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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Bulls Eye: “Curious in which 2 units they can pop up. ” Whoops that was sloppy editing on my part. It is actually five different units.

  • It's been a while since the last spoiler. Here you go! (Hidden Content) The goal here is to be cheap, to be moderately effective against some characters and to be stronger in greater numbers. The team also wanted to include some stealth and trickery in the unit, represented by the Smoke and Mirrors rule. Let us know what you think! Disclaimer: We as a team want to keep you informed of progress as it happens. However, you must understand that anything we show you now can and most likely will be c…

  • I didn't forget you guys! Much... Spoiler is written and awaiting final approval. I'd expect it before the end of the week.

  • For the next preview, the hereditary spell!(Hidden Content) As it stands, this is where rats swarms would be used in a Vermin Swarm army. So this is their concept: "Look down and you see the many eyes of the Ratking. While these weak rats are easily dealt with, they are legion. When not roaming the battlefield in large packs, they swarm at the feet of the soldiers of Avras. When an enemy approaches too close, these rats swarm out and falter the attack. Enemies start to stumble and literally fall…

  • Next up, another unit. This one should be familiar-feeling, nothing too controversial here. (Hidden Content) The team felt that Def and R 2 helps make the unit feel more weak and allows for cheaper price per model, ergo larger units. Playtesting has thus far shown it to be a buff, as you no longer have to pay for Def and R 3 which often don't even keep any more rats alive than Def and R 2. In addition, R2 allows AWSR 03 to stay as it without making core grunts too powerful. There is something si…

  • [4th MRat] && [2nd Pendulum] && [2nd Bell] && [+4 Hulks] && [3rd/4th Cannon] && [3rd Wheel] && [3rd/4th Abom] I can safely say that evaluates to false. Maybe not every value, but... over half of them. As it stands, 2 of them may be true (but neither are required to field the unit). One of those might go back to false, depending on playtesting.

  • Quote from Inkvizitor Maximilian: “@ValourUnbound Hi, when we will see new spoiler ? ” There is currently nothing in the pipeline. Again, a lot of things up in the air. Once things settle down a bit I will preview something.

  • 3) It lines up with the flamethrower rules, which state the same thing but were written with one firing model in mind. 6) Models with weapons with Overcharge would be another way to word it. That clause is so you can't join a bunch of characters to the unit to tank some the misfires. Example: You have 6 Jezails and 5 Vermin Card Slingers (3 HP) in a unit. The Card Slingers do not have any weapons with Overcharge, preferring the luck of the draw to take their opponents down. There is a unit of 40…

  • That's enough of AWSR previews, how about a unit? And an attack attribute! And 4 weapons. Feast your beady little eyes on this: (Hidden Content) Now that was a mouthful! I don't really have much to add here. It's a unit that shoots things. What else is there to say? I guess I do have some things to add. The weapon rules are subject to change, based on how the playtesting goes. Aim, range, shots, Str, could all change. The goal would be to keep the feel of the weapons the same while toning down t…

  • Quote from arwaker: “All our r&f units literally become BSBs. ” Not all. Some. The usual suspects, if you will. Oh and they're better than a normal BSB, since they give Minimised Roll We're still Discipline... garbage, but every little bit helps. Quote from The Unmarked: “ 4 huge R&F units spread across 48" on the table supporting up to a dozen smaller units? I'm okay not having a BSB because that's a swarm ” That's the idea!

  • The rule will be on some unit standards. When a unit standard has the rule and is within 24" of the General, the entire unit will gain Rally Around the Flag with a range of 6" and those tests will be with a Minimised Roll. Any unit nearby will be able to utilize the reroll and Minimised Roll and it will be for all tests, since it's just Rally Around the Flag.

  • Funny you guys should mention weapon teams. I'm currently working on a preview for them. Stay tuned!

  • Quote from klatschi: “ Quote from ValourUnbound: “As a parting preview, I ask all of you reading to consider what it means to be a true Vermin Swarm player. Do you stress about point updates invalidating your perfect Core? Or do you have a few extra models in your collection? If you're the former type of person, I would suggest you start considering more models or unit fillers. Don't stop in Core either. I expect there to be some unexpected unit size increases in Special. If I were a betting man…

  • It wouldn't be VS if we all agreed on something. What do you take us for, elves?

  • Remember that disclaimer I've been putting at the bottom of every preview? You know, looks something like this: (Hidden Content) We take that seriously on the VS LAB team and now just about all of the previous five previews are no longer accurate. This update is intended to show you guys that designs do get changed, even before public playtesting. Here is a short update of the current status of the previewed AWSRs: - AWSR 01 (movement rule, "Move, *%#@ it!"): Dead, gone, picked up on trash day, …

  • I'm thinking about it (i.e. I'm trying to figure out what/where/how). A lot of stuff has been refreshed recently, I'd hate to preview something that has little chance of sticking. Did I mention somewhere that we are in the first phase of Playtesting? If not, there's your update.

  • Changing Toxic is outside the scope of the LAB (it's in the BRB). We can certainly change where it shows up the army, but Toxic being S3 AP10 is set.

  • The main reason I haven't pushed out any more previews is because the remaining interesting rules are currently under review. I don't mind showing you guys stuff that might change, but not stuff that is already suspect for change, at least when I can avoid it. The latest stakeholder review is well underway so progress is being made.

  • The LAB team has thought about this and is aiming to make sure that VS armies look more horde-like in the future. Hopefully you will like the results when they come out

  • Quote from setrius: “May I suggest create a post where include all the spoilers? The same that DE forum have. Right now only we have 5 spoilers and is esy to find the information but maybe in a future could be difficult find a specific spoiler DE LAB: Sneak Peek Overview [viewing only] Thta is all ” Way ahead of you guys. VS LAB Previews I edit the post for each preview, so the timestamp hasn't been changing. I can do separate posts instead, if that seems like a good idea to the rats at home.