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  • Obviously we should make our own spoilers. Only wrong spoilers. Note my conscience is calling this "spam" and "unwanted clutter"

  • Utilizing terrain pack

    oreogolem - - General Discussion


    With my corner of the world is getting worse at handling a pandemic, I'm trying to advance my jury rig table top experience. For getting Ninth Age running I'm looking at the Terrain Pack community supplement. And I was wondering if someone had experience advice to make this printable terrain more reliable, less prone to being shifted by moving trays, and sturdy, so they'll won't start crumbling or curling in the moisture. Beyond cutting at and attaching to think craft paper or maybe getting card…

  • You heard Echo.... The Kraken could have a Fortitude save! (This is a joke)

  • I'm curious if a person has yet played the new BB IW andd from their experience how was it wielded what did it do etc. It SEEMs, as I'm sure people have been talking about awkward as all get out, but I haven't proxies it yet.... I should proxy it. 365 with bb and musician OR shields?

  • Would the raptor knights be beast tamers? In terms of shock I imagine they fill a similar roll to Thunder Herds. Oh there's no sense asking these questions until more comes to light.

  • There's a specific kind of weapon stock, transferrable between firearms and crossbows, that aids in firing in the movr the ID just lost a intellectual property value lawsuit to the Dread Elves. Must've been a ruling handed down by the Dread Judges.

  • But the great weapon +FiER option was already 3 points per. It's a great weapon and fight in extra rank.

  • Ahh, I see, echo, I had a misreading of it where the Bards would have to be not in base to base for the special rule to effect (which for a war platform seemed extremely hard). But simply my mistake.

  • Okay, echo. Can you explain to me the Discordant music war platform. Was the intention there to synergize for double charges? Distracting for flank attacked peasant mobs?

  • The Thundering Herd and The Battle of Avran's Bay are great fun for atmosphere. But the duality of Calamandran in their letter and the Calamandran talked about by Scabo and that inspired Liam Quiverpike, is currently taking the cake.

  • HP count of Counts

    oreogolem - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    Turns out I play boringly.

  • Quote from TheChange: “I didn’t read all the posts as it’s a hot topic and there are many new posts, but of course the knights will be very difficult to price. I really like the unit, but probably to be able to price them correctly there should only be two options: Lance and GW. The hand weapon and shield paired with the +1 to wound on the first round might create pricking problems that lead to a big price difference between the choices. If the weapon options are too expensive the unit will only…

  • Quote from Ausschliessi: “Sure but honestly if you take a look at Daemon Legions LAB... I'm a noob but there is soooooo much stuff going on there, I think SA should be fine. ” fair, that said the do has few very long, does multiple things special rules. (that's what having ~20 unique special rules/weapon choices manifestations gets you)

  • Buff wagon and SA are not two things I associate. Like I get the skink buffs so THAT they can operate at a specific level (like a banner, like a caiman boosting their dis). The Saurian Warrior has a stat line that is a good base that is ready to be boosted greatly by any kind of buff. (s4 ap1 are good bases for models that can have 3/4 attacks per 25mm frontage. They do have low off and agi but those are adjustable by magic). Like they'd love a buff wagon, but I don't see that as part of the fan…

  • I personally like the less-eliteness of them having only 1 attack. But I'm generally for trying to push elves to a slightly higher model count via being less elite. I do understand there are limitations with this (frontage and all that) and yes I do think there's the elusive pricing factor. Each model being such a monster means, each model needs a high cost, each model isn't particularly tough which means each one picked off by shooting will be very keenly lost. (That said love the lethal strike…

  • @Clibhopper

  • Since there are around 7 different varieties of infantry (not counting how they may change up with equipment choices) how many more different infantry do you think you could add while being only "slightly redundant" but before going against guidelines or "aggressively redundant"?

  • I mean, it's no chaos lord, but for my orc warboss I have a little fear that the silent hunter might deal 1 wound, which is then 2 wounds which then makes me very nervous. My warboss almost never ends a game without taking 1 wound from rnf/monsters/characters and he costs a lot more than just 210 pts. Also and this is very niche and requires things "going your way" but I enjoy the fact that a Blades of Do (uhh how did I spell it) with say 1 active spell, that then moves and shoots at a character…

  • Well this has been a riveting discussion of 'Ninth Millenia'. See y'all in other parts of forum.

  • Sorry, I meant repeatable between wizards which you answered. Since each wizard can cast each spell. Thank you