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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quick thoughts: Lore: Great start. Manslayer: Very cool concept. I love counter-attack models. Warlock: Less flavourful than the original attempt but... hm... item? Daeb reapers: Holy heck those are awesome. Mist Leviathan: Way, way too much text. Simplifying this would be optimal. Outstanding work, guys. Will dig out my DE when open beta starts!

  • Still nothing on KoE cav?

  • Great look war wagon. Will probably pledge. Any update on the KoE cav?

  • literally getting back into playing DL because of the Flying Sentinel. The latest update finally piqued my interest to the point where I'm willing to return... and may have bought the new big bird from geedubs because of it...

  • Quote from Nicreap: “Quote from theunwantedbeing: “What makes you think the spell would auto-fail? ” because the dispeller can roll 0 dice and achieve a value greater than or equal to the casting value (aka 0) ” They would need dispel dice left.

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from SkargitCrookfang: “Any updates on KoE cav? ” oh, how about a Joan of Arc model? the-entrance-of-joan-of-arc-1412-31-into-orleans-on-8th-may-1429-oil-on-canvas-jean-jacques-scherrer.jpg ” See, you're just asking for the Cadillac, now. I'm totally happy with the Nissan... .... dammit, yeah, what about making a Joan of Arc mini as well?

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “Quote from DanT: “@Norbaminiatures The release of the new LAB for infernal dwarfs is on the horizon (no date announced, but I am sure it will be in the first half of 2020). Do you have any plans to pay attention to it and supplement your Infernal Dwarf range accordingly? (Anything from weapon options. to whatever new units may exist etc) ” We can not promise anything because it depends on customers support with our new ID models, but we are excited with the new book,…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Cave Trolls Will Crush Most WotDG Units Like Flies ” Really list dependent. A lot of us run flaming banners on trophy racks or unit banners to synergize with alchemy. Also, the portent isn't rare.

  • chosen are decent. That said... skewerers and git launchers make a right royal mess of their day (saying this as both a wdg and ong player). Wrecking teams, scrap wagons and wolf chariots are a nightmare for uber-elite footsloggers lacking ranged support. Poison spear gobbos are beyond frustrating... especially if you can debuff the opponents agi (for normal warriors). Basically... don't fight fair.

  • T9A in 2020

    SkargitCrookfang - - General Discussion


    finally decide on a "main" army. Hold a tournie here in Halifax. Travel for Buckeye Battles. Don't come in bloody last at Buckeye Battles...

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Mass death by magic = 2d6 hits at s6 ap3 per turn at absolute best unless the comet hits. Im pretty sure you can get better output from shooting in a good number of books ” Warriors magic is not super nukey, despite the asaw thing. More a buff and debuff skew these days. No complaints but, outside of comet, hellfires lack of ap and high casting and grave calls crap range make the blasting minimal. Ran my dwarfs for the first time the other day. Three smiths, one run…

  • forsworn brick, spiked shields, banner of speed (7/14 is good) with the doomlord from hell (1+ rerollable, counter attacks and a kingslayer gw.... bring it)

  • been playing around with a king on a spider with pw shieldbreaker lately. It's a fun combo

  • as soon as some cav is up my wallet is down.

  • Doomlords and Forsworn and Chaffmeras (oh my!). My list went up a bit lately, but still strong. WDG is in a good spot overall. Mounts need some love, but thats not a bad spot to be in.

  • Sounds like a set of TOs that don't care much for the hobby aspect, not the project as a whole.

  • Quote from Rellzed: “Quote from berti: “All this argumentation of double nerfs....the vampire dragon became cheaper and opened up 3 montrous flyers in the army. This was not planned and happened due to the point decrease. So either the points would go up....more whining, or some kind of other limit....again whining. ” The fact that this "combo" was not noticed in the first place is worrying. It's like the first thing people found out after the first reading. We are not arguing here because of th…

  • Not sure why I'm in the quote there @Grouchy Badger - I thought it was kind of funny how it worked out!

  • >be me >finally start a VC army >55 points left to spend >update 2.2 >no need to worry. Those 55 points are gone. Well, solves that issue!

  • I.... don't really get this. My list got a tad cheaper... but, the stuff that got pricier...? The GW increase is weird. The mucking about with the EC costs is rearranging deck chairs and not much more. LI and HI changes are fine. Most of the item changes make sense. Stank got.... cheaper? Really? I run one, but... why? Repeater gun increase is odd. Nothing broken, but being a lowest-tier army, I'm not sure the last month or so of changes really changes all that much. And yes, I am also referring…