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  • Hello! If I have a fleet officer commander with Elu's Heartwood on sky sloop. What are the rules for shooting with that model? I assume i can shoot with both model parts - with the sky reaper on sloop and with the commander and his bow. Of course I have to shoot on the same target. Correct me please if I am wrong. But what about the +2 bonus to aim with the sky reaper, do I still get it? How is it with cover volley, does it apply both for the bow and the sky reaper. Thanks

  • Now the balance between crossbow and handgun is shifted slightly to crossbow. The universality provided by longer range outweights AP2. It seems it is hard to improve the ranged capability of handgunners and hit the right balance. Without rework of orders a possible way to go is to change CC capabilities of handgunners. Something like reiters rule but when receiving a charge: In the first round of combat, if the unit did not charge, each model may replace its attacks with one attack with S4 AP2 …