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  • Hello everyone ! I post my first tournament list of 2021. It's for the first French UB tournament. In the group Stage, we are grouped by three. After 2 games, the winner of the group go to the next stage. With the new points, I would try a list with heavy regiment of Saurians and Caimans. 725 - Cuatl Lord, General, Pyromancy, Battle Standard Bearer, Trained from Birth, Grasp of the Immortal 305 - Skink Priest, Skink Palanquin, Wizard Adept, Druidism, Sun Tablet 130 - Skink Captain, Light Armour,…

  • Shooting: HbE vs DH

    Petit_Lezard - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    The Citizen Archers is overpriced, that's all. We never see them on the field.

  • Hi every one, I will try to explain my opinion here, but first of all, my english isn't great, so i will try to be clear but if it doesn't excuse me. Quote from Folomo: “ I wonder if the meta may also be part of the reason. Pharaohs, NG and Chariots are the main advantage for selecting Terracotta, but without good chaff those units have a hard time competing with more mobile lists that use a lot of single models. ” Currently I try to play an Terracota Army. I've find an interresting way of play.…

  • Salut, je viens juste de voir ton message. Nous somme un groupe de joueur sur Tours. On est 8-9. Hésite pas à nous contacter.