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  • Galharen's HbE and UD armies

    Palmu - - User Blogs


    What amazing use of colors! This may have already been asked earlier in this topic, but how do you do the shiny gold/brass on the weapons of your UD models?

  • Quote from Kyrys: “I really doubt, that Empire and UD synergies are on par. UD does have 3 buff ( shooting UW, CC UW, 5++). All of them targeting single unit.Empire has 7 (although our 5++ and UW are better that those bound spells, which can be dispelled). Then there are the wagons, giving aura buff. Dont get me wrong, UD buff are good, but they are not as good as the Empire ones. ” I assume this refers to my comment on UD being a synergy army on par with EoS? I also assume you read it as 'UD is…

  • Quote from nomrakram: “name 1 army that doesn't benefit from synergy? all units with a character in it will perform better - this is not unique to UD. and as our units start with 'less' they just act 'normal' when a character is inlcuded. ” Warriors, where Characters give nothing but punch power to their unit. This is, of course, a trick question as UD was designed to be THE other synergy army, on par with Empire - A human army that relies on the passive abilities of its characters to actually d…

  • Quote from nomrakram: “Are you guys sure about this? what do you do against 30 temple militants (535pts) or 10 dread knights (520pts)? these units out maneuver, strike first, add +1 to hit, high Dis and the knights have 2+ saves... what unit in the UD can take a charge from either of these, or even stick around for the next round let alone win? what UD unit can you say compares to either of these units in a straight up fight, no characters?? ” My experience so far with DE is a bit different, sur…

  • Says the man who LITERALLY started the noise.

  • My point total dropped mostly due to a multitude of misplays made for a variety of reasons. Like playing my games at 3am. The list in itself was fairly OK, but it did stumble in a lot of meta choices like double binding scrolls, made the fact I only had a single wizard+boundspell REALLY felt. The snakerider was too much of a coinflip for my tastes as well, when he was useful he was really useful but when he was useless he was REALLY useless. Positively surprised by the BSB, though. Had a few sit…

  • That's another idea - Kitting out two snake riders to maximize their effect and minimize their randomness. I just tend to have spectacularly high highs and low lows when it comes to cowboys of any kind. Can't have it all, though, so I'd ultimately have to make concessions somewhere.

  • Aye, the horse mobility is just too valuable to skip. The Pharaoh is also very likely going on a horse - The chariot star has had predictably little impact compared to the actual stars of the show, NG, so I want to put more focus on them. As for the Harbo, I'm still torn between giving him some real character-killing potential, or upping his utility further. Either Death Mask or King Slayer, then Essence of Mithril. Handing him a GW either way.

  • Hopefully another big team tourney will follow soon after this, I'm thus far just left with ideas on how to hone my list. I was talked into trying the BSB, and I well might bring him again, because the charge baits he and his unit have provided have been fairly decent. What I'd do different though, would be to actually kit him into being fight-capable, or even frightening. Getting a Divination Adept also feels like an important step - That unit LOVES re-rolls to hit, and opponents have extremely…

  • I do have to make mention, that I do take one silver lining from it - A reminder of why I usually avoid risky plays and risky units. When they work, they work great. And when they don't, disaster strikes. I'll keep it in mind with my next list.

  • Doubleposting on myself - Welp! I'm out of the running for the desert kingdom, my match against the BH of Glory of Gold was counted as a 20-0 for me, I instead went and lost 0-20. The ol' classic mistake of pure greed, at the first turn I calculated all my potential combats, saw that they were massive wins for me, and asked myself - Should I play conservatively and practically ensure a minor win, or push hard for a major one...? I answered "I want to be the King in the Desert", and went hard. Bu…

  • At the moment, Pavel of Team Ukraine reigns as the King in the Desert, something that I'm not surprised about. When I saw his list, my first thought was "Well, what's better than 2 units of Terracotta NG? 3 units, of course!" And it looks like that idea has been proven true so far.

  • Unit widths

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Small blocks, 5 wide. Big blocks, if there's an enemy that can just hammer them down, I go with 7 so they can at least get that rank bonus to mitigate some losses. If there isn't an unit that can just destroy them from existence, then 8 into line formation. Get those extra attacks. Also, spears all day all the way.

  • Hah, no. My opponent was extraordinarily calm even through the worst swings of dice, if it wasn't for the concede I could have sworn the situations did not affect him in the slightest.

  • Just finished my match against Team Ukraine's Dread Elves. An...Absolutely undeserved 20-0 win, I'd say. So, this one: (Hidden Content) Skipping the early game, this is the situation in the beginning of his 4th turn: 35037-7b146faa.png As you can see, I'm in a very bad position - My Chariots in the middle, a Hydra facing off with my Scorpion, Temple Militants far in the right flank and a block of Judicators + Temple Militant General staring at said Chariots, a Dragon eating my Halberdiers...And …

  • Unit widths

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Chariots are usually played either three wide and two deep, or four wide and two deep - 4x2 is ideal in terms of maneuverability, even if we can no longer actually get the full 8 models for it, because it makes the unit a perfect square - This makes it quite a bit more difficult for the opponent to mess with the units movement as it can freely reform to face any direction. Cataphracts I've mostly seen played three wide and two deep, though units of four are just played four wide. Shabtis, simila…

  • 12-8 and 14-6 (could have been a 17-3 on the first match if I didn't get mega greedy on 6a) for me thus far, going pretty well. Statistics say that NG with PW are the superior choice, but Halberds seem to have luck on their side, they've pulled some serious clutch moves both in the tourney and out of it. I legit feel bad about that second game, those halberd boys survived stuff they had absolutely zero right to survive, it always sucks to play everything right yet still fail due to dice. Referri…

  • I'll echo these three: 1) Forsworn Price, as @Nasion "Demon" suggests. 2) Chosen Knights 3-6 3) Warriors max 30 (this was nerfed for a reason at the time but god damn those hordes of 30 were nice, and with DE and VS coming in with huge hordes of damage, small elite units just won't do enough work)

  • Less talking, more raiding

    Palmu - - Asklanders


    Quote from SteppO: “Hey Guys, Im Reading this thread and dont understand how you geht top Throw That many Throwing Weapons? Can anybody throw or is it just the 1st and 2nd row of that Unit ( 20 or 30 Dudes 5 wide )? Im a little bit confused. ” Two rows can throw, but each model takes 2 shots with Throwing Weapons so it comes up to a lot of shots, especially since Huskarls are often played in ranks of 7.

  • Quote from nomrakram: “I dont know why everyone is so focused on points, our troops can be zero points... if they dont work then what is the difference? ” Simple, points are the god stat, the only number in the game that actually matters. Your skeletons could also be the best unit in the game, but that doesn't matter either if they cost too much for it to matter. That, in turn, is the WDG issue. For the question of why we're focusing on points, it's because they're ALL we can focus on. We COULD …