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  • I just printed one. Slightly modified to the one in the pic, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the spear. And I don’t mean printing it is a problem, just that resin feels pretty weak when it’s thin like that and prone to breaking but I think this one came out alright. I’m going to paint it first then post a pic

  • Interesting point, the earliest reference of any King Arthur was from a Christian monk

  • Thanks man!

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Izzilduuur: “Cool model, only thought would be that the spear is too thick... ” And the hands too small. We all know a proper high elf have hands that are bigger than his head ” Lol I will never, ever, sculpt “heroic” scale. The only thing keeping everything as perfectly realistic as possible when it comes to proportions is my lack of awareness, and/or the limitations of printing

  • yeah I agree and I said the same thing with “generous”, but my point still stands that Chivalry, specifically, is a Christian thing, just like the Muslim parallel is a Muslim thing even if hypothetically they were to mean the exact same thing. And with your point then, more Christian influence in the book still wouldn’t make Equitans Christian

  • True true but it needs to be sturdy since people will be printing this guy. I’ll post a pic of a printed version to see how it looks. And there’s also a version with an open grip and separate spear

  • Well my usual opponents hit better than I do so its a lost cause for me

  • @Giladis You want the pageantry

  • Yeah and I don't take either for the same reason... 5+ no thank you lol

  • For me yeah lol, maybe I just didn't use war machines often enough or it didn't suit my play style. Warmachines are more for a sit-back, wait-and-shoot strategy it seems and my most common enemies outshoot me with better ranged weapons and magic. Only time it was ever 4+ for me is after combat that somehow leads to or allows the enemy to get closer, so basically dice and a greater risk/reward situation for my opponent I need my war machines to do damage early on so I can get into combat quickly …

  • @Ivar K lol that's not what heretic means... you can be an evil blood magic warlock yourself and sleep with your mother and murder her afterward, and then murder babies and still not be a heretic. But yes you'll probably still be excommunicated if you claim to be a member of the church and you don't actually repent And yeah, he was described as being Chivalrous (which is not English in origin, it comes from the French term for knights, or rather horsemen) because he supposedly practiced exactly …

  • I don’t think these companies have warehouses. And it’s funny to me now because I’ve realized it’s actually pretty common with smaller companies. Take me for example, I’m supposed to send models to someone for review, and I’m literally printing one or two models a day. And redoing the ones that have slight defects. So I’m already at 3 weeks wait time, and not even halfway with what I planned to send. I can’t possibly go any faster unless I buy a lot more equipment that I can’t afford right now. …

  • in terms of mechanics I don’t take them because relying on a roll of 5+ is just not worth it to me. if I had to roll to hit for each model that can be hit in the area, followed by a wound roll for each model that was hit, instead of one dice for all on a 5+ and auto wound if it hits, I’d probably find it less disappointing. Simply because at the very least you get something every time. I’ve had far more games with not a single successful hit for me to ever want to take it again. It also doesn’t …

  • At the very least the reliquary should also affect knights, whether always or as a separate option, the +1 armor is nice, long overdue but I hope something similar stays

  • Actually yeah it makes the most sense for a "Fey Host" supplement to be done

  • Arrogant Highborn Champion and High Warden of the Flame with the flame being a separate piece! These will be released for patreon members this month along with many other models at…d7fa9fd59d6684442a378115c…d7fa9fd59d6684442a378115c…d7fa9fd59d6684442a378115c…d7fa9fd59d6684442a378115c

  • Fun fact, there's a Britonia region in northwest Spain because of the Celtic Britons that moved there due to the Anglo-Saxon conquest of England

  • lol it was a late Christmas gift for him

  • EoS is more like 16th but understood

  • @Honeym @Borneo I'm petty loyal to the theme. This is the only army I play and the only army I want to play. I don't want the army to look different at all, but I do want a new book in the sense of mechanics. Different words in the book, same theme and models