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  • Hey guys. New to ogres, not the game. I’m currently building a new project, FatMen! And I was just wondering how do you guys run your core scrapping unit??? I have a bucket load of Gnobar models, from the days of old, and they are very static. As I was looking at 24 with bows, is this worth the messing around to sculpt bows to them or just run as shield units??? I’m currently enjoying tribesmen ( I know not many do ) with Tharm Mage, so -1T is my thing and I was thinking a unit or 2 horde bows m…

  • Also, what about removing the upgrades from Vets costs. Then adding them as a paid upgrade. Like most other units. So we could run units of vanilla Vets with weapons and banners??? Not sure if this has been discussed before. Sometimes the cost of this unit can put players off. Even if they are good. I like them, but the upgrades still feel like days of old and making the upgrades pointed, can help control the base the unit cost. Just an idea

  • Hey guys, I would like to see...... Tribesmen - Bodyguard Great Khan. Allow Tusker mounts to join Tuskers. Wildheart - Remove the 0-2 Tusker mounts. Not really sure why this is a thing when every codex can spam chariots/mounts. Also, option to make Yetis Scoring but loose Light Troops. Maybe remove the restriction from Bombers, they are tribesmen with a gun lol. Forman as Hero option. Can join Cats, via a mount. Thanks

  • Gutted I'm missing this guys!!!! Real life has really been a pain of late. For the guys that ordered dice boxes, I've passed them on to Dan. They are all completed and I hope you enjoy them. My rats have nearly died of starvation with lack of game time, but they will be back!! Have a beer for me please! Drew

  • It mite be something totally different, as in how it was and how 9th age is. So it could be an alternative way to play for everyone........ Reason, hersery 40k ( if you played ) is actually balanced ( compared to 40k ) due to the fact that everyone more or less has the same unit profile bar exception of HQ and a few fluffy units per army. Same mite be done with this??? But then again, it would mean new models, books and maybe a Forge World price tag

  • It's looking like Age of Sigmar Hersery, que square bases. Back story before Age of Sigmar ( end times??? )

  • I'm more than happy with that @LostCause and @Mattyp

  • I think the Item just Grant's the user Inspired Presents, your general is still the general type thing for the purpose of scoring.

  • Hey guys. Has VS been updated???

  • Instead of putting 10pts on the Lighting Rod, why not add 10pts to Vermin Guard base unit cost, but grant a big discount on PM after. 260pts 20 Vermin Guard, 12pts a model after. 40 Vermin Guard did cost 570 Basic. New 40 Vermin Guard 500 Basic But, taking the minimum sized unit just for banner would take the 10pt hit. Would also fix issue with BSB

  • So the main increase was to lists similar to my comp list. ++ The Vermin Swarm (The Vermin Swarm 2.0) [4,500pts] ++ + Characters + Chief [220pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour, Shield. Special Equipment: Legion Standard, Sceptre of Vermin Valour Plague Patriarch [745pts]: Light Armour, Plague Flail, Plague Pendulum, Wizard Adept. Special Equipment: Dragonfire Gem, Putrid Protection Vermin Daemon [820pts]: Army General + Core + Footpads [130pts]: 10x Footpads, Paired Weapons Footpads [130…

  • Isnt that one of the issues, in that the Bell only finds it's way into Twin Tower comp lists. I'm not 100% but you very rare see the Bell solo. And to me, the bell is the iconic piece for Vermin. I do like the idea of been able to take it without Wizards Master. Just for the Debuff, and with it been cheaper you dont auto loose when its caught.

  • If Putrid Protection is going to be 80pts, could it at least be changed to Suits of Armour Enchantment????

  • Well, the Pendulum build alone took a 60pt increase, so that's 90pts between him and Deamon. 10pts for Lighting Banner 50pts for double Catapults 50pts for double Mills 30pts for double Disciples That's what my last comp list was hit with. But, I wasnt blind. So I changed up before hand. I do think 230pts was a little high if I'm honest. But I'm happy with the drops. So for today, I will smile............

  • Triple Naphtha is the new Double dreadmill. Let them burn!!!

  • My proper comp list did go up 210pts. But, I'm not really do bothered as I really wasnt of fan of how Deamon and Pendulum played, and the point drops else where ( the route I was taking anyway ) made it ok for me. Actually, for the first time in a while, I'm looking forward to making new lists. I think you'll still see Double Wheels, mainly because of what they do.

  • I think the change to Putrid Protection is a hint towards the Furnace. I would rather have seen the Furnace go up a little more. Outside of the point increases that we all knew was coming, I'm over the moon!!! My triple Monster rat double Abomination list with spear rats just bank me about 200pts!! Only 1 small complaint, and it's been mentioned, chief and banner is dead.

  • Thanks Guys....... I think the game we used at the time was Warhammer Quest 1995, for the purpose of game layout. We really enjoyed playing this, keeping track on progress for upgrades. Was fun having a Saurain Warlord with Doom Blade after he gained it from Magic Loot drop . All I really need is to find some sort of Spawn chart for encounters around Vermin Swarm, Khorne Deamons and Gobbos, as these are the models I have painted. Stuff like Magic Loot drops wont be too hard to make up, I could j…

  • Hey guys....... Basically, when I first started Fantasy, the guys came up with a Dungeon and Dragons/Hero Quest type game to help brand new players. What you did was pick 2 Heroes ( back then no lord ) and any mundane upgrades they were aloud from the codex you were using. You then used the stat page for these hero and took them into a Dungeon style game. After Dungeon, you took your 2 heroes into say 1000pt game and 1 was General. Every time you entered a new room, you rolled 2D6 and to see wha…

  • Im sure there was a mini released a while back called Warlock Bombardier to fit the Doomrocket profile. It's a great mini as well.