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  • It's great to the see the progress from you all. Sadly all my painting kit is packed away in boxes these days and will stay that way until the house move is complete. Hopefully it finishes within a few months, but until then I can enjoy the work you guys do.

  • 400... 4000... What's an extra 0 amongst friends, eh.

  • Quote from Mattyp: “They are great models. Which range? Or are they mods? ” They are from a Titan Forge kickstarter. Beautiful models. Just hope I can do them justice.

  • Work has started on the Veterans. For some reason I fancied orange as the primary colour. Like all ogres they are in need of a good wash.…b465cfa8dd83a1da26a840bcd

  • I managed my 400 points and with time to spare. A Frost Mammoth w. hunting spear plus a Scrapling Foreman. I felt like the Scrapling Foreman needed some additional highlights and I ended up ruining the red nose glaze I had done, but you live and learn.……………

  • @Erethriel It's done with crackle paint, which breaks apart in patterns like you see there. You should be able to get it in most arts and crafts shops.

  • Quote from Nemeroth: “I love squigs, full of character and fun. These are great! ” Me too. I think of them as land based angler fish on pogo sticks. Hilarious and terrifying at the same time. Love what you've done with them, @ravenheart777

  • I've made a bit of progress on the Frost Mammoth. He's been given very thin coats for purple, turquoise and blue on top of the black to give the black skin some depth. The white part of the skin has been through the airbrush and I'm actually pretty happy with it as it is so will most likely leave as it is.…b465cfa8dd83a1da26a840bcd I'm quite enjoying painting this model.

  • I'm not making progress nearly as quickly as most of you. Still working on the Scrapling Foreman.…b465cfa8dd83a1da26a840bcd The face is pretty much done with just the teeth to do. I've blocked out most of the colours and started highlighting the black-blue coat. This is my first attempt at something black-blue so if anyone has experience they would like to share I'd appreciate it. I am just adding more and more blue to my mix as I progress the highlights. @ravenhea…

  • A question that I have been asked to pass on by my flame cannon crew: What is their beard wax made of? We are fresh out of Seeker's Tears so need an alternative.

  • Looks nice @ravenheart777. You're putting us all to shame. Mine are still a dull black undercoat. Painting the house has taken priority.

  • Here are the two models I mean to paint for the first period. I imagine this will be achievable in 2 months or I will be in trouble. Frost Mammoth…b465cfa8dd83a1da26a840bcd Scrapling Foreman…b465cfa8dd83a1da26a840bcd

  • I am still waiting for the KS to ship all my pirate ogres so I have fairly limited choice for the first period. I've had another KS from Aradia come in and intended to used the models for Kin Eaters, but I had vastly underestimated the size of one of them. That one will now count as a Frost Mammoth instead (thanks to @Scottish Knight for the suggestion). The only other models I have lying about are a variety of goblin pirates from Kromlech and Black Scorpion. So for the first period I'll be pain…

  • @Mattyp display board, fog machine... you certainly know how to up the ante.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. Sign me up. I'll be painting up an OK army based on the Titan-Forge KS, but considering the delay in delivery I may miss the very first target and will have to play catch-up.

  • Quote from Henrypmiller: “Shotgun... ” Watch the gear changes.... just saying.

  • I'm going to withdraw as well guys. Hope you all have a fun time.

  • Quote from LostCause: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “Will this be the first time all the podcasts will be in the same room together? ” Don’t worry, Paul and I will be good hosts and prop up the leaderboard to make you guys look good. We’re good guys like that ” I'll prop up you and Paul in turn. Not necessarily by choice mind.

  • Quote from LostCause: “Unfortunately we’ve had another drop out tonight. Dave Burns has had to withdraw due to illness (tis the season). Either Paul or I will replace him on The Ninth Cage. I’ll let you know as soon as possible. ” That's a shame; get well soon, Dave. Thanks Paul for stepping in and keeping the team going. I think I shall bless your dice as a sign of appreciation. It's the least I can do.

  • Quote from terryfl: “Quote from Scottish Knight: “Quote from terryfl: “can you put me down for this, terry Flaherty ” Yes Terry, I absolutely can! You can teach these dwarf players a thing or two... ” use a dice with 5 on two of the faces, works well with shield wall ” Can we swap dice?