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  • Hello all, First of all my best wishes for the new year, may it be full of fun hobby moments! I finished a classic goblin shaman on spider, it was a fun model to paint. Compared to the 7ed gigantic spider he is really small, but he with fit nicely with my classic spider unit. y0UPHgG.jpg MxbSvMG.jpg zxgtRTU.jpg Next up is the big spider himself, I started on the skin but I have no idea how I will do the scales. @Remy77077: Thanks I really enjoyed painting them. I also had a small game with them …

  • Hi all, I finished my last 4 snotling swarms for my army. Tcq2J2D.jpg pEAwNE9.jpg And of course we have to post a group picture of all my snotlings and pumpwagons( one wagon was left out of the picture). I think I need a few more pumpwagons and swarms. kjHDtSG.jpg I hope you like them. Cheers, WGG

  • Hi all, A small update. I managed to finish a old school pumpwagon. I really enjoyed painting this one. 5MwgAp6.jpg 644Unw8.jpg vW6UgPJ.jpg And of course a shot with the other pumpwagon on a 50mm base, I have 3 more pumpwagons but those are on a chariot base. QbgZwvw.jpg Next I will probably paint 4 more snotling swarms. It might take a while since our gaming club is closed because of the restrictions. I prefer to paint there with a couple of friends so... Cheers, WGG

  • Hi all, I just finished my squig gobba. It is not my best model, but I still like how he turned out. Later this week I will finish the 3 crew. I'm going to plann a battle with a friend and field it on the battle field. NVHjXyE.jpg CIG0ED0.jpg Cheers, WGG

  • Hi all, I did manage to finish another unit for my army. This time I finished a unit of 4 classic stone trolls. The new trolls are still on my wishlist, but eventually I add another unit of stone trolls to the army. 0okqGHq.jpg HmSeosc.jpg 2ZYhueh.jpg 4lcqHSi.jpg 7gTpM9S.jpg I hope you like them. @Seeking the grail: Indeed I love the sculpt, I will probably buy another box to make the normal squigs instead of the 'armoured' ones. Next up is my squig gobba. Cheers, WGG

  • Hi all, I just finished a new unit for my army. I made this unit from bits I had lying around, but I have no idea as what I will use them. Probably as wolfriders but maybe I end up with a small undead goblin themed army. biiM0em.jpg pNv9wuK.jpg Next up are 4 stone trolls. Cheers, WGG

  • Hello all, Today I finished my new unit of squig hoppers! I really enjoyed painting this unit. I will certainly buy a second box of these to add to my army. Let's hope they serve me well on the battlefield. gTDXBcn.jpg nBE3wHd.jpg Next up are either a unit of 4 stone trolls or a unit of zombie goblins on skeletal horses( I just put some bitz together and ended up with 5 of those). I hope you like them. @theorox: yes, the collection of greenskins keeps growing! Cheers, WGG

  • Hello all, Some of you may know me from other fora. I'm alongtime greenskinplayer( more of a goblinplayer actually) and have collected in the time that I play warhammer a massive greenskin army from around 25 000 pts(using the 8ed whfb rules). I'm my local group we play several editions of whfb, as long as it is fun the edition we play doesn't really matter. I enjoy painting and collecting greenksins. Even with my massive greenskin army I'm still buying models to add to the collection ( and the …