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  • I’ll be making it a priority to watch this today! Really enjoyed the last one! You’ll be hearing from me...

  • Come on @piteglio you tease, Monday is 8 hours old in England already!

  • Hi Cam, I had little room to reform where I was to get out of immediate line of sight but the conga line skinks may have been a possibility if they could move far enough, I’m not sure. Good thinking though!

  • Great to have you on board Gobbo! And people need to get their commissions in quickly otherwise I’ll just start taking up all your time myself with my own painting requests!

  • Spoilers @PTG-Lucky-Sixes!!!

  • @HarryHoudini - Many thanks for your post, your thoughts are very much appreciated. I definitely need to work on using chaff more to my advantage rather than just to hinder my opponent temporarily. Unfortunately I’m finding that harder to do than to say but I’ll keep at it of course!

  • I played a battle with the latest Cultist book today, my first game since the Ritual Altar changes. I think I made the mistake of taking Occultism with my main master so not taking Grave Calls with the Altar. As a result Spear of Infinity & Hand of Heaven on the Altar are a bit underwhelming when you have other (better) spells to cast elsewhere. The Possessed unit continue to impress for me & I took two Daemon Symbiotes in them which meant my opponent avoided them all game in fear of what they c…

  • @HarryHoudini Thanks very much for your support & subscription. Really glad you’re enjoying the content. We’ll certainly be continuing & hoping to bring even more once / if the lockdown eases off. Let us know any suggestions for content you want to see in future!

  • Hi @Druchii Anointed - Thanks so much for your post, it’s really appreciated. We enjoy making our stuff & only wish we could be bringing out more especially during lockdown. We have so many more ideas to come in the next few months so you won’t be disappointed & let’s hope with support from yourself & the community we can hit 600 subscribers soon!

  • Naturally the PTG boys are hyped & ready for action. Delighted to see this being announced so early! You Bristol Ninjas know just how to pick up T9A community in tough times! Please sign up: Hyper-G #cantgetmuchworse! & Lucky-Sixes #killthatdragonsomeoneplease!

  • Thanks for doing that @piteglio. I hope you enjoyed the part of the battle you were able to see. Things really got intense after turn 2 so worth checking out the rest of the video at some point

  • Thanks for that. Very interesting & I knew there had to be a reason. So if a model is just wearing Infernal Armour they have a 5+ Aegis to flaming. But if they are wearing Infernal Armour with Destiny’s Call then they have a 4+ Aegis to normal attacks but if it’s a flaming attack then they have a 3+ Aegis instead, right?

  • Ah, good to know. Chihammer certainly knows what he’s doing with O&G, I’ve watched plenty of his reports! Your suicide portalled EH is probably still trying to find his (or was it her?) way back to the mortal realm, such was the shock of what happened there!!

  • Yeah for this first battle I went with all Evocation as it’s not a path I’m too familiar with, but I’ll be sure to try out the Divination spamming to get the attribute off where it’s needed.

  • It’s a tough one. As I’ve only had the one game & wasn’t involved in the initial voting for this book I don’t feel I can debate the topic too much as you guys do a great job in coming up with all these new ideas & trying to put them together to make them work in the overall game. Perhaps a different suggestion, which could be similar in effect to the Trophy Rack would be a unit option to take a ‘Cult Symbol’ or something on a Champion model. This symbol allows the unit to choose between re-rolli…

  • Thanks for the explanation. I can understand this reasoning although I would counter it by saying that if these Cultists are finding themselves on a battlefield at all then wouldn’t this suggest that they’ve moved to the military side of their operation, which even the craziest summoner might have prepared for a little bit? I guess I’m just one of those players that fails Dis 9 tests all the time & relies on that re-roll while not really wanting to spend my points on auto-choosing the Crown. I w…

  • I agree completely with making this type of game (and your blog) more visible. It has a lot of potential for those who have the desire to develop the stories of individuals over armies as a block.

  • I’ve only played the one game with the Cultist - of which the report will be coming up on the PTG YouTube channel in the not too distant future - and had a few comments on their design, however, one thing I haven’t seen brought up in this discussion is their lack of a BSB option... Is there any design reason for this before I launch into further comments?

  • When I had the choice between the Orc & the Daimyo I knew the Orc was weaker but thought we needed to see the Daimyo to know about him. Plus I knew I had the Elf who is the Daimyo’s counter... if he rolls a heck of a lot better than I did!

  • Same to you @Fthunder I’m still having nightmares about that last gasp charge!!