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  • I have a follow up question on this.. If the ambushing unit is ranked by 2 wide and 5 models deep. Meaning the front rank of 2 models is already 10cm / 4"ish in the field with its back to the board edge. May they still use their advance rate of 5" ?

  • Giant Supplement Discussion

    Njaaa - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Now I have to transform one of my giants as fire-eater, with a burning stick and bottle of flamable liquid attached to him

  • I do see potential in the rule, if only the 1 or 2 extra ranks that are allowed to attack by this rule are subject to the "rolling 1" part of it. So these were my normal attacks (10 to 20 with Spear & FieR Banner), now the 5 to 10 extra attacks will hit you with the new rule, but every natural to hit roll of 1, will hit my own troops.

  • Quote from arwaker: “Imagine a swarm of small fish. They all move simultaneously, they turn simultaneously, they all look in the exact same direction and they never collide with each other. It is an inherent part of their physiology. And still those fish are cowards, fleeing from the first threat coming in vision. But even fleeing they do perfectly simultaneous and coordinated. ” Latest research made a discovery and are stating that each fish acts and re-acts on its own. And that the high agilit…

  • The 4th Giant has the Bruiser banner ornament as his belly armour. And also has the plates of Iron on the forearms. And a big kitty to complement him... This Giant Hunter Ogre and kitty should get +2 on the Movement

  • With making the trampled Frost Mammoth head, I had to slice off the back of the head to give it a more trampled look. By doing so the sliced off piece fitted an other Giant real well as hat. By adding scrape off fur of various fur bitz, I made it a fur hat The Giant has the Bruiser banner ornament as his belly armour. And also has the plates of Iron on the forearms.

  • As I built a Rock Aurochs, I had the bitz left for a Giant picking of a stranded Frost Mammoth. The Giant base is placed upon a Big Brother base with a strong magnet. The Giant took the Frost Mammoth rear ornament as his belly armour. He also has the plates of Iron on the forearms. And some Frost Mammoth skin/fur tight to its back. He broke the Mammoth right tusk to use it as Paired Great Weapons, together with the rear ornament bone in its other hand. Stepping over the remains of the trampled F…

  • As I built a Scratapult, I had the bitz left for and Giant picking up a stranded Thunder Cannon. The Giant base is placed upon a Big Brother base with a strong magnet. The Giant took the Thunder Cannon armour as his belly armour. Putting plates of Iron of the Thunder Cannon on the forearms. With the Titan cannon under the right arm, lifting the Bombardier crew with the left to tamp the gun with the pestle. The Scrapling is holding an enchanted cannon ball and a flaming stick between his teeth. R…

  • Not a big fan, but I will use Imgur this time 'round. With this post to test first how it works/displays Below picture of the "The Ogre Giant FAB 4"

  • Back from Holidays and I have pics to share, but they are each 3,5MB and higher. The system only allows 500kb. How do you guys have those pics shared without using 3rd party to link to?

  • Will make some pics tomorrow and attach... stay tuned.

  • Jomppexx wrote: It would've been cool if the supplement gave armies with giants something too. Like just an extra weapon option to make it feel like all armies really are included. For ogres it could've been something like straight up hunting spear or ogre (or giant) crossbow with +1Str +1AP. If we're being really mean seeing the thunder cannon carried by a giant would've been real nasty The last one I actually have one converted, for whenever they find it fit to post it in the armybook ... a g…

  • Was in the local GW shop Today... and although the website stated pre-order on dice, gnowholes and vortexes, the shop had them all in stock The dice feel great, not that gummy I thought they would be. Tomorrow I have a battle, where I can give them a throw

  • I will certainly order 2 sets of Cool Skaven Dice & 2 boxes of Footpads But moreover... I was also thinking to order the Skaven Gnawholes & Endless Spells Vortexes (see both in pre-order section) as cool scenery on the table... The Gnawholes between your units after deployment en the Vortexes on the board and you just move aside when you move/charge your troops, like they are no physical obstruction.... And maybe with later book re-design we could also have rats coming out of the ground, like wi…

  • Making ogres viable

    Njaaa - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Never thought of the fact to give them Halberds....Soundstrully great, but I have a few questions. The 2 Battle Scared Items you had were "Magic resistance (2)" & " " ? That hit on 2+, Morgan? Mercs have Off 4 when they wield halberds, right? Am I missing something?

  • Er was toch een nederlandse versie van 8e editie 'rule book' op klein formaat. Kwam toen bij de nederlandse versie van Eiland van Bloed (ratten/elven) Hoef je niet lang te zoeken naar de nederlandse vertaling van engelse termen, etc... En 80% kan je zo overnemen, dunkt mij.

  • Hi Agrem and or anybody else that might know...:-) Spent 2 hours searching back and forth.... without result.... In your post you mentioned: Guiding Light helps out with the rest... I've read it on the forum in combination with 'Deamon'. And I've found below clarification somewhere on the forum: Guiding Light: = Discipline Tests of units within 12" are subject to Minimised Rolls But... where can I find this stated in the rulebook / Armybook and how is it linked to our Vermin Daemon?