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  • @Borcha also checking 16.B.b Removing R&F Models from Units Engaged in Combat answers it doesn’t it? Notes to follow the rules you state, in addition to a priority list. Top of which is trying to prevent units from dropping from combat.

  • Quote from Tonko: “Quote from Zwei: “Quote from ilovepeanut: “Omg I didn't even think about that. That means we can just take 2 wisdoms on the BSB one on the unit's banner and a smith with 3 battle runes in the same unit. WOW that's unkillable. ” No its not and would still be a M3 bus. Its the fact imho that we can now play anvil+3 wisdoms as our "cheap" magic setup is really nice. We finally pay what its worth. ” how about triple resolve, that's potentially an 18" move, if I'm not mistaken (I u…

  • Quote from Davian: “I still have hard time to understand why PW even cost a point when it is the inferior option Parry is so much more useful than an extra attack for wildhorns. I like the change though but there must be something the RT see that i do not regarding paired weapons The rest of the changes is ok and reasonable. I agree with disallowing monster mash is a path forward for the game as a whole. all in all, good update which show my lack of knowledge about how to use wildhorns properly …

  • Quote from Sodder: “Quote from WarX: “Find unit for ca. 600pts that survives 1:1 meeting with 600 pts worth KG block ;). Of course without any buffs from magic, etc. ” Easy - DE judicators. You get 30 judges for 600 and 28 Kingsguard for 593. Both start out 10 wide: Judges 30 attacks - 22,5 hits - 18,75 wounds. Lets be nice to the dwarfs and round down. Kingsguard 20 attacks - 10 hits - 8,3 wounds. And kingsguard breaks from combat.... (imaginary) Round 2: Judges, 22 attacks - 11 hits - 9,2 woun…

  • Quote from arnadil: “What I don't understand is why PW are cheaper, but PW and TW are not. This means that TW have become more expensive as an addition to PW. Is that on purpose? ” No it was not on purpose. My man @unsane checked up on this, it was missed in the update and should be fixed in a hotfix.

  • Im interested to see how @SmithF handles the ol DH conundrum. Based on this thread, it looks like he’ll be cracking the beards out again soon. Perhaps he will show the true power of the stunties like he did for BH.

  • Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Quote from Kleryk: “where is damsel going? ” She stays where she is. 21.B.c R&F Models in a Combined UnitWiped out ... Models with Front Rank that are positioned ina rank other than the first when the last R&F model isremoved as a casualty remain in the rank they occupy(this may result in the reduction of files compared tothe unit’s original formation). ” Hmmm... that doesn’t quite make sense (the rule not your explanation). If the Damsel was the only charac…

  • In my experience against double OG, its a bit of a bad game experience because you’ve either got the terrain and advance available to mitigate their damage and advance, or they zone you out completely. And in the case of the latter you’re sat there thinking “do I make a game of this, or do I sit here and we each try to ping off wounds while avoiding risks”. And its super frustrating to be faced with a decision of “do I want to waste 3 hours of my life, or do I want to likely lose the game becaus…

  • I second the love for gluttony paired weapons chosen. One of my favourite units in the book (rolling bucketloads of dice is fun!) I also gave a soft spot for 5 pride chosen to just be roadblocks and scorers. Theyre relatively cheap, have a small footprint and are deceptively hard to shift.

  • 2021 Map Pack Contest

    youngseward - - General Discussion


    So, its hard to give accurate feedback because the questions arent numbered and the same maps have multiple questions for them. But the answers lining up with questions needs to be revised as several questions have options for letters that arent from the maps they present.

  • 2021 Map Pack Contest

    youngseward - - General Discussion


    Actually, I think they got switched around with two from the Map 3 questions, as that is missing L and J options

  • 2021 Map Pack Contest

    youngseward - - General Discussion


    Question for Map 1 have wrong letters as answers. I assume E = J an I = L, so am voting as such

  • Can we please add “53” to the Index for Round Bases? It notes how cover interacts with round bases, and because I only saw 8 and 10 in the Index for Round Bases I was labouring under the illusion that cover worked the same for round as for square.

  • Quote from ferny: “WTF did I just watch? ” Art.

  • Hair will be varied as I am equally bad at painting all hair colours (above very much a work in progress btw). These are the old metals actually. One of the things I had in my youth and regretted selling later, so when I got a job and could buy myself nice things I got myself a small sisters force again. They never actually get used in game, but I want to have them all painted for sitting on my shelf.

  • Quote from dan: “I think I speak for the group in lamenting the lack of hobby updates in this thread. ” Careful what you wish for Danny (does anyone call you Danny?), because I have been committing 9th treason lately... vYmpJN8.jpg

  • Building a city: 9th-heim?

    youngseward - - User Blogs


    Quote from Mad 'At: “This is fantastic! I had never thought one could recreate these buildings so perfectly using plastic card. Massive props for the effort. I'm looking forward to seeing more ” Would this terrain be suitable if @bas_2312 wanted to try out your T9A Skirmish Campaigns homebrew??

  • Quote from RobertR: “Yeah, there's a group playing T9A in the next town over from where I live and this happens to be where I work. That's why I actually play T9A, otherwise there's just no way I would play it since then I could almost never get games and the only games I could get would be against experienced ETC players which is crazy boring. This is an actual problem in Sweden, most T9A players have played WHFB on the tournament scene for at least 10 years, usually more like 15. This means th…

  • Quote from Cam: “:D Did you take a battleline BH? I'd happily give someone else bottom place, can't be having it in 2/4 of the internationals! There's pride at stake! ” No just throwing myself at the mercy of elves and vermin lol...

  • Quote from Cam: “ * 68 (Hog F*ckers) d-w-l-d Dwarven Holds 46 76 (Zbójcerze) l-w-d-w Dwarven Holds 45 88 (Black Bulls) l-w-w-l Dwarven Holds 44 114 (100% artificial flavour) l-w-w-l Dwarven Holds 39 145 (Pandemic Party Picnickers) w-w-l-l Dwarven Holds 33 150 (Los panitas refacheros) w-l-l-l Dwarven Holds 32 158 (Best in Covid) d-d-l-l Dwarven Holds 30 159 (Los Xoloitzcuintles del Mictlan) l-w-l-l Dwarven Holds 30 163 (Frontal assault) l-l-w-l Dwarven Holds 29 186 (Gofio Valyrio) l-l-l-l Dwarven…