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  • New ID book

    Satyr Tales - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    ID Back and Forth Hey, hey gaming guys and gals, Thought I’d best chuck my 2 straw ha’pennies worth in. And those 2 straw ha’pennies pretty much equate to exactly what @Ulthred has already posted. We talked together at length and detail under a hot sun amidst a vast pile of beer in the garden. So you can be assured that we went about the business of debating rules correctly. But the main aim of this post is to point out and give a big thumbs up to the Rules Gnomes. Credit where credit is due. It…

  • Ah, brilliant, i can see why you got he job as background writer. Again, unfolding character, place, space and time, well and in an engaging manner. top marks. Alot of info and character and indeed colour conveyed in an interesting read. More! More i say! Oh yeah, all very well constructed by the way and huge top marks for your editing. it can be a bytch and you always get caught out by the obvious things but totally worth it for the readers sake. x

  • Mate that's brilliant! You are clearly as gifted with the quill as you are the horse hairs! Loving it. Full of character, quite an interesting liaison. You (the reader) wants to know more about the characters and situations. I love those gentlemen at logger heads, poker faced banterings, and under military canvas too. excellent! I've only just found this thread because i got an email about it ages ago, not a notification though...which is annoying. I see you've 'mentioned'/ tagged me in other th…

  • Greeting gamists! Ye Brothers Dimm proudly present the third instalment in their campaign thingy. For your amusement and perusal we have here battles 3 & 4 in one amazing video.Empires were toppled, beer was quaffed, dice were spilt and buffoonery was in abundance. Enjoy chilled or at room temperature. YBD smiley56.png smiley63.png smiley66.png smiley71.png smiley139.png smiley141.png smiley198.png smiley200.png smiley204.png

  • OK VS OnG Cam Bat Rep 2

    Satyr Tales - - Battle Reports


    Greeting gamers! Presenting: The Second round in our as-yet-unnamed campaign. Ulthred's Ogres stay in to fight against Satyr's Orcs n Goblins. Guts, Grogg and a good punch up alround!Enjoy! Warning: Idiotic Content within. :big green: :butchery: :little green:

  • BH VS OK BAT REP [Campaign]

    Satyr Tales - - Battle Reports


    Hail to thee! Long time no see. Ye Bros Dimm return to bring you this, the first in a series of campaign battles. Enjoy! OK VS BH CAMP BATREP 1 Like comment and subscribe!

  • Its been a long time coming but our second report has arrived! YBD Bat Rep 2 Yours in sincerity, Ye Bros Dimm :big green:

  • Our first ever battle report from your hosts @Satyr Tales and @Ulthred on our new YouTube Channel. A bunch of grumpy, bearded short guys verses some tatty, smelly undead types. Enjoy! [Its our first ever bat rep and a bit ropy in the sound department but bare with us.] YBD Bat Rep #1

  • Hello dear Ninth Age peoples! Behold, an introductory vid for a new T9A YouTube channel hosted by @satyrtales and @Ulthred Ramblings, musings, beer, banter and dice! ...And the occasional battle report... Click here for video: YBD-Intro

  • Ahoy-hoy, Ninth Age peeps! The first piece in the above mention series is now available as an audio book on YouTube! Fantasy Farce: On a Vampire Hunt (Pt. 1.) Enjoy! Kindest regards, The Satyr x-click-but21.gif :forge: :necromancy:

  • Avast fellow Ninth-agers! on-a-vampire-hunt-ii_edit.jpegBeholden, another part of the above titled piece for you to peruse! On A Vampire Hunt Have fun. The Satyr

  • Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! rg_featuredink.jpeg The lastest silliness from the insensible Satyr! Enjoy: Fantasy Farce: Riskitt's Gold Regards The Satyr.

  • Gutz, Glory and Gubbinz!

    Satyr Tales - - Battle Reports


    2018-11-16-14-59-04.jpg AHOY HOY! Greetings gamers. I present to you, quite possibly the most fraught, scary, nail biting but all round entertaining and most silly game I've ever had. Me verses @Ulthred. Viva La Ninth Age! @Nemeroth, here's what you missed buddy. Enjoy: Gutz, Glory and Gubbinz Regards The Satyr :big green: :little green:

  • Chomp, Stomp and Splat!

    Satyr Tales - - Battle Reports


    Boo, boo, boo! I hate dread Elves! Read how they take apart my greenies with decisive ease. A lack lustre performance on my part but a veritable instruction manual for Dread Elf players everywhere. Kudos @Nemeroth. @Ulthred, heres what you missed buddy. Enjoy: Chomp, Stomp and Splat! 2018-11-06-20-25-42-e1542791913206.jpg Regards as always The Satyr :big green:

  • v205 Army Book Discussion Thread

    Satyr Tales - - Archive


    Amen to that brother! My strategic mind has never been so broadened and my hobby never so frequently engaged and more to the point damn right fun! A place for everything and everything in its place. I thank you T9A folk, I thank you. [Ditto to what the gentleman above me just said. Couldn't of said it better me 'sen...PS @Ulthred Haaa! I kicked ur ass! for the first time in a long while...Amazing game!] Anyhoo, kudos all who sail in her. S. X.

  • Appreciated, Jacob. Take care!

  • Lo, a short from the boy goat. Wrap up warm and enjoy!: Fantasy Farce: A Shiv in a Snow Storm mike-cottam-3657-unsplash.jpg

  • img_20181029_185845.jpg Howdy ho Ninth Agers! I hope you all had a terrific Halloween. I give to you another insane romp between veteran gamers @Ulthred and @Nemeroth Disclaimer: this game was damnsome ridiculous and I hold no responsibility for readers loss of hair, finger nails or minds. Enjoy: Living on the Edge Regards, the Satyr

  • 2018-10-23-19-59-47-e1540484054749.jpg Another battle report, but only a little one. Highly enlightening for me...but not at all encouraging. Enjoy reading how i have my woolly rams bottom handed to me by Infernal Dwarves commanded by none other than @Ulthred Enjoy: Bonus Battle Report Kindest regards, The Satyr

  • 20181022_214713.jpg Dilly, dilly! Ahoy Ninth Age! Time for a very silly battle report. Enjoy experiencing @Nemeroth s Dread Elves eviscerating my Beast Herds! Pix and notation by @Ulthred Have fun! Nemeroth and the Inebriated Beasts