inheritors of what has been lost by others, ordained to rule the stars. Junk-jury rig tech and fanaticism. I love the idea of mixing knightly idealism and heroic-realism with cyber technology. The lady being a ghost within the machine so to speak. But rather than being scattered fortresses, Id rather them be a rival human civilization. (My brain is very heavily leaning Dropzone Commander's PHR). My brain would wan…

  • Here lies the chronical of Daeb Wayne. Legendary thunder wrassler. Fastest thrown weapon in the west.

  • I think it stretches realism to me to say oh yeah the T9A world went through industrial revolution, modernity, and then invention of space flight/exploration and then is more or less unchanged. Having an unexplained echo is more fitting in my brain. But really what are we doing here? Imagining the tropes and pieces of lore we know with a science fantasy bend?

  • Space lances, energy shields, and lazer swords. Not always is it a horse, but always it is the rider that is the real threat. Are the knights cyborgized? Or is it time to tie in the magic-equivalent. The fervor of the lady waiting to empower and burnout a noble knight in times of dire need :p ( grimdark.)

  • I love me some riders of Orc-quataine or knights of Boar-tonia. Those look like fun lists.

  • After seeing the spoilers and guidelines I would like to thank the DE Lab team for some pretty unique takes on monsters, spells, and items. As silly small a thing as it is, I really like the mastery of slaughter for being a respectable budget item. Myself and my brother got into a far too long discussion about whether one should bother getting a fight character like that with such a budget weapon and the fact that it can fit around say Heroes Heart and Shield breaker as my go-to's is enjoyable. …

  • Hey. Don't be discouraged. You can look at what DE and VC had and either like what you see or be more bold! Your idea of upgrade suite of item+rules is not currently there (usually people want the modularity so they can choose). Plus maybe your ideas are awesome.

  • Well first off, I'm boringly against changing units that apply to core based on other choices (especially if that access is "one unit can be taken..."). That's my personal vote, feel free to disagree with me. So this idea is very akin to current DE cult with a little VC blood ties. I mean I can dig it. I enjoy upgrades coming in packages even if that means less variety. I personally like the idea of Saurian Warriors bringing their own bound spell, but that gets very close to BH. The SW stat line…

  • See jirha went a very different direction with the discussion. Define those terms. If ones goal is to recreate the rules of 40k (or 40k like factions) with a community centric model you're gonna have to hammer out what the game should incentivize and lots of big game design decisions.

  • Okay so to be clear you are saying look at the world of T9A and then fling them into space? The dwarves archives, wiped and scrubbed though they are, have split the history of the space age into 8 distinct periods each defined as a millenia for narrative historical purposes if not totally chronologically accurate. It is now in the years of this Ninth Millennium... I mean 40k did a lot more than take a fantasy map and throw it into space but I think there are some foundational choices/themes that…

  • I'm not one of the lab team, but why wouldn't you use it's shooting capacity? As you are right, as a melee model it doesn't make sense as gigantic

  • Oh man.... Talk graphs too me.

  • The Venerated Ones idea floated above has me imagining you have a plate-shield-hand weapon unit that's has the upgraded options "All model may be equipped with : * Rune of Steel armor rune +X pts * Rune of Precision weapon rune +X pts * Rune of Penetration weapon rune +X pts" etc And do you know what you'd become? Daemons. Just like Kuulima tricked you into being. Ha! I'll go back to my forum now.

  • It's all about that meat eating aesthetic. "Ugh , Dall'atheax, these creatures will only crush and pulverize those warborn piglets? Ugh that's so Vetian, I want blood on their teeth." I'm really not getting the calling herbivores non aggressive. There are just so many aggressive, protective tendencies in big herbivores which are just months of abuse away from being weaponized (oh wait they're too uncontrollably aggressive when brutalized, well I guess fantasy can wave that). I just want to note …

  • Quote from Tyranno: “*Shadowmoor flashbacks intensify* ” Don't threaten the Kith. Man I loved the aesthetics of that set.

  • Quote from Bretboy84: “army of equestrian ponies... ” I don't know DEFINITELY overlaps with Kingdoms of Equitaine. Damsel riding a unicorn/pegasus? Damsel is the unicorn/pegasus! Think of the *discord*, @Bretboy84 .That said, blind bag conversions still don't look good, imo.

  • Also I don't know your local playing situation, but as I was growing into a new army don't rush into 4500. I've enjoyed plenty of 3k, 3.5k, 4k games. Now admittedly I was playing with my brother so coordination was easy, but like it's all chill dude.

  • I've seen a fairly wide variety from OnG for the armies I've seen in person. Find a ways you like to run your main characters (general, bsb, wizard(s) ). Find what balance of speed and fightiness. Make sure you have some s5 of some sort (which luckily you can get out of Core with 'eadbashers) Artillery, giant spiders, giants, iron orcs, boar cav (this one is me), gnashers are all viable powerful units when s4 just won't cut it.

  • In some situations on the planet of earth where slavery has been widespread, it should be mentioned there was an attitude of fear. Fear because, a slave could very potentially incite violence on you and their skill level/intelligence/deadliness is not the same distance from say me-human to a cow-animal. And since these slaves are social animals and organizing allows power that also is a level of power. It became an unspoken fear, or at least an attitude that became very pragmatic and irrational …

  • It would be weird to have the Daeb internal violence workers NOT be the military. The historical alternatives are what? Night watchmen/fire brigades, seems a little too informal also not .... Heavy Metal enough? Certainly not living up to the brutal but judicious Daeb ideals (I assume those are the ideals) Semi private constables? Seems too disorganized and lacks that proper Rebulican ideal! Ughhhh what's the word for the late Roman like nobility funded gangs? Whatever those were called. I fully…