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  • What SE currently lacks

    Flavus - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Flavus: “Please, give an option - base 40x40 mm for eagle mount. It's incredibly hard to play hero with 50x50 base (large cavalry) when in Sylvan Elves book only one unit of large cavalry and only with the base 40x40. ” Would you give up Vanguard and Feigned flight ? ” Sorry, but now with the base 50x50 is possible to do vanguard or Feigned flight? 40x40 base can give possibility to make way and shortened front line - this is would be nice.

  • What SE currently lacks

    Flavus - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    Please, give an option - base 40x40 mm for eagle mount. It's incredibly hard to play hero with 50x50 base (large cavalry) when in Sylvan Elves book only one unit of large cavalry and only with the base 40x40.

  • Quote from mamut1986: “Quote from Flavus: “Quote from sievel: “Quote from Stygian: “ ” ” ” Where did you get those Kestrels from? They look great. ” This from Skycutters kit from GW (High Elf sky sloop). I bought 1 kit, slightly clipped the wings for birds and made several recast from resin. Old photo with first riders (from wild riders).…9c4e5a4ebd946f0d75efc9e59

  • Quote from Arjelte: “Just finished building three thicket beasts:…9c4e5a4ebd946f0d75efc9e59…9c4e5a4ebd946f0d75efc9e59 ” Made my Thicket Beasts from the same models long time ago……9c4e5a4ebd946f0d75efc9e59

  • Quote from sievel: “Quote from Stygian: “I was asked about some kestrel knights I kitbashed/converted up so I figured I'd put them here too. ” I love these. Which wings did you use? @StygianEdit: actually if you don't mind, can you tell us all the bits you used? ” Wings from 40k Scourges, bodies from Wild Riders. But, please, don't make this as kestrel knights. This conversion is good, but not for Kestrel knights. Kk without kestrels is not cavalry and leading to bad understanding during play - …

  • Working on my new otherworldly wild hunter…9c4e5a4ebd946f0d75efc9e59

  • Hello! Unit A and unit B in combat. Unit C and unit A - friendly. Unit C in front arc of enemy unit B, but can move and with one rotation can touch unit B in case of charge moves. Can unit C successful charge unit B in flank? Thanks!…9c4e5a4ebd946f0d75efc9e59

  • Anyone can explain why Predator Pennant banner is only one can be allowed? It so very strong? I try to make list with two similar main close combat units and it's really hard to explain to opponent and remember where I have Predator Pennant, where some other... Easier to take two rending banners and do not take Predator Pennant at all.

  • Quote from dan: “Quote from Flavus: “I think effect of the rune is very over powered and disbalanced in cost. ” If this item bothers you, I fear you haven't yet played against an opponent who's mastered the full potential of Rune of Revocation. ” Rune of Revocation can be dispelled or prohibited by binding scroll. This rune can be casted only on owner turn and have normal game mechanic, when the rune of Grounding can be used on opponent turn.

  • Rune of Grounding and balance

    Flavus - - General Discussion


    Quote from Julian the apostate: “@Flavus So, for the first turn you two go without buff as intended by this rune. If you want to consider a specific fight maybe someone could help you with advice on how to deal with DH magic phase, but as you can check grounding isnt an everchosen choice in DH lists, calling it overpowered is quite an exaggeration. ” I think mostly players simply didn't pay serious attention to this rune. But anyway you agree, that this rune ability brokes game mechanic, because…

  • Quote from Julian the apostate: “Well rune of grounding works also on the dwarf unit itself, so it delete also his magic phase (and as u surely know DH magic phase is composed usually with only buffs). ” Quite unlikely because this rune mostly dispel buffs on opponent turn, but on turn of DH they can make all buffs, when opponent unit stay in base contact without any magic buffs (2 combat turns).

  • Rune of Grounding (50 pts) - Runic Smiths only.0-1 per Army.One use only. May be activated at the start of any MeleePhase. All spells with duration One Turn that affect anyof the following units come to an end: ● The bearer’s unit ● Enemy units in base contact with the bearer Binding scroll cost 55 pts and can only deny 1 spell, but this rune for only 50 pts can devastate whole magic phase! Absolutely amazing effect for DH boeing, no need to think, just go forward, all units, who try to charge y…

  • Quote from Hachiman Taro: “Essence of a Free Mind deserves special mention. This item should die in a fire (be deleted from the game) ” When you will planned to burn Essence of a Free Mind, please add to the same furnace two more crazy OP things: Rune of Grounding and Lygur’s Tongue.

  • Nice discount for eagle mounts, but it is possible to add upgrade possibility to change base from 50x50 to 40x40? It is very hard to use character with 50x50 base with only one possible large cavalry unit (in our book), that have 40x40 base.

  • To useful for new combos the "Sacred Seeds" demand not only price drop, but also need to remove strange restriction to be placed "at least 1″ away from any enemy units and other Terrain Features". Need to change "at least 1″ away from any enemy units and other Terrain Features" -> "away from base contact with any enemy units and other Terrain Features". In this case "Sacred Seeds" can be used when the owner engaged in combat and this will be very awesome buff.

  • I have skirmish unit (light troops) with 2 joined characters. All R&F models was slain in combat, only 2 characters left. Do they have "stubborn" in the forest since the rules "If a Combined Unit has all its R&F models removed as casualties, leaving one or more Characters behind, the remaining Characters will stay a Combined Unit, which is considered to be the same unit for ongoing effects..." or not?

  • My friend played (Vampire Covenant) on ESC with Manu. He said this was worstest game in all of his ETS for last 4 years, because he don't understand where was which units. My friend tired to try understand illegible communication with player and simple gave up 0-20. I also saw this game at the end and very wondered when realise, that this is not orks army. This looks like a proxy army, it is a shame for the organizers to allow this Orks army to cosplay WoDG on ETC. Conclusion? Want to win on ETS…

  • Please explain, net of Deception works against 1 model or for all models with selected part in base contact with wielder? Quote: “Net of Deception (40 pts) Shield enchantment. While using this Shield, the wielder gains Distracting and at the end of step 2 of the Round of Combat Sequence (right after Choose Weapons), nominate one enemy model part in base contact with the user of the Shield. For the duration of this Round of Combat, the nominated model part suffers -1 Attack Value. ”

  • Why Thicket Shepherd lost BSB? You often see Thicket Shepherd without BSB in the lists?

  • Quote from NFA: “The dancer restrictions seem to me because if you were able to put other characters in the unit, blade dancer characters would be completely pointless and outclassed by forest guardians in the same role. ” This can be easy fixed if make restrict for another kindreds characters to join bladedancers.