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  • Quote from Grubenarbeiter: “Thanks for all the answers. What I read already before is, that there are no rules which miniatures to take for which army. I have an idea for an army theme but it does not fit the race. I would like to play wood elves because of their playstyle. But I do not like elves at all. I would like to paint a dwarf army, but I do not really like their playstyle. So after a few months of no decision I had the idea of combining both armies. My plan is to play an army of dwarven…

  • T9A ally rules

    Chronocide - - Scenarios and Game variants


    Homebrew: Building multi-faction army for T9A. Idea is for players that want to run an army which uses models from multiple armybooks. Fluff reason for the alliance is up to the player, not these rules. Idea is that the potential abuse of multiple factions is balanced by an increase in character and core requirements, plus the added potential of the opponent being able to score additional VP for slaying multiple generals. Mono Faction T9A standard Rules Dual Faction army As T9A standard, with th…

  • When in doubt if a particular model selection will be confused, just label them. One of mine, TMNT action figure from the 90s and warhammer siege battering ram: Courtesan of Cibaresh…3e73328868e38bacb33e3d5f7 Fits the rules well, I think, and this DL army is a siege theme, but it really doesn't look much like other Courtesan of Cibaresh models that I've seen. Or here's another one, made with a Sauron Funko Pop! toy: Miser of Sugulag…3…

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

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    Quote from Chronocide: “Courtesan of Cibaresh (Siege Daemon style) It's dark out now, flash makes these not turn out quite right. Might rephotograph another day. Looks really good. ” Deleted old images, updated with new (in daylight) pictures…3e73328868e38bacb33e3d5f7…3e73328868e38bacb33e3d5f7…3e73328868e38bacb33e3d5f7…3e73328868e38bacb33e3d5f7…

  • Quote from Morgan_Treeman: “I use sharks and sea creatures from the toy store as my daemons. ” Lot of good toys make good daemons. Especially if you paint them "unnatural" colors. Quote from Mercenary: “I've got to say - I was wondering exact same thing as I was playing around with idea of doing and Undead Dynasties viking themed army (that is not Barrow Legion as I do enjoy ambush rule), using historical with like "possesed-glowy-eyes" effect on the face and rugged clothing. I really dislike th…

  • What SE currently lacks

    Chronocide - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Quote from Arjelte: “I'm not really sure what the background says on the relation between these, but in legacy they were arch enemies. ” Yeah...but in Legacy the DE, SE, and HE all set aside their differences for the coming of Sigmar in that lovely End Times event.... If DE and HE could get along, SE and BH should be able to work something out (If you defend our trees, we'll let you pee on

  • Quote from Grubenarbeiter: “I have a question about the different armies and races. As T9A has no restrictions about models, as long as they have the right Bases and are recognizable for the players, are the different army books restricted to the respective races? Do elves have to be elves, KoE humans and Dwarves dwarves? Or is it okay to play an armybook with a different race? What I do not mean you just take a goblin on wolf and say this is a Bretonian Knight. But if you build an army of breto…

  • What SE currently lacks

    Chronocide - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Probably not an option, but sake of argument, what about merging SE and BH? Both would defend their forest, even if they have totally different attitudes about everything else. It would really flesh out the SE and BH army options, which are both kinda sparse in terms of distinctly different unit options. For the record, the BH don't like this idea either. I still think it's a good idea....

  • Quote from youngseward: “Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from kaisersose: “The wyvern has no defense. A 4HP model that can not be healed and its expensive for the damage output it is unplayable imho. ” Wow, that is low HP for a model with towering presence. ” Its not unusual for mounts. Chimera, monstrous rat, monstrous revenant, hippogryph, bull of shamut, young dragon, griffon, great griffon and manticore all have 4HP. Most of the mounts with more and towering are war platforms or dragons. ” DL …

  • Quote from kaisersose: “The wyvern has no defense. A 4HP model that can not be healed and its expensive for the damage output it is unplayable imho. ” Wow, that is low HP for a model with towering presence.

  • Quote from DeSoya: “Just started printing some models from thingiverse and some of them appeared to be a bit too big in my oppinion (45mm tall shaman without hat). So-i know there is no real height limit in rules and if it fits the base it can be played but... Is there some reference chart for recommended height? I ask just for the consistency od army and units and because i dont plan on not making shamans bigger than bosses and wasting lot of time/material. ” It mainly matters relative to your …

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Well, just 8 miniatures after you remove the duplication (boo), from earlier research: Quote from Little Joe: “That's a very good point, can't find the base size, but it's made for 5E D&D, for which I found these base sizes: monster-sizes.jpg So that's most likely a 4" round base, so just over 100mm. The things you learn in library work. ” So those are 1" bases and the goblins have overhang, the toads would be 2" bases. That's huge for what we need and also the best scale…

  • Moderator Request

    Chronocide - - Website Helpdesk


    What does being banned actually do? And why Ban an account instead of delete them? Is the ban supposed to be temporary? Can't a banned person just create another account and continue on the forum? Seems like the ban would just prevent the "street cred" of the specific user name.

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “You don't know aboot Asterix & Obelix? The famous French comics? ” Ah, that rings a bell. But not something I have seen referenced in my adult life.

  • Quote from Monsieur Ramior: “She look like a rule 63 Obelix. ” Could be, I don't know that reference... Is it a show?

  • Quote from Shukran: “link to sisters pls ” Already did, in this thread, but here again: 60010101002_BurningProsperoENG05.jpg EDIT: Might not have been this thread. Might be in the EoS thread....don't remember now that I think about it.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from Happy Aspid: “Ladies? ” Looks it. Need more non-sexy females in the model range. Miniatures (in general) have an odd lack of that sort of thing. ” I think - not oversexualised would be better term. So I would not need to revert to sisters of silence in order to get female models in full plate, while plate is not oversized. ” I tend to think of Sexy meaning oversexualized, but your term works too. Those sisters of silence are pretty awes…

  • This one is pretty good, I think. One of those female bodytypes that doesn't get many miniatures. HFH071 Tilda web.jpg…Asteampunk~fantasy-humans

  • Quote from FilloSov: “Has anyone tried to use this model for the treeman? The company that is selling the 3d printable file is also able to deliver the model printed ( even if you need an agreement, so I don't know what would be the final price). I think that this model together with other ones of the same company (arch villain games) could build a very grim silvan elves army. Here the link ” 720X720-artboard-1ww.jpg

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Ladies? ” Looks it. Need more non-sexy females in the model range. Miniatures (in general) have an odd lack of that sort of thing.