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  • Quote from youngseward: “I'm not sure on what the crucial mistakes were in this game ” Having seen it, and with 20-20 hindsight healing waters over gnarled hide against the wretched ones was the only thing i saw that would have potentially changed events. Especialyl when you had throne up. This would have also given the atribute wound back to the sooth sayer potentialy preventing the loss of him and that combat.

  • Quote from Vamp87: “Can you back this up with data? Last time I checked, lots of tournament lists had units without fearless. ” So firstly we get to discount VC, UD, Dl, OK, WOTDG a ful 5/16 armies that have fearless on 90%+ of their army. Then you have the quazi fearless armies Ong (most lists Ive seen are feral orcs, gnashers, black orcs, trolls, monsters, random movers) SE - dryad armies DH - slayer armies EOS - fanatic armies SA - temple guard and all monsters and Piranha saurus BH - minotau…

  • whilst I loved the old fluff of undead causing fear being their strength, in t9a fear is a rubbish mechanic. Any unit worth taking either has fear itself or is fearless. Case and point is bh hereditary that is rarely used in an army that is most vulnerable to fear. Though I do like the idea of custom vampires fear. Much like the growl hell hounds have.

  • Current design

    duxbuse - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    I agree somewhat. I think in the pursuit of external balance the flavour has been some what lost. But note I dont think its as bad as you feel. But when VC do get the full LAB rework, I do hope for more "terror of the night", and "century old horror".

  • It really depends on if you want the enemy to have conter play options. Do they just heal automatically as is expected from the undead, or should the enemy be able to interupt it. Tbh most army wide rules are just buffs with no real counterplay so I think that would be fine to be something that just happens, perhaps can always march but only heal each turn if near general. And then make summon new units as the H spell

  • Quote from VampsinMD: “not to say zombies and skeletons shouldn't get a cool redesign but i think if we get rid of congas it should be a global mechanic... that way it's not just affecting one army. ” Honestly very few other units can abuse it. Most crappy troops rely on steadfast to be able to hold, So to fix it all we need is more severe cumbling but much better steadfast, which will encourage people to be 5 wide.

  • Quote from dan: “Yeah you inadvertently revealed a lot in that one picture. Prepare to get Sherlock’d: 1) You and I have the exact same laptop, because of course we do, because we’ve actually been long-lost brothers this entire time. 2) You own a White Fang children’s book but have the barren walls of a university dorm, which means either you’re a serial killer, recently moved, or were robbed by a very specific kind of burglar. That or, you know, this is a hobby room so %#*}* it. You didnt even …

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Steadfast however is a good rule at Undead in my mind (dont know how often my units loose one round with more than 12) ” This is exactly my point, when has steadfast saved you models. Compare this to steadfast for alive units. With general and bsb close it often force you to kill them down to the last 5 guys to force them to flee, stead fast here makes a huge difference. Where as with undead may as well go congo line cause your ranks dont matter, and neither does steadfast…

  • 2.0 BH Beta Discussion Thread

    duxbuse - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Ok thanks for the advice guys, im basically brand new to BH, i dont like terrors of the wild, so no monsters. But takign in all the things you guys like the most I came up with the following list, would love thoughts. Beast Herds 675 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Light Armour (Aaghor's Affliction), Paired Weapons (Twin Hungers), Crown of Horns 520 - Soothsayer, Raiding Chariot, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Light Armour (Trickster's Cunning), Hand Weapon (Ancestral Carvings) 355 - Beast Chieftain, Am…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “I mean, that's literally not going to happen, but what's the problem with the undead rule and could it be fixed in (specifically) the VC book? ” Discipline, steadfast and bsb do almost nothing - casuing congo lines to be optimal. and making ranks and bsb not worth taking. crumble in its current form for all core troops basically reads as all kills are doubled. Which is silly, if all zombies are good for is getting in the way and dying slowly then they need to atleast di…

  • Honestly VC cant get an update untill we can adjust the main rule book, the undead rule needs work.

  • Quote from Wesser: “MVP: Skeleton Spears.... no kidding... ” whut-5c80ff.jpg

  • Quote from Yilmi: “Are you going to go deeper in the details with others survey ? For example if we want to give our feedback on options like Great weapons price for Barrow Guard or character mount price, etc. Because imho if we are talking about the cost effectiveness of an unit, there are some others parameters to take into account. ” This survey is deliberatly a lower resoloution to get a guiding hand for what to concentrate on. RT cant look indepth at every single variation for all books.

  • Age of Single models?

    duxbuse - - General Discussion


    Quote from Jomppexx: “Well just played a game versus the new ID and lost mostly due to corner clipping and not realizing you can just send monsters around my units by blocking their front facing in combat with infantry and sticking your monsters on the very edges. I don't look out for things like this because I think streamlined and straight-forward, not how to get your single models to the extreme edges to be safe from any retaliation damage while killing 10 infantry models alone. TLDR: I hate …

  • Well if your up aussy time i'd be happy to play.

  • Quote from youngseward: “Thought you were out of charge range. Oh well guess you need a 3 on dice...” ” Ahh, back in those days you didnt roll for charges. Your charge was simply your movementx2 so you were either in or out, the randomness was how good you were at predicting if you were in or not.

  • Quote from Nate9thAge: “What are the 1-2 good builds and how matchup dependent are they? ” double BotD counts - pretty match up independant 920 - Vampire Count, General (The Dead Arise), Brotherhood of the Dragon (Eternal Duellist), Spectral Steed, Wizard Adept, Occultism, Shield, Plate Armour (Death Cheater), Paired Weapons, Great Weapon, Lance, Eternity Gem 835 - Vampire Count, Brotherhood of the Dragon (Eternal Duellist), Spectral Steed, Wizard Adept, Occultism, Shield, Plate Armour (Legend o…

  • Quote from Nate9thAge: “Are VC bad after last years nerfs? People I talked to seem to think so. ” personal opinion is that they still have 1 or 2 good tournament builds. But with all the nerfs that's down from 4-5. Basically the nerfs have just made internal balance worse.

  • Quote from Wesser: “I would personally like Skeletons and Zombies which wasnt just about raising them ” I also like this. I dont want 1 skeleton to be able to kill an orc or giant etc. 1v1, but 60 skeletons should be able to overwhelm and kill just about anything of equal points. e.g 720 - 60 Skeletons, Halberd, Standard Bearer (Rending Banner), Musician, Champion 700 points of skeletons with no magic or other assistance should be capable of earning 700 points off the enemy. As it stands current…

  • Quote from Wesser: “The Undead should be Horror... not comedy ” AKA. Army of darkness style