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Fellow T9A gamers, it's finally time for the annual balance update. Not a moment too soon! Find all information about it in our news.

The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • First of all great initiative! Flame wardens Initial cost 320 -> 300ish - I really feel the starting cost i too big for flame wardens. They become significantly better with addition of a lot bodies so therefore that pricing structure Ancient dragon 610 -> 580ish - This is too me the most iconic HbE model. Too sad that I see too seldom due to high price. Royal Huntsman on foot 40 -> 20 - Too expensive for what he brings. It mightnot even be enough with 20 points compared to the other 2 choices (Q…

  • Quote from jaith1: “@Riismanden this gives you a rough estimate, but ‘4d6 drop the lowest’ is not the same as ‘3d6 reroll the lowest’ but it kinda gives you an idea.…4798b0abb22e5933efcd1ef85 ” Thanks. However I'm looking for making different casting values with different number of dice. So essentially when to move from 2 to and 3 to 4 to reach a certain value.

  • Hi. I was just trying to find a table with casting statistics for book of meladys? Do any of you know where to find it? Or do any of you have a table you can share? Thanks

  • In my initial download there was not noted anything about max. So I assumed that the 0-3 from the patch notes was the rule. Am I wrong?

  • @DarkSky You are a champ!

  • I overall think the changes makes sense. Sure I would have loved a bit more love for foot characters, but the decrease of special foot troops saves quite a bit e.g. 25 LG with full command dropped 45 points (30 from command though). Griffon spam had to go and MoCT Commander was almost always present in competitive lists although the price increase really hits hard. Overall I really look forward to the new LAB after having seen the DE book, and this update did not worsen the current book signific…

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Quote from elendor_f: “Quote from Riismanden: “On a totally different topic. @elendor_f do you know if a balance update is still expected this fall now that ETC is not there? And if so do you know appr. when? ” A balance update is indeed planned as far as I know. The when depends heavily on when the filling of the army lists in the spreadsheets for analysis is completed. ” If you all help it can be sped up. ” I will see if i have time this weekend. I have not done it before…

  • On a totally different topic. @elendor_f do you know if a balance update is still expected this fall now that ETC is not there? And if so do you know appr. when?

  • Hi. Cost of young dragon for commanders in HBE queens cavalier list is 250 points not the current 275 points. Thanks a lot for your great work!

  • Nice spread of units. I think all unit entries are present except Sloops and queens guard. Both grey watchers and frost Phoenix is there. Also some quite different lists. I love it!

  • Well I think the discussion around MoCT is somewhat meaningless. The project showed in the latest update that it was data driven and so I would expect the outcome to be determined by how much we use it compared to the other choices. If vanilla commanders are not seen chances are their price will drop and if we only use 2 honors for the commanders those would probably increase a little in price. Looking across many books I think the last data driven update showed a really positive trend in relati…

  • In relation to griffon spam I think all large and gigantic mounts should be 0-3 or or less. No matter if it is chariots, griffons or something else. It would only affect very few lists and just remove the most spammers.

  • Quote from elendor_f: “Quote from Aenarion43: “That is a welcome surprise, though wholly unexpected. Granted, Furion is skewing that a bit. I'd say the book is Tier 3 at this point. ” Well if you don't count Furion there are 3 other HE players in the Top 20 of the individual ranking: - One at position 4: a list with a Frost Phoenix, which internet wisdom says it's unplayable garbage, and no BSB. - One at 14: the double Sea Guard double Elite infantry and MSU LG mad lad. - One at 16: the Queen's …

  • I know we already spend viel tokens for favour, but what if the weapon was something like: Wearer gains +1s +1ap. The wearer may discard up to 3 viel tokens. For each token discarded the wearer may boost one of his A, S or AP stats by 1 for the current turn. Not sure about if the initial boost is to strong on a GW but spending one token for single turn stat boost seems quite magical and fluffy to me.

  • @Just_Flo That sounds really awesome. Great work you are doing with the data assembly!

  • Quote from Palinux: “2.2 HBE most of the mounts for High Prince is showing “no cost” Great work so far! ” Unfortunately a known iOS problem. It works fine in android.

  • You guy's rock!

  • Overall very happy with the update. Internal balance among elite infantry is much better. Internal balance in core seems good, not sold on Lanciers yet but the rest seems quite balanced. Flame Phoenix is gonna get a new test as well. I definitely do not consider us a bottom tier army anymore, at least that is my gut feeling. Where we are in reality I do not know.

  • Quote from Ferkinason: “Something bad comes to my mind... Commander, General, QCav, Griffon Commander, BSB, FO, Griffon Commander, Griffon Commander, Griffon Commander, Griffon Commander, Griffon Citizen Spears Citizen Spears Citizen Spears Citizen Spears Knights of Rhyma 7 Swordmasters 7 Swordmasters 7 Swordmasters 7 Swordmasters ” QC cannot take griffon. But irrc you can make a list with 5 commands on griffon, but they will all be quite naked.

  • I really like this competition. I have a few ideas - Prince, RH, DA, long bow, shield, spear, sliver, willows ward, diadem. 520 points. Essentially a 2+, 4++ with the spear - Prince, RH, DA, long bow, shield, hand weapon, heroes hear, protection of dorac, diadem. 515 points. Essentially 1+, 4++ with heroes heart. Let us know how the battle goes.