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  • Quote from squalie_SK: “Has there been an update with the new balance patch changes? ” we are coding as I text

  • While I don't disagree with that, the concept it you have 15-20 foot pike that should possible (via dice results) be able to destroy that chariot before it runs you over or you get run into by chains of death and so forth.

  • That is what I thought too, as I think that a simple statement of "prior to Initiative Step 10" is very easy for the reader to know OK, hey I understand we start at "10" but this is an exception to that and here is how we resolve it.

  • I wanted to expand on your concept of moving the pike to be a special attack. OK, I am interested in looking at it. So here is my take on it to cover the rule does work when engaged to the rear or flank (Hidden Content) However how would this stack with spell augments that might boost a model's strength. I never thought about moving it from being a weapon to a special attack but it think it solves the initiative issue you have raised clearly.

  • Quote from Nanatoo: “DE: Command options on units should be 10 pts not 20. Academy banner n/a to Dread Knights. ” Need more details as 2.59 shows correct

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Guild Assassin gained multiple wounds 2 against characters. (Hidden Content) ” See War Platform rules, we are OK. Otherwise same argument could be used with DE Assassin. Will add a choice limit to prevent spam.

  • I wanted to share the 2021 Update with some cosmetic changes and verbiage updates as well as the reduction of Command Group costs. Grand Companies of the Mercenary State 2021

  • Quote from Druzi Darkfist: “Eidolons with the champ is showing the wrong points, 2 points out I think. ” Fixed DL 2.59 or higher again

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Kingslayer should be unavailable for mounted characters (unfortunately) - AB still allows this. ” Fixed DL 2.59 or higher again Quote from Chronocide: “Centinpede Legs ” Fixed DL 2.59 or higher again

  • ff074fb33e1c7bcaa39595fdee963e60.png I see it

  • DL 2.59 again, stupid language stuff when importing direct from pdf.

  • Jan '21 Release (2021 Balance) Be sure to print or remember your roster builds as many saved rosters will not work. You can of course re-create them, unless they were illegal builds and I finally caught them with rules validations. Release Notes: - 2021 Balance - Bug Fixes. - Typos and other minor things. Please if you find a bug or text error please try and cite the error and provide a book page reference or in the case of FAQ errata, cite the army FAQ and so forth. If you find a programming er…

  • Quote from Wolwan: “The crown of cavern king in O&G gives +1 armor ” Fixed. DL 2.59 again

  • Beta preview 2.59 2021 Balance Update Or if Chrome give you issues with the URL here it is again…T9A_AB3-x_2-0-x_EN2-59.ab I wanted to get this out to let you look at it call it a open beta of 2.59 Also note: Lonewolf has pulled the auto update feature down so you can only direct DL it. Feedback requested.

  • Expect Tuesday noonish CET

  • Seem Lonewolf has changed the update feature of the product. I will contact them to see what the deal is.

  • Ugrush is already deep into it.

  • Quote from KellyW: “Under Warlock Outcast, when I select Artefacts, Magical Heirloom does not come up as a possible item to select. ” Resolved with earlier fix DL 2.58 again

  • Quote from Krinok: “- Diven Altar, Crucible upgrade dont increase cost of unit from 200 to 270 - Raiding Party, Corsairs upgrade dont auto inclube PW and Throwing W (you need to check them manualy) - Blades of Darag dont change models atack stat in profile ” Fixed DL 2.58 again

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Shadow vel Dark Riders reaching 8 models move from special to core, which is correct. They, however, no longer count as Raider which correct is not. Also, I think the Raptor is Coastal, not Plains. ” Fixed Quote from Kovach: “- Artifact Mark of the War Crow needs to be renamed to Mask of the War Crow - Artifact Ceinran's Gambit is not available to Warlock Outcast (it should be) - Warlock Acolytes armour should be 5+ (currently 4+ when added to list) - Dark Riders should be …