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  • Quote from Omarcomin: “@Thunderforge has it correct. all that matters is the profile. ” I don't appreciate that attitude - you can play chess in such way.

  • So you consider shieldbearers are the unit we need?

  • Dwarf cavalry

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “Cavalry of some kind ” Ok...but NO.

  • So, the main changes are: - Greybeards need Weapon master - Deep Watch needs Stubborn - New rules for our ambush miners - New magic phase for DH (not just bound spells) - Some bubble buffs for our characters/units (like 'Warsongs' for Greybeards or 'Magic kondensator' for Anvil) ... - something else?

  • The entrance to the tunnel can be determined at the beginning of the game even randomly (ruins, impass).

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Yeah thats litterally UD's only toy, let's not take that from them .. #saysanarmywithnomonstersnomagicandnofastmeleeunits ” Not' underground ambush' then but 'old dwarf ways' or something like we can use our passages and ambush through some Terrain pieces not anywhere.

  • What about 'underground ambush': some Units can enter the battlefield in the certain points (ruins as some forgotten dwarf mines or impass as entrancess to the Dwarfs underground network) via Ambush Special rule - Miners, Deep Watch and Units with Engineers.

  • We need square bases for our Artillery - thats Ok. But what is wrong with the height? Cannon's primary targets are large or gigantic. Catapult is tall. Flamers can be tall or even better at the front. So you are talking about organ & ballistae? But then they will be "nobrain choices" - maybe engineer Gun emplacement will get Hard cover & also tall.

  • Even 3. I personally like DH, I think we need some changes but not "dwarf Cavalry" one - in such case I can play brets.

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “Can we just talk about how you guys claiming to be traditionalists are advocating to improve the Grduge Buster - an entirely new and completely absurd concept. ” It is absurd in the same way as flying squigs. Buster is just a terrain ignoring death roller from BB. Traditionalists. Core: warriors, quarrellers, greybeards Thunder: thunderers, Wardens, Copter (0-1) Special: Deep Watch, Kings Guard, Hold Guardians (Runic), Rangers, Miners Engine of War: Catapult, Ballista, bus…

  • Lets start "The Interdwarf Feud" between traditionalist & youngbloods)

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “Actually it’s worse. Now you have an auto include chariot that the T9A big brains will continuously nerf and increase cost on because _it_ will be auto include. If we had a handful of entries with meaningful move that gives the player choices in terms of the tools they pick for mobility and chaff etc. I do think the army should be mainly RnF infantry but it’s dumb that we’re the only ones with RnF Infantry almost exclusively. ” But we are playing Dwarfs, we don't like chan…

  • Deep Watch/Ironbreakers is the fluffiest unit in our army. But in the New age they can be just an upgrade to the Greybeards. And in this case take core pts as well as Special.

  • Quote from Omarcomin: “why on earth would anyone want to make deepwatch tankier? They are already the tankiest infantry unit in the game and not really that useful at that. ” The main reason is warriors/Greybeards with Shields - they are tank enough. So DW needs some upgrades in the manner Feral orcs have Mammoth stubber or Forge Wardens Weapon Team of some sort.

  • Mithrill armour - halves AP; Shielwall - soft cover/just as is in cc; Wall of Iron - soft cover/distracting; Greybeards - Weapon Master rule , or "Warsongs" rule (aura 6" buffs: fearless/hatred/swiftstride); Clan's Thunder - only gunpowder wielding Units. - where is my Deathroller aka Steamroller?

  • Quote from lionamra: “Quote from Porw: “Greybeards can use Weapon master rule. ” Shield, GW, and PW ? I would love to see PW option, but I think that weapon master would bump up the price of greybeards since they will be like Iron Orcs. ” We have options: -use warriors -use expensive "core" Greybeards (Weapon master)...

  • Greybeards can use Weapon master rule.

  • Mithrill armour ought to be more resilent - not just human Plate armour. Greybeards can use some "war songs" (aura buffs): hatred/fear/max-min rolls...

  • Shield wall: soft cover/distracting for the 1st round of combat. Where is my Steam roller?