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  • A Brace of Ogre Pistols counts as paired weapons, and therefore can be enchanted with Touch of Greatness if I am reading correctly. Description for ToG is: Attacks made with this enchanted weapon gain +1Strength, +1 Armour Penetration, and become Magical Attacks Does this also mean that the shooting attacks with the pistols get these bonuses, as it doesn't specify melee or close combat attacks?

  • Quote from piteglio: “yep, DH and DH only. and yes, will have to add inverted sizes (whos 150x100, tho?). ” Jumping in again, Maw of Akaan is 150x100. (I know because I am currently beating my head against doing flat paper proxies for Daemon Legions. I might put them on hold and do another army that isn't so crazy first...) I haven't seen any other 150x100's yet, I think that might be the only one.

  • Quote from WoeRie: “What is 40x20 and 40x60? ” I believe that would be Dwarven shieldbearers as a mount for the 40x20, and the War Throne for the 40x60. Not sure if those base sizes show up anywhere else but I know those two at least!

  • As a tester, I have put together the first few of the PDF's I was on about, which can be viewed here if I have set it up right: These are ready to go and just need to be printed and cut out. Would these be useful do we think, as if so I will happily continue doing them for each army as I get the Flat Paper Proxies done?

  • Hi everyone! I'm back again, and while I don't have a whole new army of lat proxies for you today, I do have something else that I mentioned I was working on; Print & Play quickstart armies! Each of the PDF's in the folder are all the counters that you would need to use one of the quickstart armies, and are a great way for new players to try out the game quickly and easily without spending a ton of money. Simply print the PDF out, cut ou…

  • I'm happy for the images to be hosted somewhere with easier access certainly, anything we can do to help new starters into the game! A starter kit would be ideal, and is why I was thinking of some PDF files for each quickstart army. I imagine it would be really great for groups to be able to have a pre-printed quickstart army for each of the armies to help introduce new starters.

  • I have seen some of that toxicity in the past, and it is a sad fact that "Hobby Snobbery" will almost always exist in some form. I do understand wanting to play with models where possible, and for Tournament purposes, but I just love the idea of these proxies for friendly games, new players, or those without the income to spend on the hobby. Once I have done all the army proxies, I have considered making some PDF files with ready to print quickstart armies. Essentially it would be these flat pro…

  • Hi everyone, Me again, bringing you another set of Flat Paper Proxies for another day. This time its the Beast Herds!…Field=title&sortOrder=ASC This one was interesting, and I hate Jabberwocks because they have no solid description, but I just did something weird and hopefully that is enough to be able to recognise them on the table! I might slow down a bit from the rate of one army a day that I have been on to start with here, as I'm having some family time tomorr…

  • Hi everyone, I've completed my second set of flat proxies, this time for the Dwarven Holds! All units are represented, as with the Dread Elves that I have done, and in most cases each model has at least a few different weapon options. The exception is with characters, who tend to have so many options available that I just make one proxy for each character/mount combination, and trust you as the player to tell between two different ones!…e-list/676-dwarven-holds/ As…

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    For an example of what I am doing here, I have just uploaded the first 100 Dread Elves Flat Paper Proxies to the gallery here:…age-list/675-dread-elves/ I've hit the image limit for the time being, but if an admin can save me from that then I will work to get all the armies done!

  • 100 Images uploaded and visible here:…age-list/675-dread-elves/ That's me at my limit though, and I've not quite got all the Dread Elves up yet! Admins save me! ----------------------------------------- EDIT: I have been saved by the admins, and all of the DE proxies are now up in the gallery! Let me know if there's any obvious ones missing. I am afraid that I have just done one proxy for each character/mount combination, rather than all the hundreds of equipment c…

  • Amazing, thanks for your help. It looks like I needed to make a couple of posts as well before I could make the uploads, but that has updated now and I am ready to rock and roll! The categories trick is especially useful, I will make sure that all the images end up in the right place that way! I'll make a start on the upload right now, Dread Elves incoming!

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    Hi folks, I am working to put together some flat paper proxies at the moment for the armies that don't have them in the gallery. Dread Elves are done, and will be uploaded as soon as I have been on the forums long enough to be able to upload images, and I am working on Dwarven Holds as well. Daemon Legions are causing me a headache however. The possibilities for how they could look are just so endless, and I'm not fully sure how to best go about representing them in a flat proxy effectively. I'v…

  • Hi all, So I am a huge fan of Duape's flat paper proxies, and have been using them myself to get back into the hobby of tabletop gaming, as I love playing the games but have absolutely zero disposable income at the moment. I noticed that there are a few armies which Duape never got round to creating the proxies for, so I went ahead and did all the proxies for the Dread Elves. Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about uploading this many images (100+) into that gallery, or if I even have permi…