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  • The Scottish Championships 2021

    Shugdaddy - - Tournaments


    Excellent work Ed

  • Quote from Derfnik87: “can you put daniel winter down on the reserve list as well please jordan ” We going for a full spotty dog tabletop standard reunion?

  • Can you sign up Kevin Bromley as well please Jordan.

  • Sign me up please Jordan - Shaun Hughes

  • All sorted now. Justflo had to set up timed posts for every army, so a little mistake happened. This is a combination of the points changes with the requests we made post points change.

  • 1. Agreeing with others, veil serpents need some help whether it's via manifestations or points. 2. When the scourge is taken, it's hard to take advantage of Aves. Is there a way to reduce his impact as opposed to a flat % increase which could be exploited. 3. A lot of the manifestation prices could do with tweaking across the book to encourage variation. Hard to narrow it down to just one unit.

  • Citizens of Avras The Rules Team is looking to collect feedback on the 2020 balance update for each army in a structured and non-overwhelming way. Each ACS team has been tasked to collect a few big concerns that have come up within their communities since the release and then forward the results to the Rules Team for review. These are the guidelines the ACS teams are operating within: 1. How many issues can be raised? 3 per armybook. Each concern is a single unit, a single item, a single spell e…

  • Superlegionaires* *Not an official or correct name

  • I too find actually rolling physical dice gives a better idea. I know logically it makes no sense and the results would end up being the same, but there's just something about it

  • When running prince on dragon, do people just leave him as is or are there any useful items people would suggest?

  • Let's go Ratmen

    Shugdaddy - - Painting League 2021


    Welcome to the clan Fred. Hope it goes well.

  • Quote from arwaker: “How decadent to use a bell as unit filler ” I'll be using the huge boneripper model from GW end times as a unit filler at some point. Unless there's an equivalent in the new lab!!! (please 2021 make dreams happen )

  • These points changes were assessed by a team after the algorithm had done it's thing. They reviewed every unit in each book. There was an interview on slannrat radio podcast with one of the team going through the process. The Daemon, dreadmill and disciples saw the big increases as they are still showing up in a lot of lists (often together) and have high damage potential. The changes to books are also here to encourage people to try different builds, we saw this previously with the changes to r…

  • Looks good. I like the iidea of packing the base, will add to the sense of bulk. But then I'm not the one having to model and paint it

  • DE Feedback

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Excellent feedback guys.

  • This regards potential points changes to the current book. There have been a few spoilers and discussion regarding the current book in this forum. There is a pinned post with a link to the five posted mechanic spoilers.

  • DE Feedback

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I guess as usually it's stat increases or effects in the combat phase, as opposed to the actual charge phase. It's written that way to prevent people trying to stack it. I agree the wording is a bit clumsy in my opinion. Any other wording that people find unclear please raise here as well.

  • DE Feedback

    Shugdaddy - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Good Morning All, The first edition of the Dread Elf LAB has now been released, and the project would like to hear your feedback. You don't have to answer in the below format but could you answer: What do you like about the book? (A general idea e.g. units, themes, items etc) What do you dislike about the book? (Again in general) Is there anything that seems to be overpowered? (Units or combos) Is there anything that seems to be underpowered? Does the book pose any unique challenges when played …

  • We have similar styles eisenhans, I'm an aggressive player who likes blocks of rats. Will usually try to use wrath of God to make my opponent move and then try to win combat either through strength of numbers or big monsters.

  • Lack of Pendulum and monstrous rats may be as the initial entries didn't include builds. And I wasn't sure how to alter the survey after being told we were able to. I personally think the abom is in the right spot, it is strong but has weakness (only fortitude save, low os/ds, Res 5) Disciples do need some adjustments to stop all the spam. Why do you think the dreadmill is bad for the price @Eisenhans? I'm not the greatest fan of them myself but understand the high damage potential is going to b…