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  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Then again, did it really make sense for a wild animal to have the offensive and defensive fighting skills of a grail knight/EoS Marshal/Warrior of the Dark Gods? ” This! I always found it daft how the DE monsters had OS/DS5, where every other (animal) monster capped out at 4. Like, the Alpha Carnosaur is supposed to be the apex predator, OS4. Hydra, OS5...wat.

  • Quote from Girien: “Adv6!!! Weeeee finally!!! Somebody bought rollers for the handlers!! ” 500_F_206875549_aQsNTdRr20rKhNENgNm3hNga5Xo3dLf3.jpg

  • Quote from Arkalak: “In the 8th, it had no fortitude and a rule like " at the end of every phase or turn the hydra can roll a dice, on 4+ she recover a wound. For every wound lost, + 1 A, and for every recover -1 A... around 220 pts (440 news). Really fluff but so weak on the battlefield. ” I dunno, I liked that rule. I threw one hydra at an entire dwarf army once and it killed all of them. Every time they hurt it, it recovered. Once they lost the ability to 1-shot it with a cannon, they had no …

  • Quote from Wesser: “Not a fan of Poison Hydras is an iconic concept that dont scream “poison/acid”. Moreover it clutters the entry. Consider removing ” SCIOPsw.jpg

  • Quote from Boomvalk: “Spoiler Tuesday ” Much better than Sunday in my opinion. Because on forums... mQ7eAa5.jpg

  • Models for the Beast Herds

    Tyranno - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from Scylla: “Howdy BH collectors? Here are three minotaur-sized boarmen available on Kickstarter, shipped from the UK:…ther-denizens-of-dunnmere pigmen.webp ” I think Ganondorf is missing some minions... 320

  • 2nd from last list is missing ammo from his 2nd Rocket Battery.

  • Guys. The team are very aware of the problems written on the last page or so, and are acting on them. I think this discussion is getting into a loop now.

  • Quote from Drakkanor: “If compared to EoS mortar it hits harder and is better protected as stated in the guidelines. Having shorter range, and so a penality to hit should be its weakness, but it's not the case due to accurate. IMO this is rule stretching. ” The Titan Mortar is also much more expensive. Compare it to similarly priced War Machines; like the DH Catapult or the KoE Trebuchet. Those have ranges up to 60" away; which as Lawgome already pointed out, their half range is almost the Titan…

  • Quote from Drakkanor: “I didn't say it's unbalanced, I brought it as an example of rule-stretching. ” That's exactly what I said. It's a rule to make short ranged war machines viable. As a shorter range means a shorter half range as well, which makes the machines less viable than other army counterparts.

  • Quote from Drakkanor: “Testing also found the first release of the book balanced ” And players still find the Titan Mortar ok. Your comment has been the only complaint I have seen against it, and it seemed to be more from an ideological standpoint than a balance one.

  • Quote from Drakkanor: “- rocket battery has range 36" --> what artillery weapon has it been compared to? It has more than DH organ gun f.i. ” It was designed to act like a cannon-replacement. Quote from Drakkanor: “- titan mortar --> IMW another example of rules stretching, short range as stated in the guidelines but having accurate most of the times offset this disadvantage ” Testing found it to be pretty bad without it.

  • Quote from Cam: “Kings guard fine. Deep watch no. I don’t see why ID should be beholden to a unit rarely seen in DH and if RT had looked at DW usage I’m sure they'd come to that conclusion. ” Didn't have to look at it, as I gathered the data up and showed them. But new Immortal design isn't finalised yet, so we will have to see if that changed any mind about comparing them to that unit.

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “But there’s nothing there to prevent them from being cowboys or even to encourage their use in units? There is for the commissioner but not for the new standard size ones which are comparable to all the other commonly seen cowboys ” Quote from DanT: “This is a design 101 error, admittedly one that every armchair forum designer makes. It matters not one jot what the designer intends, it only matters what players actually do. A good designer is one who can tell the diff…

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “There’s no mention of why cowboy prophets, viziers or overlords were added in that post @WhammeWhamme? Unless I’m missing something. I asked why cowboys were added, the commissioner which you talk about already existed and had indeed been made less of a cowboy than in the slim book. But if cowboys not being a playstyle option is one of the directives I don’t see why you’d add options for more cowboy models. That’s what my question is about. ” You were told that it was…

  • I am not going into this again.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “ In general I think its really unfair that we are the testing for expensive and bad chaff or worse cowboys, which may be terminated at later books since it has such a huge impact on the game also after two armies are fixsed. Also I dont think both builds (Chaff and Cowboy) were a problem in the Slim bbook. Cowboys esspecially the Overlord on big bull is now more used than before. Why is this? ” Because in the Infernal Dwarf guidelines it was stated that cowboys and chaff w…

  • Quote from Kriegschmidt: “If it's a bit rubbish, can my VC army have it back please? I mean, if it won't make much difference anyway... ” For the sake of keeping VC gameplay time down to a reasonable level, dear god no xD.

  • Quote from Kriegschmidt: “Then isn't that the answer? Give Immortals Fear? ” Fear's a bit rubbish, we have something else in mind ;).

  • Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “I don't see how the above name and influence applies to the unit of elite dwarves you have named after it. They don't have any raise mechanic or other thing that makes them numerous and expendable, they're quite the opposite in game play terms. ” Just a quick point. Nothing about the Persian Immortals was expendable. They were an elite unit equivalent to Greek Hoplites in the quality of their equipment. The point about replenishing lost soldiers was an intimidation ta…