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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • @piteglio PM me your social links and I'll make sure to get you shares from the T9A accounts during the event EDIT: nvm they're in your profile!

  • Hey man! If you check the main site, you'll find that each army has a page with some brief overview, from a fluff to a playstyle perspective. Here's the page for Sylvan Elves. When it comes to balance and tiers, don't think too much about it. In fact, if you play casually, I wouldn't even think of it at all. A forgiving army is more important, like mentioned previously. So for example, EoS is not a forgiving army because you need to do a lot of things right to make that army work (parent - suppo…

  • It's a good idea on paper and you could also add abilities to generals and such to boost a unit's discipline within its 12" bubble. The obvious downside is keeping track of the discipline value of a dozen or more units. Even if you could do it semi-effectively I think the total amount of time double checking your values may still be equivalent of the time taken to roll the Discipline tests of today.

  • I really like the unique take on the disciples! For the Rat at Arms and Tyrant though, I would prefer more fur.

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “Sorry but nothing indicate this kind of thing. I mean at least Makhar and Asklanders have new units to make them different from the WDG. With terracotta it seems they just have the same units then the Dynasti. ” Tereacotta is not an Auxilliary army like Makhar or Asklanders, I think that's where the misunderstadning comes from.

  • Wouldn't it be a better idea to run sword and shield with the Tomb Architct though, if you wanna make it grind?

  • On the other hand, paired weapons + undying will gives you a decent amount of Off 6 S4 attacks with poison and lethal.

  • Quote from Eldan: “I'll be honest... these are too close to the normal GW models for me to bother. I mean, I can just by those at the local shop, what's the advantage of these? ” Fur.

  • There are only three things I feel personally is overpriced, the rest is pretty okay as far as my opinion goes. Is it okay to just leave that as a rather incomplete response?

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “The difficult thing with such issues is that they often happen "randomly", ie if you're not looking at the server just when it happens, you won't have much info to work with... It is being looked at though. Doesn't mean solutions are easy to find. (There's the old solution of "get a bigger server" of course, but then you're just pushing the issue in the future) ” Do we have an update on this? The last few days it's been pretty bad at times (like now) but overall -lately - i…

  • Quote from arwaker: “ a) We still have an army general model with regular commanding presence 12"? Or is there a need for this at all? I fear the army general model could now be abused to operate outside the battleline to provide discipline to Hulks or gutterblades. ” Abused? My good sir, I think you confuse our fine military tactics with those of the filthly, furless surface dwellers. Any good leader worth his tail has the common sense to lead from behind.

  • IMO it'll be a bit of a budget question. Photon Mono SE is affordable with a better screen than the Photon S. However, you also have the Mono X which features a 4K screen, which basically means much more detailed minis. Personally, I've been looking at a Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K because the prize point is very good for a 4k Printer. Also, I've heard good things about wash&cure machines. While they're in no way essential, it seems to be convenient and the ones from Anycubic seem cheap enough.

  • Quote from Nicreap: “If anything I feel this rule makes the first one even less necessary, if we are expanding our effective ld bubble, there is less need to have lots of big units crammed in a small space. ” While this might be the case when you look at two large unit 8" apart on its own, consider the amount of units you'll have in total that need to manouvre around enemy units and terrain + all the weapon teams, swarms and such that will want to manouvre in between units, that rule is sure to …

  • Is commanding presence inherently chain-able? I mean, I suppose there's nothing in the rules that prevents it from being so but that's something I'd like to be made clear.

  • Mooooom, wombat's imitating me D:

  • Yeah it will depend a lot on your magic arsenal as a whole. If I'm already rocking a cosmo master with Perception of Strength, having it on the wagon isn't essential (but can still be nice ofc). Lightning reflexes + Know Thine Enemy is a scary combo, especially if you're going up against an expensive enemy unit; and having a scary spell is sometimes very effective on its own because they'll oftentimes let you cast other spells just to make sure they dispel that one.

  • Quote from dan: “I fear Res2 is guaranteed if the enemy essentially needs to do double the wounds against big blocks in order to achieve the same outcome as they would today. Interestingly against anything S5+ the to-wound roll is obviously unchanged and yet they need to kill 2x the rats, meaning we’re now stronger against those elite units. Our big units will potentially become a reliable threat against MSU elite units and monsters, since they will likely need to do 8+ wounds and take nothing i…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from arwaker: “They don't care for their life, therefore CR is halved? ” Maybe it isn't "caring", but "noticing"? I mean, they probably count 1, 2, some, swarm. As long as there is still enough rats around to feel swarm-y, how would a rat even notice the difference between 5 or 10 gone? ” This. When you look at animals that gather in large groups like swarms or shoals, you'll see that even in the face of predators taking some of them, they keep on doing their thing, th…

  • Spell advice: Take a wizard adept with Pyromancy. Select Flaming Swords and then Altered Sight from Cosmology. This will give you two very good spells that can buff your shooting but more importantly, the Sylvan Elves' shooting. If you go with this approach, get Book of Arcane Mastery as a +2 modifier is great if you want a Flaming Swords aura.

  • Quote from Casp: “Yes there was on French Facebook for exemple ask @Ghiznuk ” But can the french really be trusted?