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  • Quote from micdicdoc: “When purchasing Shady Gits for a unit of Common Goblins: 1. Do they contribute to the unit size limit? Is it that, with three Shady Gits the maximum unit of Common Goblins is 63 (60 Common Goblins with 3 Shady Gits) or 60 (with 57 Common Goblins and 3 Shady Gits). I ask because, unlike 'upgrading' models to form the Command Group Models, you 'take' Shady Gits for the Unit. 2. Since you 'take' Shady Gits as they are, is it the case that you don't pay (or take) for the upgra…

  • Quote from Rubert: “Quote from arwaker: “I think we all should first of all understand that there will certainly not be any rules changes in the upcoming balance patch. The board stated clearly that rules changes should only be considered when there is no feasible chance to fix the issue by points alone. And second point is, that we also should understand how the balancing process is done. Internal balance decisions are based on how often a specific thing shows up in army lists. Especially when …

  • Played around with the v.1 giants for a bit and as such I get the nerf - they were rather good. Nerfing armour, hp, "category" and the hatred all a once might be a bit much. At the same time I do realise that the giant fills an otherwise unfulfilled role in the army so I suspect I'll try out the new versions as well; still seems like better value than a grudge buster to me.

  • If I were to build a dwarf lord with a weapon inscribed with runes of Craftmanship (becomes a runic great weapon) and Returning (becomes a shooting weapon). Will his shooting attacks then hit with str. 4 or 6? Considering the wording of Returning: Shooting Attacks with this weapon are affected by all Runic Weapon Enchantments on the engraved weapon (even if the effects are normally restricted to Close Combat Attacks)."

  • Ogres, swamp- and half-things

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    Those are some pretty sweet capes.

  • Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Quote from Sodder: “Now does a character, to become stubborn in Kingsguard, need to be; a King, a King who are the general or another character who is the general? ” A King, or the General, or Both a King and the General. ” Cool - that's was my interpretation but the wording of the bodygaurd rule had me puzzled.

  • Probable already answered somewhere around here but couldn't find it. Bodyguard While a Character is joined to a unit in which at least one model has Bodyguard, that Character gains Stubborn. When Characters or Character types are stated in brackets, Bodyguard only works for the specified Characters or Character types. Dwarf Kingsguard Bodyguard (General, King) Now does a character, to become stubborn in Kingsguard, need to be; a King, a King who are the general or another character who is the g…

  • 3 - locket affects the bearer. And from the arcane compendium on whos affected: "The wielder, wearer, or bearer: these terms mean the same thing for rules purposes and refer to the model part the Special Item was bought for (and don’t affect its mount)."

  • Nope - can't use it on a mad gid - take at look at: chapter 13.K.a - magical moves.

  • MOMminiaturas

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    Back the KS as well and heard nothing as of yet - I wouldn't despair just yet though. Kickstarters take time and MOM have newer let me down (so far)

  • O&G Mikinok's Totem - should it work like this? At the start of each Round of Combat, choose one of thefollowing: ● a Special Item* carried by a Character orChampion in a single enemy unit in base contactwith the bearer's unit. ● a Special Item* carried by a single model unit inbase contact with the bearer's unit. ● a Banner Enchantment carried by a StandardBearer in a single enemy unit in base contact withthe bearer's unit. The effects of this Special Item* are ignored during thisRound of C…

  • DH 2.2 General discussion.

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    Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from Slayer Zabojcow: “Doesn't matter, they are still a little above average humans. Barbarians, Chaos Warriors and Chosens aren't immune to stomps. ” It's the large parts that make the bigger whole.Plus the other races that have these dais that can be stomped on, are all small in their own way. Smaller than humans. If you really want an answer though, find someone who worked on the WoDG book and ask them. ” Still doesn't make sense, even S…

  • 2.0 BH Beta Discussion Thread

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    Quote from SmithF: “- The Jabberwocks: these have won me games on their own (swiftstride charges into a weak spot in the enemy lines, or going crazy with the 6" Discipline-bomb), and worst case scenario they simply keep the enemy occupied or act as redirectors. The breath is really useful for taking out enemy cowboys or skirmishers. ” Been pondering one this for some time now - how would one ever stand a chance of taking out anything but the flimsiest of cowboys with the jabber breath. Skirmishe…

  • I'll be coming along with Lysholm.

  • DH 2.2 General discussion.

    Sodder - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Quote from Firthunands91: “My regular fellows like Tristans Resolve, Entropic Aura and Ring of the Pearl Throne way too much. ” My king feels the same way - and at an extra 10 points for a spare GW it's basically a steal.

  • It's with great shame I'll have to point out a major mistake in my list: Quote: “Jakob Errebo - Dwarven Holds: 385 - Dragon Seeker, Rune of Quickening, Rune of Might, Rune of Fury, Monster Seeker ” There are no weapon allocations on my slayer to go with his weapon runes (should have been on his paired weapons) and while I'd like to blame, it's on me for not me for not paying attentive.

  • Quote from Bogi: “Quote from Sodder: “How is ambushing scoring into the farthest corner markedly different from just running a scoring cavalry across and into the corner? ” It is world's apart! Cavalry has to be deployed in the first turn and can be counter deployed against. Most cavalry are also not requiring your units to face your board edge. It's super strong in breakthrough no doubt about it, it can be played against and can be countered but breakthrough is a scenario where the ambush gain …

  • How is ambushing scoring into the farthest corner markedly different from just running a scoring cavalry across and into the corner?

  • Found an "omission" in the dwarven holds book. When using the "see liste in shot format"-tool it does not show which of the dragon seekers weapons are enchanted.

  • DH 2.2 General discussion.

    Sodder - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    I regularly play with 4 and I love 'em - and 4 for just shy of 600 point, what a deal. Can't see myself going back to the more expensive WM's anytime sone.