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  • Quote from Dahou: “It also could be a funny thing if tablet was restricted to Lamassu only but allow to reroll a single 1 or 2 in a 3 dice roll ! #preyforLamassu Dahou ” There's a very specific reason it doesn't reroll dice. If you're wondering what that reason is, I recommend looking up the miscast table and reading the name of the 333 miscast result. Edit: Actually, the lexicon team are awesome, so literally just mouse over the 333 .

  • When you roll a die, one time in six will be a one, five will not. 5/6 (five out of six) When you roll the next die, still 5/6. Third die? Still five out of six. So there are 6 x 6 x 6 possible combinations of rolls (216) and 5 x 5 x 5 of them (125) do NOT have a 1 in them. Therefore, 91 of them do (216 - 125 = 91). 91/216 rolls of three dice will thus get a die changed into a "3". Which is about 43%.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Yes, that's fine. Same as how he's S7 AP4 with a Great Weapon. ” I think the question isn't directed game balance, but the conceptual idea of removing two-handed from paired weapons. The whole concept is that you are wielding one hand weapon in each hand, so if you remove that, then they aren't really paired weapons.... What's the WYSIWYG that you are picturing for paired weapons wielded in a single hand...? ” As noted by others, the Kadim Bindin…

  • Yes, that's fine. Same as how he's S7 AP4 with a Great Weapon.

  • Point of order: Vassals cannot take ID items of any kind; it is part of their special rules.

  • There wasn't an Ask The Sage section this February. I'm not entirely sure why. It's rather annoying; as people have said, you asked politely and it's not a silly question.

  • Ableist slurs are not great, but yes, that looks legal - it's a 90 degree angle change (max legal), and then moving straight ahead + maximising models in contact.

  • Point of clarification: what would actually need to change about the Seat is removing Battle Focus from the bearers (After we finally got around to adding it, too ). (We did finally get around to adding it in Beta 3, right? I deal with so many different versions of the book, it does my head in... sometimes I even catch myself talking about versions that never existed but IMO should have... )

  • Quote from Anen: “Quote from DanT: “@Anen Just so you are fully aware of the situation: at this point in the beta process, design and points are "sort of" adjusted independently. A team is currently working on design changes to the book, but it has taken longer than hoped, so the people in charge of adjusting points have made these adjustments as a sort of "interim" measure whilst the design update is finalised and reviewed. They have done so based on the best data they could gather. The key poi…

  • Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “I'll drop the bomb. As an alternative, I personally think that it would be no problem if Vassals had the Bound or Broken rule removed entirely. I see that there are many other ways to buff them, such as flaming/incendiary, the Vassal Champion, and the Seat of Authority, which I'm in love with. So if the problem is that we want Vassals to be a viable solution but not the most viable, and if we do not want them to be pointlessly expensive nor…

  • Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “A question the LAB team. How unquestionable is the Bound or Broken rule? I think the hammer that has slashed the Vassals quite recently (and their popularity in general) is due to 1) the eccessive amount of benefits of spears, which is of course a general design issue that you are not in charge to solve, and 2) battle focus. I understand that an army with too many Vassals should not be the most viable and competitive choice, but I would personally love to see it as a …

  • Quote from Orion: “Whats the deal with the Prophets' upgrade points? Lugar went up 5, the rest went down 5, but if you look at the change log it says only Lugar was changed... and+10 not +5. ” The base unit went up 5, Lugar went up 5 (+10). The base unit went up 5, the others went down 5 (+0).

  • Quote from darth mael: “Hello,I come back to you following my frustration with your cost changes because I really don't understand how you operate since beta ...Sorry for my bloody stroke (even though I think so, the shape is not good) First of all, I'm on the ID LAB Team, but not the Rules Team. Points are not my decision. I'll do my best to help you understand this, however. From the beginning you say that the guidline did or did not respect, so I will ask you questions about it because I must…

  • Different Orc groups would have different cultures from each other, some more or less chaotic than others.

  • Quote from Dopey: “Quote from jirga: “Out of curiosity. Is there a orc nation in 9th age which are to orcs what hobgoblins are to goblins? ” Great question. Anyone? ” I cannot, off the top of my head, think of any published canon pointing to the existence of such a thing. That said, why do you ask and what do you mean by " what hobgoblins are to goblins"?

  • RT did the point adjustment on their own initiative. The LAB team were not involved in the decision making or discussion, as we were a bit too busy working on Beta 4.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Just out of curiosity, what justifies the price increase of vassal chieftain when a favoured champion even went down? ” Quote from tiferet: “Just how many more nerfs do we have to endure? I mean common, my list just went up 150 points, while WDG and DE are just clearly favorites among all armies. DE are unbeatable if you dont have a master pyromancer. #stopthenerf ! ” Points are out of my hands entirely.

  • Quote from darkknight109: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Our goal wasn't to make you feel bad; it was to make a Titan that was a good fit for the book (including background). He fits. He works. He's well worth taking (he shows up in a lot of ID lists). He's less elite? Sure. But that wasn't the goal, and neither was it a fail state. ” Sure, and that's mostly what my complaint boils down to - I think the Titan being more elite was a better fit. I'm not saying that the new Titan has the wrong points c…

  • Quote from darkknight109: “ (Also, the last three posts I've made have started with me saying, "OK, I don't have much to say on this point, so this should be a short post" - at this point, I'm not sure I'm capable of one of those on this subject). ” Self awareness is the first step to recovery! Really good post. Just want to call out my favourite bit.

  • Quote from darkknight109: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Changes, divided by nerfs and buffs: Nerfs: -1 Adv -2 Mar -1 Att -1 S -2 AP -1 Agi - old Searing Rage (very conditional +1 attacks, conditional divine attacks) - Battle Focus ” You forgot -2 Off, which, in combination with the -1 Att and the inability to get more from Searing Rage (I respectfully disagree that it was "very conditional" - rare was the game that I played this thing and it didn't have at least one extra attack by the end of the g…