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  • Also note, there is no restriction on crying ... especially if facing Phil Karl.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Currently I am thinking about buying a Dread Saurian of Forgeworld als Alpha Carno. Has anyone expericence with that kind of Monster? Looks very big for a 50x100 base. ” It barely fits on a 100x150. We have a local player who occasionally has used one as a hellmaw or gargantula. No way could I see fitting it down to a 50x100.

  • Quote from GrayGork: “If ya need extra models I can contribute some on the correct base ” Given how many you're bringing ... I'm truly surprised you have any left.

  • Quote from Serwyn: “I never understood how Touch the Heart is good. The augment is basically just Druidism attribute, and the hex is hardly impressive. I mean, if I have to play against it I can't imagine dissipating it over another spell, outside very specific situations. ” Cast it twice on a Portent lord before he reaches combat ... then see how good it is. It is almost guaranteed to pull dispel dice, at least in my meta.

  • Quote from GenePhelps: “Although I will miss him, Ben dropping out makes it easier since we won't have to figure out what he is thinking... ” So I make a comment about bringing lots of Bladedancers ... and then @skipschnit drops from the event. Coincidence ... I think not!

  • Quote from Gym Shorts: “Quote from Snarkhunter: “Imagine how many bladedancers I can take ... ” Well they’re 0-3, so I’d imagine around 45 ” don't forget kindreds

  • Imagine how many bladedancers I can take ...

  • List submitted.

  • Quote from Ken.Stubbs: “Just a reminder! Get those lists in by tomorrow at midnight for the extra points. ” I've signed up and paid, and don't see my name on the list in post #1 ... was there an issue?

  • You've already seen all his dwarf models ... now he gets to add all the warmachines! BTW - I'm signed up and Paid

  • Quote from Swelt: “No, magic resistance rule is: Learned Spells and Bound Spells targeting at least one enemy unit with one or more models with Magic Resistances suffera −X modifier to their casting roll (where X is given in brackets). This is an exception to the Casting andD DispellingModifier rule. If there are different X values that could be used, use the highest value. While aura spells have the following rule. This spell has an area of effect. Its effects are applied to all possible target…

  • Who knew that the best counter to dwarves was big units of eagles? I had rated both those games yellow...

  • Spoilers also said it is subject to change ... don't be sad .. instead provide feedback. RT and LAB are watching this thread (obviously).

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Somethimg that came to me. A mage cannot ride the big bull which is sad because the bull of Forgeworld is ridden by a mage. ” Are you sure about that?

  • Quote from DanT: “I really like this list. @Snarkhunter do you mind if I add it my list thread (I will of course attribute credit to you)? ” I don't mind. My goal in sharing is to encourage more players to try elf close combat lists.

  • Quote from Falco: “Some questions: Did you’re basic archers enough ? I think they are really bad and easy to hunt (sentynels overshine them). Did you use both of bladedancers ? Don’t you miss another unit of sentynels or kestrels instead ? Cosmo or shamanism ? ” Sentinels aren't core. The archers did some work every game. Game 1 they turned and cut down a chosen unit from 8 to 3 models after it portaled into my back right flank (and then it promptly portaled back to his deployment). Game 5 they …

  • Quote from Falco: “How was it? I like the flying circus Quote from Snarkhunter: “Here's a recent battle report by Wargaming from the Balcony vs an all elf SE list (not mine) ... Also, I'm taking a mostly elf SE list to Colonial Carnage team event this weekend: (Hidden Content) ” ” My team finished in the top half. My match ups / results were: Green match vs WDG (2x 10 wrath chosen, hellmaw, alchemy master, shrine, 2x giants) = 17-3 win. Had a 20 until a lucky grav…

  • SE Bladedancers should have a starting price of 220 for 7 ... this is correct in the list of unit options in the top window, but when the unit is added to the list, the starting price is instead bumped to 223.

  • Here's a recent battle report by Wargaming from the Balcony vs an all elf SE list (not mine) ... Also, I'm taking a mostly elf SE list to Colonial Carnage team event this weekend: (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “Quote from Snarkhunter: “Quote from WAARGHammer: “All dread elves have become res6 now, I will be playing them as such, just a heads up. ” That's fine ... I just saw the new Errata which said SE bows gain +3 to wound against DE as a racial hatred ability. ” I thought they just got +1AP? Or is that only vs WDG? ” Nah that was only against you ... and it was for all attacks by all opponents, not just SE bows. {Heh, I probably shouldn't joke so much on fake designs ... …