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  • Quote from sonny1086: “Thx for the effort guys! Interessting that RT sees Caiman Ancient with Jaguar Spirit+Basalt stronger than the flying Warlord. Cheap yes, maybe too cheap, but not too strong imho. ” "Too strong" might not be the best term to describe it, "problematic" perhaps? I can imagine playing against a fairly cheap mode with a decent base stats while being M10 and 2+ is not really that fun, for some armies being a literal nightmare

  • Quote from Armazeroth: “biggest impact should be the pyro change, hows everyone feeling about that ? ” Feels like Symbiosis is mandatory with that path, as going within 18" with a frog isn't exactly desirable, especially if that thing is flying. Link makes it so much easier to use. On first glance seems better, occasional wounds on something a little bit tougher. Nothing to write home about though, better in some scenarios, worse in others. I guess it won't "punish" elves as hard.

  • Quote from Scrub: “Can I swift reform a unit, be partially out of the board after my swift reform and move on the board with my advance movement again? ” Yes, assuming front rank doesn't leave the board at any point during that move. Correct answer below.

  • Quote from Rixitotal: “Been very much enjoying the Salamander variant in a "Shoot and Scoot" list, i was wondering other peoples thoughts? Made me feel sallys are far to short ranged. ” Exactly the reason they were buffed to 12" at some point (pre-1.3) and nerfed back to 8" shortly after (~0.202). Most of the time they get to shoot once or twice (literally), before being either killed or forced to flee. And they cost a pretty penny while being decently fragile. Arguably the worst Flamethrower in…

  • Adam Battle reports

    Dancaarkiiel - - Battle Reports


    Quote from Adam: “Well my problem with Thaumaturgy is that dropping Wrath of God in the enemy does more harm to me than to him if I want to play like I usually do dancing around his units and mixing with his battleline. So I'll probably go back to shamanism to be honest. ” Just don't pick/cast it looool (Hidden Content)

  • Adam Battle reports

    Dancaarkiiel - - Battle Reports


    Quote from Adam: “[...] Well new pyromancy sucks, I am considering swapping it back to shamanism or trying thaumaturgy. Definitely was enough when I was playing shamanism. [...] ” Interesting take. I always felt additional CC spell is all this path is truly missing (look at Alchemy), while both WS and Agi are quite low across the army. Sure it's situational but seems to have it's uses more often than not. Then again, Thauma isn't available to my army, or even real Shamanism master for that matte…

  • Quote from Folomo: “Maybe they could have ambush, but only from a water terrain, similar to briar beasts. This probably would need to be combined with a way to generate a swamp on your side of the battlefield. ” That's a fair point, but keep in mind Beasts have plenty of other ambush options. Forest one is basically just an icing on the cake.

  • Quote from Baldin: “So if I stand like thisUUUUU UUUUU VVVVVVV If unit U is 2" away from V and it moves "Forward Ahead" 7". If that would bring it next to V but within 0,5" it would stop before getting withing 1"? The part "Ignore unit spacing" kinda throws me off. ” Assuming they're friendly units, yes. The "ignore unit spacing" is there, because you move X forward, and then depending what you'll hit something different might happen: 1. Board Edge - you move off the table 2. Enemy Unit - It's a…

  • Quote from Baldin: “Quick question. If I am fighting a unit and it breaks. I opt to persuit and take it down, moving 7" forward. Do I ignore unit spacing during this 7" movement? 2. Forward Ahead lets met think I do ignore unit spacing and thus can get within 1" of my friendly unit for this movement. ” If you were within 1" before making the move - yes. Otherwise, you have to end in a legal position, including more than 1" from other units, friend and foe alike.

  • Quote from Ipower: “Hate to burst your bubble but you do realize that a charging taurosaur pops your unit in a round?[...] ” Surprisingly (or not actually), if they're equipped with GWs they have a decent chance of one shooting said tauro instantly, av. 5.84-7.00 wounds in a turn, depending on their formation (no champion). Pretty much everything meaningful has been said already but I thought I'll just mention it just to keep it fair

  • Adam Battle reports

    Dancaarkiiel - - Battle Reports


    Enjoyed it as always, would be 10/10 but since you're playing filthy Ogres it will be 2/10 instead ;*

  • Quote from marcema: “Honestly 8 out of 40 teams picked SA. Its fairly low and i think it has to do with the limited amount of time people had to build their lists. Hopefully next tournament we see a bit more of the potential meta change. ” It's actually 42 teams (at least that's what I see on TourneyKeeper), which means 210 players in total. Given 16 armies, your average pick ratio would be ~13. It's one of the lowest, sure - but still it's *just* one tournament. I wonder if SA will break throug…

  • @marcema You missed one list so I took the liberty of editing your post and adding it, also named each one with team and player tag Most of the "New Years Revolution" lists have TGs, hopefully they'll last. Scarcity of Caimans is surprising though, they were decent before the update and got buffed as well.

  • Definitely getting one, if there's something GW can do right it's the models. Most of the time that is.

  • Quote from setrius: “This already exists and the name is Tyranids. That is all ” Not in this universe though, and they weren't the original ones anyway. There are many similar creations fitting this archetype - Tyranids, Zergs, Aliens (you know which one), Reapers, Qiraji, Cravers and so on. Still, they are very different from each other and so can saurian ancients. And to be fair, old lizardmen were exactly that - species created from scratch to function as one organism, with the sole purpose o…

  • Quote from MountainBuns: “Mutate would be a pretty awesome mechanic/archetype honestly. Showing their control over evolution. ” I like this idea. Controlling your biological changes to create the perfect specimen, be it war or anything else, is totally my jam.

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Borcha: “Cascading Fire: Each model in the target unit suffers −X Defensive Skill {and −X Agility}, where X is equal to the model’s Armour (if the Armour changes, so will the modifier). Cascading fire is cast on an Iron Orc unit. They will have -4 def. but in the CC they decide to use a GW (like that they have just 4+ svg) so just -3 def correct? Its the same if I decide to use my PW instead of the Iron Fist with my Tribesmens unit. ” Correct. ” I'm sorry bu…

  • IMO it's the best build you can make when it comes to 1v1 showdown.

  • Quote from Red88: “You can now play an 1005P Alpha Lance+Shield Spirit of the Stampede 70P Starfall Shard 60P Serrate Scales 45P supernatural Dext 25P ” Serrate Scales (or any armour piece on that matter) won't work on gigantic mount because of Masive Bulk rule.

  • Quote from wombat: “AND !!!!! ” I tried, but failed. But don't worry, I'll try some more since there's still a chance until 2021 patch preview.