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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • do you have the "BBCode" ? that one always works for me. it's worth taking the extra time to try it out - we all love your minis : )

  • great work! i believe this is indeed the future of online ninthaging : ) do you retopologise?

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “They are. It's the other guys that have been merged with them ”…5edf488a9d546954fb9dbc9c9

  • Quote from dan: “When in doubt, 3 tubs of Agrax Earthshade. ” for oral use only.

  • just got my recipient picked out and I LOVE IT ! well done, dice gods (or omar) (tis the same)

  • @Hexed - i look forward to see your progress! actually... hmmm... since this is a EoW project, you can assume it will be (also) interesting for new players. so if you ever find the time for it, maybe consider taking a few pictures as the paintjob progresses? first picture with the full army in splendid plastic-grey, then another one after undercoating, then another one after first colour is applied, and so on... it will take you a few more minutes in each session, but it might be motivational bo…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    piteglio - - WWW Topics


  • Christmas Avatars

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    Quote from Mad 'At: “I would start this up again, but I can't seem to change my avatar anymore, not since the April Fool's debacle. ” o Admin gods, in your infinite justice and in your infinite mercy, hear the words of your faithful subjects: the man has atoned! his hybris has won him the righteous scar of rotation, endured with humility, contrition and frustration, under the fearful eyes of the entire nation. so dear Admin gods, in your infinite justice and in your infinite mercy, hear the word…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “And there is this…s-two-player-starter-set/ ” nice set! even if from the image thumbnail, i thought it was a double vermin set. which seemed like a great idea. but in the end i just have to get me new glasses, i reckon : ) Pelle, as per post 81 above, after a couple weeks of waiting, i took the liberty to inform the readers of this thread (in your first post) that some of the information here is not up do date. we really dont want them to buy…

  • Essence of War - battle reports

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    woohoo, gaming galore today! we have a new batrep from Villon, an expert match between DH and UD. and the batrep is already available! you can find it here: Villon Essence of War Battle Reports then we just finished playing a match between DH and WD, with micdicdoc and RHWorldbuilding, who will post a batrep soon (TM). the screenshots archive is available here (but maybe it's best to click on Images on my profile, sort them by name, go to page 13, and start looking at those with title EW14). if …

  • thank you Villon! nice to know that despite DH being a tough beast (and a particularly hard matchup for UD), you still manage to get a tie. im really curious - how long did the game take you to play? on the topic of magic - yes, you're right, no fizzle. and it is true that we're trying to give players the tool to only get 1 spell in per phase. this is very easy with flux cards 3-2, 4-2 and 5-2. with the other flux cards you can maybe get 2 spells in, if you're lucky. but splitting your 4-2 card …

  • getting ready for a brutal clash of steel & muscle: Rob against mic, DH against WD see you on in 10 minutes (4pm GMT)

  • who's ready for some Essence of War action? see you in 15 minutes (4pm GMT): RHWorldbuilding vs micdicdoc Dwarven Holds vs Warriors of the Dark Gods live on come, join, have fun (and subscribe!)

  • preparations done! in 2h from now (4pm GMT) RHWorldbuilding will play DH against micdicdoc's WD. to unlock the next faction, you guys can play the remaining match (DL-DH), either online or in real life.…5edf488a9d546954fb9dbc9c9

  • for the next patrol, we vote in two steps. first we decide with the entire community a set of 3 factions. then we decide with those who wrote a batrep the final winning faction. then we release the faction as text-only once all games from the playtesting matrix are played. then we release it as pdf once all games from the playtesting matrix have received a battle report. you have 3 preferences and a bit more than one day to vote. enjoy!

  • Quote from Villon: “i will try to play today my 1st EoW pandemic game hahaha I saw DH-DE played, i will try to play DH vs OK ” this is great news! especially if as you said you can also play UD instead (since Rob is almost done with his own OK batrep). thank you man! Quote from Traumdieb: “@RHworldbuilding I know. Did not play the last version....When the other rules are coming out and my daughter wants to play again I will test it again. Otherwise I prefer the normal version. ” ah, i see. have …

  • Quote from Villon: “oh OK was played too. Then i will try to play against UD for example ” splendid, thank you Villon! so @Garaz Zaki and tg0098 will play DH-OG tomorrow. and today in the game between @RHworldbuilding and @micdicdoc we'll choose either WD or DL. ...which leaves us with a single game to be played to release a new patrol. if anyone wants to "unlock the achievement", book a TTS game for tomorrow (either 4pm or 8pm GMT) by letting me know here today.

  • hi, thank you for the feedback my impression is that, given your approach, you should rather play using the Advanced rules. specifically: Quote from Traumdieb: “ I cannot believe that people are keen to build specific units in a certain size also there are certain units that ade this is how the Advanced rules work Make the result how many of the units are killed. this is how the Advanced rules work Magic is next to useless since there are rarely more than one spell that really helps and so you d…

  • we're also running a playtesting league for Essence of War, and always need people who help us with games and battle reports: Essence of War - gamefinder & tournaments i know it's not the 4500pts game that everybody likes & loves, but if the main point is to "selflessly contribute to T9A", that's a pretty good place to start. im sure it would also buy you a lot of karma points in the eyes of the PT team ; )

  • in case someone is looking for inspiration, i found an article which is quite interesting (it's also debatable) (but please dont debate it here - no offtopic!) the 25 worst miniature ever made