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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • The main reason I haven't pushed out any more previews is because the remaining interesting rules are currently under review. I don't mind showing you guys stuff that might change, but not stuff that is already suspect for change, at least when I can avoid it. The latest stakeholder review is well underway so progress is being made.

  • The LAB team has thought about this and is aiming to make sure that VS armies look more horde-like in the future. Hopefully you will like the results when they come out

  • Quote from setrius: “May I suggest create a post where include all the spoilers? The same that DE forum have. Right now only we have 5 spoilers and is esy to find the information but maybe in a future could be difficult find a specific spoiler DE LAB: Sneak Peek Overview [viewing only] Thta is all ” Way ahead of you guys. VS LAB Previews I edit the post for each preview, so the timestamp hasn't been changing. I can do separate posts instead, if that seems like a good idea to the rats at home.

  • Where has the time gone? Time for another preview! (Hidden Content) Beyond the mentioned options for tunnel markers, more might have been discussed. While there can be more interaction, I can't tell. tongue.png Discuss! Guideline: (Hidden Content) Disclaimer: We as a team want to keep you informed of progress as it happens. However, you must understand that anything we show you now can and most likely will be changed before release, once it is seen how the entire design functions. The idea right…

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Any updates? Edit: @ValourUnbound ” Let me see what I can dig up. One thing I can say real quick is that a lot of good progress has been made. Some rules have even been revisited to make sure they fit the guidelines as much as possible.

  • As much as I like the over-the-top censoring, the Lexicon auto-linking can't handle special characters. Move it, Pitlitter? Move it, chedderbrains? Move it, looptail? Move it, Hulk-fodder? That one sounds rather... old world.

  • I'm partial to: "Move it, Cheddarbrains!" @lawgnome any last words? It was your name after all.

  • Lexicon testing: Move, *%#@ it! Black Friday Rush Never Liked that Guy Anyway Middle Management Looks like the first one doesn't work. We might have to edit the name slightly. Does anybody have any family friendly rat specific swear words?

  • AWSR 01: "Move, *%#@ it!" beat out "Make way for your betters" 12-8 AWSR 02: "Black Friday Rush" walked away from "The Mosh Pit" 11-7 AWSR 03: "Never Liked that Guy Anyway" kept its lead against "Half Life", 15-9 AWSR 04: "Middle Management" defeated "Call of the Swarm", 10-7 Tune in after the next preview for more silly naming! I'm working on the Lexicon Articles. Apparently they are subject to approval now...

  • Results so far: AWSR 01: "Make way for your betters" tied with "Move, *&#@ it!" with 7/27 votes each AWSR 02: "Black Friday Rush" with 8/23 votes, next is "The Most Pit" with 5 AWSR 03: "Never Liked that Guy" in the lead with 9/22, next is "Half Life" with 7 AWSR 04: "Middle Management" tied with "Call of the Swarm" with 6/23 votes each. I'll keep the polls open until Monday. Vote today!

  • Polls: AWSR 01 (movement rule) AWSR 02 (FIER/self hits rule) AWSR 03 (Half CR) AWSR 04 (Discipline rule) I'll keep these open for a week or so and then create some lexicon entries of the winners. (Assuming I still can do that...) EDIT: After seeing the first few votes, I just wanted to be clear: you can vote for multiple, please do so.

  • Thanks for providing suggestions everyone! Sadly (or characteristically?) there appears to be no consensus. As your tyrannical leader, I will pick some of my favorites and put together a poll.

  • VS LAB ASWR Silly Naming thread

  • Quote from ValourUnbound: “AWSR 01 [name pending] - Universal Rule Units consisting entirely of models with this rule unit may ignore friendly Standard Sized models during Advance, March, and Charge Moves, with the following conditions and restrictions: The moving unit's Front Facing can never overlap another units' Unit Boundary. At the end of the move the unit must follow the Unit Spacing Rule. At the end of the move, any unit that had its Unit Boundary overlap with another unit suffers one hi…

  • Quote from arwaker: “a) We still have an army general model with regular commanding presence 12"? Or is there a need for this at all? I fear the army general model could now be abused to operate outside the battleline to provide discipline to Hulks or gutterblades. ” While that is a possibility, I would like to put an idea in your head. What if the Tyrant-equivalent is not the rat with the highest Discipline in the book? What if having the best Di meant you had to sacrifice something. Combat abi…

  • Quote from lawgnome: “1) this rule is only on the units with the "more ranks = more FIER" rule. ” Maybe, maybe not, WIP Quote from lawgnome: “2) It makes a commanding presence bubble of its own. ” Yes. Quote from lawgnome: “3) If this unit has a higher discipline, it is spreading that discipline, allowing you to chain discipline down the line. ” Yes. Quote from lawgnome: “1) the units this rule is on have inherently low discipline values. ” Low compared to... goblins? Warriors? WIP. Quote from l…

  • Exactly correct

  • Standard bearers in the "meat and potatoes" r&f units will have the rule. I can't say much more than that.

  • Well here's a rule that will change things. Interesting discipline has always been a hallmark of VS and this book will be no different. See below! (Hidden Content) As you can see, only models with AWSR 02 will be affected by this rule. One of the internal names for the corresponding affiliation has been "military". Take that how you will. Rules wise I believe we have affiliated and.. not. Background-wise there are more affiliations but right now the rules just have the two options. As you can se…

  • The toys are not quite nailed down yet, so I will not be previewing those at this time. Don't worry, I still have interesting things. In fact, I will go write up something and run it up the flagpole right now.