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  • You can read my Battle Report from game 5 v Jake and his ID here. I finally got to ditch the VC and get back in control of the Beast herds, and a good time was had by all!

  • My battle report for my Game 4 is done and you can find it here. It was the army swap round so I had to use VC. Enjoy.

  • Awesome Thanks for the speedy replies guys. I did not know about the nolexicon feature. That makes life a lot easier so i'll be doing that in the future for the bulk of the reports. Thanks again for your help.

  • Hello There seems to be a new character limit on blog posts of 50,000. Either this is new or my latest post went on a bit too long. I submitted my latest bat rep and it was under 50,000 characters, however if I try to edit it is well over 50,000 because of the [lexicon][/lexicon] inserted everywhere, they now account for 20% of the characters of my post apparently. Can the Character limit be removed or increased please? Thanks

  • Here's my Bat Rep for Game 3 against Marcus. Find it here! There's a 4 hour long YouTube version of it if you fancy watching it instead. You can watch that here

  • I've written up my Battle Report for Game 2 of the Masters vs @Scottish Knight himself. It's not my finest hour but an enjoyable read nonetheless. Check it out here.

  • She is the same height as my Giant so you probably should.

  • I'm super early and have finished my pledge for this month. So whilst everyone else in the masters is busy plotting and sorting out their spreadsheets i've been painting models! Here's my Minotaur Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer. It's the Minotaur Matriach from Zealot Miniatures. rz25gl9.jpg tcYkmNC.jpg (The KoE Knight head is to represent her triumph victory over the KoE in the first round of the Masters!) sQqMGng.jpg She's amassed quite the collection of trophies over the course of her games …

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Quote from AxelVicious: “I've written up a Battle Report for my epic first game against Tanka. You can all find it here. ” Awesome write-up! Even as a newbie to FB T9A and two armies I know virtually nothing about I was able to follow most of that too. Very well written with lots of interesting insights into the decision making as well as the mechanics and some funny comments and such, perfect! I do find the UB screens kinda hard to follow still, but the text really helped…

  • Scottish T9A 2021 Painting League

    AxelVicious - - Scotland


    WTF!? Michael is painting models! What madness is this? All looking great so far guys, keep it up.

  • I've written up a Battle Report for my epic first game against Tanka. You can all find it here.

  • So I'll be doing a bat rep for my game against Tanka last night. It will take me a while to write up though so give me a couple of days. Have you watched all the preview vids and listened to the pods? Craig will be doing a post round 1 pod when the round is over on slaan rat. Otherwise you can watch the games on UB as they happen.

  • Here's my thoughts after a year of using the Beasts. 1. Have to agree with everyone arguing for PW to go down in points for the Wildhorn. Shields are a better option but it just leads to a defensive Wildhorn block. I would rather see more aggro wild horns. 2. Longhorn are still too expensive per additional model IMHO. 19 points per additional model for those stats is crazy. 3. Banner of the Wild Herd is also grossly expensive for what it does. I'd rather see it be Wild Horn only.

  • I imagine we will keep on trucking with the Tale of Slow Painters how the foreseeable as there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for the pandemic. I'm just going to keep adding to the Beast Herds and aim to get to 3000 points. I understand if you're sick of painting Greenskins though so you can start a new project.

  • Quote from Glenn: “If anyone is able or keen to produce written battle reports that would be excellent. Especially with them linked in one document. Big ask I know as it takes lots of time. ” I'll be doing Battle Reports of my games over on my Blog. They won't be as in depth as my usual ones because that takes forever and i'd like to get them out between games for once, instead of 2 months later like i normally do.

  • Hello All For me I always found the old BH fluff from the world that was to be incredibly dull and unoriginal, the army has so much flavour and it always seemed like a waste to just tack them on to the side of Chaos who just want to destroy everything (including the whole world apparently). To say that the Beast Herds are evil just because that's who they were is just boring. In my mind the Beast Herds are the embodiment of Nature's wrath against the civilised world, they are some super extreme …

  • Hello I've finally finished my pledge for this session and i've painted 10 mongrel Raiders, 5 Gargoyles and a Razortusk Herd. I would have posted more regularly but i left the bases until the end so only finished them all recently. Gargoyles - GW Furies from their War Cry game. Built those tress myself from little twigs! OUQrC2o.jpg Tt8vLjB.jpg Mongrel Raiders - Ungor set from GW. Added some bowstrings myself using fishing line. 6yKWtAj.jpg SLjNIOp.jpg Razortusk Herd - Toracx from Mierce Miniatu…

  • Top work Shane and done with time to spare. Army looks absolutely awesome!

  • Hello As the third session is over now i managed to not only fulfil my pledge but I've also gone and painted my free giant for the Tale! It's a Fame Giant fopr the Beast Herds, which should be a musician atop the giant but i love to paint some freehand banners, so he's a standard bearer instead. The 4 armed giant model is from Mierce Minatures, it's Galagaak the raging Tarvox. O then just stuck a GW Ungor Standard Bearer on top with some chains to make him look like he's gripping on for dear lif…

  • So i've already finished my pledge for the third session and well ahead of schedule! It was a short number of models, A minotaur and a Soothsayer so it wasn't that bad. So First the Minotaur Musician, which now brings me to a total of 5 Minotuars. biPIzJS.jpg mB1pXKr.jpg HPhdVQi.jpg doVEG86.jpg Then my Soothsayer that i loving converted to give him a bit more of a dynamic pose compared to the standard pose the model comes with. I thought i'd try some OSL as he is a Character model so I wanted to…