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  • Quote from Just_Flo: “1. Another Lygurs Tongue question: I have large models with 4 attacks each in contact with the Tongue. Do the models in the 2nd rank have 4 -->3-->2 or 4-->3 attacks? ” 4 attacks, -1 is 3. Check total number of attacks, 3, fine. "Maximum number of Supporting Attacks" is not a value defined by set/always or similar and thus not affected by any priotiry of modifiers.

  • Quote from Swelt: “Just hope that your opponent doesn't have divination and take portent of doom. ” Negative CR doesn't matter when the opponent is dead

  • Quote from Bash: “Rune of Devouring doesn't make you lose the Artefact, it makes that you can't cast a spell anymore. "Rune of Devouring - One use only. The player may choose to use this Rune instead of performing a Dispelling Attempt. The spell is cast as normal but the Caster may not cast it again for the rest of the game. Spells dispelled by the Rune of Revocation and Attribute Spells are not affected." ” Oh, well then why was it a question at all? That's the same scenario as the miscast were…

  • Quote from Bash: “I think it is still not clear. "Otherwise lose it" still means he can have it but isn't able to use it. How is it intended? ” It is clear. You get the spell during spell selection and that's it. Doesn't matter if you lose the item.

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “3 Characters in bruisers? Wild. ” Yes, I call it the "How many eggs can you fit in a basket?" But instead of being fragile eggs, they are brutal characters, in a brutal unit, with brutal magic Very few opposing units can have a chance of fighting that in CC.

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “I would be very excited to see your list as you talk of double shamans, lygur's bsb and hunter on top I theorized a list with double adepts a while back with the same idea. One on thauma, the other on shamanism. With triple combat buffs you can usually force one through unless you have really bad luck. The problem was that the list has 3/4 spells as combat buffs to begin with and by taking magical heirloom the list can take 2 spells that aren't cc buffs. ” Ask, and you shal…

  • Quote from Swelt: “It is easier to kill R4 models with only a 5+ armor save than a R5 model with maybe a better save. ” Yeah that's not rocket science Quote from Jomppexx: “Yeah quite often that happens. Except if he happens to carry lygur's tongue, then he will probably be very popular ” Yeah, that's were the second Shaman comes into play. +1S/Res, or Umi, or Smite. My main issue was games against Binding Scrolls, then I wouldn't get a single buff to the unit. But now you are more or less guara…

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “How do you kit a lygur's bsb? Trolleater + GW? A shamanism adept actually seems like a good place to carry the tongue if choosing to go for double wizards. With scarification he has a cheap way of staying alive. ” Nah, Hunter always has the Trolleater. Just Lygors and GW or Iron fist for parry. People rarely focus the characters

  • I always run my Shaman in the front line with LA with the +1 Res enchantment, Thaumathurgy with 5 spells. Either a BSB with Lygors, or a second Shaman (Shamanism) with Lygors.

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    Quote from Gmork: “In my opinion, 2 rock aurochs and 1 Giant with GW is the best line-up. ” Agree! I've played that some times. The Giant usually just ends up dying from spells or arrows. But little do they know, that is his job! The 18" March block is magic.

  • Quote from Orion: “This doesnt make any sense tbh. If a mad git is released while boosted chilling howl is active AND it deals its damage as it is released, then it is a ranged damage attack and should be affected by chilling howl if within range. ” Mad Gits are immune to everything until released, and no spell effect is applied continuously.

  • Quote from hypnotic: “If unit go movement value of 0 , can it still performe move ? ” To get rid of -1 from Swarm? I think this has been answered as yes before, so if anyone knows otherwise please correct me. Might even be in the errata, if I bothered to look

  • Quote from Mercenary: “Super cool setup, thanks. My biggest issue lies in fact that ambushing units may use ranged attacks immidietely after arrival - wildhorns absolutely demolish reiters(or god forbid huscarls). Your idea of a setup is very helpful to me I will definitely try to emulate it - mayby the issue lies in the fact that i use couple stronger but my expansive units instead of msu. ” Ambushing units are stronger against certain armies as well. I rarely care about them when I play my Ogr…

  • Quote from Hebus: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from IntrigueAtCourt: “2. Regarding Fear: Does the altar causing fear make the spearmen immune to it? I don't think so as it just says "models" that cause fear are immune to fear. So if the unit fails, the spearmen suffer the +1 to be hit/-1 to hit/shaken but the altar does not? ” Correct, fear works on a model per model basis. ” In this specific case: When taking the fear test I can choose to select the altar model to pass it? Then, I don't su…

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    Quote from Eleanor: “Hi all! We have a discusión today. Can the rock auroch charge the undead dogs with a córner charge? The discusión is because during the charge movement the rock auroch move to the flank of the dogs, then wheel and finally align on the front arc of the doga with a córner charge. Is this legal? ” Yes, just make sure you hit the corner of the unit and can close the gap.

  • Quote from jamesie28: “If a flying unit/model has break the spirit on it does it. Does it take a dangerous terrain test for where it took off and where it landed, even if both points were open terrain? ” You don't take 2 tests for the same terrain piece, so "open terrain" can only cause 1 test for the unit.

  • Quote from Prag: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Prag: “Does the Rock Auroch have unbreakable? ” Have you tried checking the book? ” Yep - Says nothing. But I'm having a hard time believing such a big beast can run away. Thats why i'm asking. ” There's always a bigger fish.

  • Quote from Prag: “Does the Rock Auroch have unbreakable? ” Have you tried checking the book?

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    This isn't a rules question at all. There won't be any new items added now either way. There might be a seperate supplement created down the line for new items if anything.

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    Quote from Druzi Darkfist: “It just makes so many more no-bsb builds viable. ” You guys know there is an enchantment that gives rerolls panic, right?