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  • This one: "Larger point reductions on "unplayable" choices (say Royal Huntsman on foot -20 points, representing a large % change);" Cheers, Fith Edit: even though I really think the young dragon needs some serious love :p

  • Quote from Palinux: “Quote from Edhelnaur: “Quote from kompatybilijny: “As of Sky Sloop, I still strongly believe that he is far too vulnerable in current meta and that combined withan overall lower damage output than a bolt thrower (in most situations at least) makes him almost unplayable at his current cost. -80 points that's my stance. ” The cost of a Sloop is 250. Your proposition is 170 points for it. But at this price, he is an Autopick in everylist and for good reasons.170 pts can be an e…

  • And now im at it, some WiP - made some Lancers out of Reavers and chariot horses and other bits - made a "stand behind" BSB flag, that I can use with multiple foot characters. Might even magnetize it for use with mounted chars...hmmm…f6cdb829986081c688c72709d…f6cdb829986081c688c72709d Cheers, Fith

  • And a group pic :…f6cdb829986081c688c72709d

  • Hi there, Still finishing up the HBE in 2021. Finished some chariots and would like to show my standardbearer-unitfillers.…f6cdb829986081c688c72709d…f6cdb829986081c688c72709d…f6cdb829986081c688c72709d Hope you like 'm !! Cheers, Fith

  • Young Dragon (OotFH) 300 pts - especially in smaller games (we play 3k alot) the OotfH dragon mage costs so much for what it brings. I would suggest at least 30 pts price decrease, maybe even 40. Or make a difference between masters and adepts? Ancient Dragon - Same as others have proposed, drop some 20/30 pts. With its huge base it is less of an issue I would say with the 'monster/avoid' lists that this patch tries to take on. Skysloop - I know there have been issues with these historically, bu…

  • Quote from Axiem: “Quote from Fithvael: “Maybe the same wording could be used for the 'Kingslayer' magic weapon? On foot only is basically a death sentence for this item as its goal is to hunt enemy Characters? ” Can you elaborate on specifically what you mean? What, precisely, would you like the wording to be: "Can not be taken by construct or models with towering presence"? Kind regards, Axiem ” Hi, Well yes, this basically (from your post :))would make alot of sense to me for Kingslayer aswel…

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “@Axiem Has the possibility of a continuity change outside of this been raised internally for armies that have “on foot only” items? The armors across army books (excluding ID and DE as they are in Beta) that have this restriction are: - Protection of Dorac - Imperial Seal - Shielding Bark - Wrestler’s Belt - Mammoth Hide Cloak The OK items could be a concern because it’d promote cowboy use with 1+/4++ Fort and 2+/4++ Fort. Considering the standard size factions, it’s 3 it…

  • Kroxigor Battles

    Fithvael - - Battle Reports


    Subbed, awesome bat reps!

  • Question: Does a HBE character regain his devastating charge (+1attack) from Queens Cavalier when activating the 1 use only Nova Flare ? Cheers, Fithvael

  • Hi there, some more feedback: Played a 3000 pts game vs the Dreaded Elves. What stood out: - 90 xbowmen shots will decimate any elf infantry unit. Now that seems obvious, but seeing it in action still hurt. - Hydra seems in a good place. Was able to tank quite some damage, and dish out a good amount aswell. - DE magic phase seemed very strong with, in this case, an effigy of dread, acolytes and a Temple legate. Lots of channels and extra dice. - Dread Knights did really well, dished it out on th…

  • Quote from Feaynnewedd: “I don't know why foot commanders cheap as chaff would be so horrible. They would perform pretty bad as chaff, or am I mistaken? ” Seems to me that the whole 'commanders as chaff' argument is really weird since we have Eagles? Who would prefere to take a commander purely as chaff instead of an eagle?! I dont think this should be a great concern while balancing the honours.

  • Quote from Derfnik87: “Been a looooonggg time since I posted on here. When is the expected date for the new pts? I thought it was supposed to be December (I realise there is still some days) does anyone know whether it is going to be late/on time etc? ” As far as I know, it was promised for this year. So couple more days

  • Very cool! Would love to see an army pic too

  • Beautifully done @ArtOfWar!

  • Quote from falanor: “hey! congrats on the models, they are super cool! where di you get the tiny dragon? ” Hi there, thanks! The tiny dragon is from Nolzur =)

  • Sky sloops

    Fithvael - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Hi there, good question! I made this "Dragon Chariot " which can double as a lion chariot or skysloop. Not so happy with the paint job yet... Fithvaels Dragon themed HBE- paint league 2020 Cheers!

  • Hi fellow elves, I dont know if an offical feedback thread is comming, but I figured I might aswel start one off. I have been following the new release closely and played against the new book yesterday. First off, I really (really!) like the design of the book. It has many synergies and is a listmakers dream. Love the change to short range shooting (which will reward good play I think) In our testbattle, which was very small, we found out that: - against HBE the DE core infantry could be devasta…

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Fithvael: “Flame Wardens ” If they did not have Fearless I would play them today. But.. infantry can not chose when to fight and when not to. And I will not have my entire battleline fall because the enemy can focus supreme force on a small frontage where I have troops that are fearless. ” Sure, but that is more a design issue. I think if their price would drop sufficiently that they would see play as they are a good anvil (even with the downsides you mentioned)…

  • Quote from Vespacian: “Underpriced relative to the rest of the book: Sliver Very much expected, seen in most tournament lists. But I think it needs to be seen in combination with MocT or Queens Companion. MoCT: Commander Honor Agree with this one aswell, makes for our most effective BSB build. Needs to be seen in regard with other BSB options, which generally are fairly mediocre. Citizen Spears: min size Was a bit surprised to see these here. I guess they are here(with SG) because our other core…